22Bet Withdrawal Options in Nigeria

When luck is on your side, and you manage to win a significant sum, the question that arises here is how you can receive it in your bank account or e-wallet. It can be done via several options, most of which are well-known to Nigerian punters. Our editorial team has explored the 22Bet gaming platform in detail and can explain everything about withdrawals you are eager to learn.

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Short Review of the 22Bet Bookmaker in Nigeria

Short Review of the 22Bet Bookmaker in Nigeria

22Bet bears a reputation as a reliable and, what is more important, honest bookmaker that offers betting and gambling services. Players are free to use all the options and entertainment the bookmaker has. Users must register to get access to all that.

For our readers who wish to get to know more about the bookmaker, our team has prepared a separate review about 22Bet where you can get a brief look at its main specifics. 

Withdrawal Rules and Requirements in 22Bet

22Bet Withdrawal Rules and Requirements in 22Bet

When you decide to receive your winnings, you better know about the rules of how you can do that. The main question is whether you have enough to withdraw. This part of our review is devoted to this issue. We will post information on the limits 22Bet has for withdrawals.

Withdrawal Limits

Limits play an essential part and sometimes can influence the player’s decision to wager on this portal. The 22Bet is an international platform with quite convenient payment options for Nigeria. In the majority of cases, the minimum and maximum size of withdrawals can vary depending on the method you choose.

Minimum Withdrawal Limits

In general, the bookmaker claims that the minimum allowed withdrawal sum is 550 NGN. If you happen to accumulate enough winnings, you can easily launch a withdrawal process via any preferred method.

Maximum Withdrawal Limits

The bookmaker states no maximum limits, as we managed to uncover. In most cases, the maximum limit depends on the payment option you choose. It is also vital to mention that punters must use the same withdrawal methods as they used for deposits.

Where to Observe Withdrawal Requests

Usually, withdrawal requests take some time to process on the side of the casino and on the side of the financial organization. Punters can apply to their financial company to see the allowed transaction limits.

How to Withdraw Money From 22Bet

How to Withdraw Money From 22Bet

Punters can order a withdrawal at any suitable moment. It is possible to do this from their portable devices, such as smartphones and tablets, and from a standard 22Bet website. In this part of our review, we will explain to you how to do it fast and troublelessly by providing you with clear instructions.

How to Withdraw Money on the Desktop Website

One of the most convenient options players prefer to use to receive their payouts is to use a regular desktop website. Here is what you need to do.

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How to Withdraw Money on the Desktop Website 22Bet

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Open the 22Bet Platform

Open the 22Bet website and indicate your login and password to enter your profile. Visit the “Cashier” section and select “Withdrawals”.

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Provide Your Data

The next step is to choose the payment method. Provide the necessary details and indicate the amount you wish to receive.

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Receive Your Money

Check the information you indicated and confirm your operation. Wait for the money to enter your account. Do not forget to submit your credentials in case a bookmaker asks for them.

How to Withdraw Funds in the App

Another way to obtain your money is via the app. The bookmaker offers Android and iOS applications with similar withdrawal mechanisms. Therefore, we will give you general instructions on how you can receive your rewards.

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How to Withdraw Funds in the App 22Bet

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Open 22Bet App

Take your device and tap on the application icon to launch it. Use your data to log in.

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Visit Withdrawals Section

On your profile, select the “Withdrawal” tab and provide the information, such as account or card number and so on. Indicate the amount you wish to get.

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Get Your Money

Re-check your data. Finalize your operation. Wait for your transfer to be completed.

Withdrawal Options of 22Bet

Withdrawal Options of 22Bet

As an international brand, 22Bet offers various types of them based on the country of operation. For instance, Nigerians can receive their winnings via bank wires, online transfers, payment e-systems, and others.

Option #1: To a Bank Card

One of the standard options here is to receive your funds with a bank card. Punters can see the range of financial institutions working with this bookmaker and make a transfer, providing the details of one of their cards.

Which Credit and Debit Cards Are Accepted for Payments

Usually, punters can use only debit cards. And 22Bet accepts them from various banks listed on the website. For instance, players can use Paystack or Visa cards to withdraw their funds by providing their number, expiration date, and a secret code. For that, choose them in the card sections while selecting your variants.

Option #2: To a Mobile Phone

Another option is to receive the funds in a mobile account. Some providers allow punters to make fast and easy transfers via their portable devices by paying from their mobile accounts. It can be done via SMS or USSD, but it is worth mentioning that the SMS method is currently unavailable.

Option #3: To an E-Wallet

E-wallets have become more popular these days. Nigerians actively use this payment system to order goods and services online. This option is very safe and reliable. Therefore, players like to use it and make transactions in a couple of clicks. For example, players can use Flutterwave to make transfers.

Option #4: Cryptocurrency

This bookmaker works with multiple cryptocurrencies. If you have an opportunity, you can also provide the special encryption link and receive your money in a crypto wallet. This is one of the fastest transfers that does not require any verifications and accomplishes the transfer in a matter of seconds. However, such an option is not available in Nigeria.

Withdrawal Fees

22Bet Withdrawal Fees

The bookmaker states on its website that it charges no extra commissions per transfer. However, it does not mean that you can avoid any fees. That mainly depends on the financial provider. We recommend you check the rules by applying to your bank provider or other qualified institutions.

How to Withdraw Bonuses

One of the specifics of the majority of online gambling and betting platforms is that they do not allow their users to withdraw bonus funds. But there is a way to receive them still. How is it possible? You need a bit of luck and professional skills to receive more in cash than a bonus reward can promise you.

First of all, read the conditions of the bonus you wish to claim. In all cases, you can find one interesting point – “Wagering requirements.” It means that when you claim a cash reward, you need to play or bet with these funds. Once the exact number of times stated in the offer is fulfilled, a player can use his or her right to withdraw the winnings, including the bonus funds.

Verification Process

22Bet Verification Process

We briefly mentioned the verification process. Here, we will stop and tell you more about it. It is a vital aspect. The platform with a proven license requires every registered punter to confirm their identities. This is needed to establish that your payment information corresponds with your identity and you cannot withdraw your funds to some third-party account.

That is how regulators control this industry and prevent any money laundering. Another good thing about it is that punters can be sure that even if they indicate incorrect payment details, their transfers will not be lost. The bookmaker can always trace it and inform the user about it. It helps to avoid unnecessary problems.

Withdrawal Processing Time at 22Bet

What can be more important than a question of how much a withdrawal takes? With 22Bet, you can wait for your money for several hours. The maximum processing time can be up to 48 hours for Nigerian punters. However, it depends on the method and on the success of the verification procedure. If a player fails to provide the requested documents, the withdrawal procedure can never happen.

Weekends Withdrawal Rules

Regardless of the day and time, it is stated on the 22Bet platform that all withdrawal transactions are processed 24/7. Even if you decide to receive your winnings on weekends, nothing can stop you from doing that. The transaction will be processed in a standard way.

Possible Problems While Withdrawing

22Bet Possible Problems While Withdrawing

Withdrawals is one of the procedures that can cause problems of different nature. However, all of them can be solved. We will introduce you to some of the most common issues punters can face while trying to receive their money. Keep reading to learn all about them.

How to Request a Delayed Withdrawal

A delayed withdrawal can become a problem that might happen due to several reasons. One of them is that the support team might be overloaded with requests, losing processing speed. Thus, players should directly contact customer care to learn all the details about their transactions.

Based on our experience and multiple comments from punters, we can be sure that the maximum withdrawal time is 24 hours. If your payouts continue pending, you better apply for help from the bookmaker’s customer service.

Problem #1: Bad Connection

When you cannot access your profile, check your Internet connection and see if it is ok and stable. Bad Internet can be one of the causes of freezes during the withdrawal operation. It causes irritation and misunderstanding because a punter starts thinking that it is a glitch.

Problem #2: Wrong Data

Another type of problem that can happen is the wrong information you provided. You need to apply to customer service for help if you face this problem. One of the best tips we can give you here is to always re-check the data you indicate while making a withdrawal.


22Bet Conclusion

Our team research has shown that 22Bet provides a wonderful opportunity to bet and gamble on the website. The withdrawal requirements here are very nice. Punters can easily win 550 Nairas and receive them to their accounts via any preferred method.

Also, the processing time is quite standard here. The range of options is also similar to other betting and gambling websites, so nothing special here. What is more attractive about the platform is that it does not charge any extra fees per transfer.

What is the payout for 22Bet?

A payout is the transfer that punters launch to receive the money they won.

What is the minimum withdrawal on 22bet Nigeria?

The lowest amount a punter in Nigeria can receive is 550 NGN.

Can I withdraw from my 22Bet bonus account?

You can withdraw your bonus payments on one condition. Punters need to wager their bonus funds the exact number of times indicated in the offer.

Can I withdraw free bet money?

If you comply with the requirements of the promo, it is possible to withdraw your free bet money after you play with them.

How long does a 22Bet withdrawal take?

In general, it can take from 15 to 48 hours. That mainly depends on the method and the verification speed.

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