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Hey, I’m Azeez. I hope you’ll enjoy all the tips and reports you find in my articles. I started writing almost eight years ago at University. I love sports, and my favorite one is football. I developed my professional skills about five years ago when I began my wagering experiments. Today my solid baggage of reliable facts and knowledge assists me in creating top-notch and hopefully helpful content for my fellow punters.

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Publication: Apr 20, 2024
Last modified - May 31, 2024
Reading time: 7 min

How to Download Betpawa App

The bookmaker puts a premium on mobility. As a result, millions of punters in Nigeria and across Africa get free and secure access to sports betting from their handheld devices. Read on to learn how the betPawa mobile app propels the industry and how to grab one.  

betPawa in Nigeria at a Glance

The gaming platform is the place where you can bet online on the best football and basketball matches in the globe. Every day, the odds are boosted on selected events, and winnings on multiple wagers can be increased by 500%.


Publication: Apr 16, 2024
Last modified - May 31, 2024
Reading time: 7 min

History of Bet9ja

Now it’s obvious: Bet9ja is the market champion and the go-to site for millions of gamblers in Nigeria. But how did it all begin, and what was the online bookmaker’s journey to the top? This post is a look back at the history of the national betting headliner.  

An Overview of What Bet9ja Is and How It Became the Leading Betting Company in Nigeria

Bet9ja is a gaming platform created in Nigeria to the highest global standards. The website features

a vast entertainment collection;

an advanced functionality;


Publication: Apr 08, 2024
Last modified - May 31, 2024
Reading time: 12 min

How Does System Bet Work in Bet9ja

Online betting today is diverse and attractive regarding several types of bets. One of them is the system bet. At first glance, a system bet may sound like an accumulator bet. However, it has an entirely different mechanism. Let's discover system bets in detail and show examples of their usage on the leading Nigerian bookmaker Bet9ja. The article includes a description of the system bet, its pros and cons, tutorials on how to use this type of bet, and tips on maximizing your winnings with system bets. 

Bet9ja in Nigeria: A Short...

Publication: Apr 06, 2024
Last modified - May 31, 2024
Reading time: 8 min

How to Check Bet9ja Coupon Codes

Nigerian developers of Bet9ja created a gaming platform that meets all international standards. The website offers an extensive library of entertainment, cutting-edge functionality, a flawless user interface, and unmatched customer support. The bookie has access to an incredible collection of games from every league in the world. 

Even though we haven't even begun to explore the bookmaker's advantages, it is already evident why the bookmaker has become the industry leader in the country. 

Bet9ja Promo Codes:...

Publication: Apr 02, 2024
Last modified - May 31, 2024
Reading time: 7 min

How to Remove Card Details From Bet9ja Account

Sports betting is now more fun than ever, thanks to the revolution brought about by online bookmakers. Nevertheless, it makes sense that many individuals worry about protecting their financial and personal data when using these services. 

With reports of data breaches and cyber-attacks popping up here and there, a lot of bettors wonder: is my financial and personal information safe with online bookmakers? 

Bet9ja Payment Methods

Your Bet9ja account can be topped off in a few ways: via bank transfers, mobile apps, USSD...