Privacy Policy

Last update: February 28, 2023

The Privacy Policy for personal data displayed below (referred to as “The Privacy Policy”) applies to all data that BetNigeria collects about The User while they visit (and any of its subdomains), use its services, or access any of its programs or products.

I. Privacy Policy Subject

When registering on the BetNigeria website or signing up for an email newsletter, clients are asked to provide their personal data at the Administration’s request. This Privacy Statement outlines the Administration’s duties regarding the non-disclosure of personal information and confidentiality of personal data.

Clients may submit personal data by completing forms on the BetNigeria website that will be processed in accordance with this privacy statement. These details could consist of: 

Client’s last name, first name, or patronymic;

Client’s contact phone number;

Client’s Electronic Mail Address;

Client’s place of residence (if considered necessary);

Photo or picture of the User (if considered necessary).

The website protects the visitor’s personal IP address, cookie information, access time, browser details, referrer, and other automatically transmitted data when accessing a page (or any previous pages).

If cookies are turned off, the client might not be able to access any of the parts of the site that require specific authorization.

The website gathers information about the personal IP addresses of its members since doing so is necessary to identify, stop, and resolve any potential technical issues.

Any extra personal data (such as visit histories, search histories, operating systems, used browsers, etc.) is subject to confidential storage and non-dissemination outside of the instances stated in clause 5.2 of this Privacy Policy.

II. Definition of Terms

The terminology used in the Privacy Policy is as follows:

Site Administration” (referred to as “The Administration”) – staff who are authorized to manage the BetNigeria site and organize or handle any personal data. They may also decide which operations (activities) involving personal information are performed and what those operations’ objectives are.   

Personal Data” – denotes any data pertaining to or directly or indirectly identifying a specific or recognisable individual (subject of personal data).

Processing of Personal Data” – anything done with personal data, including acquiring, systematizing, accumulating, storing, clarifying, extracting, using, transferring, depersonalizing, blocking, erasing, and destroying information—whether or not it involves automation technologies.

Confidentiality of Personal Data” – an obligation on the employees or any other party with access to the data to refrain from disclosing it without the subject’s permission or in the absence of other legal justifications.

BetNigeria” – a network of interrelated web pages that may be accessed via the domain and its subdomains.

Subdomains” – a group of pages based on Betting Africa’s third-level domains, along with additional supplemental pages, the bottom of which carries the Administration’s contact information.

User of the BetNigeria website” (referred to as “the User”) – a person who has the ability to use the content, resources, and goods accessible on the BetNigeria website via the Internet.

Cookies” – a bit of data that the user’s computer or other device sends to the web server every time they open a page from an affiliated website via an HTTP request after the web server has received it and stored it there. 

IP address” – a unique network address given to a computer network node that the user uses to navigate to the website.

III. Objectives of User Personal Data Collection

Some examples of how the Administration might utilize the User’s personal data are as follows:

Making an identification of the User who has registered on the BetNigeria website in order to get his extra consent and perform additional activities

Granting the user access to personalized data on the website

Establishing communication with the User, including sending alerts, demands regarding assistance with using the BetNigeria platform, and handling requests and proposals from the User.

In order to avoid fraud and ensure security, identifying the User’s specific location.

Verification and endorsement of the veracity of the user’s personal information given on the website.

Setting up an account that the User may use to access particular features of the BetNigeria platform.

Alerting the User via email. 

Providing the User with efficient technical advice and assistance in the eventuality that problems or difficulties with the BetNigeria site arise.

Providing special offers, newsletters, and other content on behalf of the BetNigeria website to the User with his consent.

IV. Methods and Terms of Processing Personal Information

The processing of the User’s personal data occurs legitimately and without any time constraints, and comprises the use of personal data information systems, whether or not they employ automation technologies.

Only on legitimate reasons may the User’s personal information be released to approved organizations and public bodies.

If there has been a compromise or dissemination of private information, the Administration may choose not to notify the User.

To prevent unintended or unauthorized access, loss, alteration, disclosure, blocking, copying, dissemination, and other illegal acts, the Administration takes the necessary administrative and technical safeguards.

The Administration, in conjunction with the User, takes all necessary efforts to minimize the negative impacts resulting from the loss or leakage of the User’s personal data.

V. Rights and Obligations of All Parties

The User is permitted to: 

Exercise complete discretion about whether to supply personal information needed to access the BetNigeria site and whether to give consent for its processing.

If there have been any changes to the data, update or add to the information supplied.

If such a right is permitted, ask the administration for information on how personal data is handled.

The User may ask the administration for a description of personal data and request its blocking or destruction if it was obtained illegally, is erroneous, out of date, or is not required.

Take the legal actions required to defend and maintain their own rights.

It is required of the Administration to:

Use the information obtained solely for the things the Privacy Policy specifies.

Ensure the privacy of any information acquired.

Not to share any personal details without the user’s prior written authorization, and not to exchange, sell, or otherwise make public any of the personally identifiable information the user has provided.

Take proper security precautions to protect the User’s personal information in accordance with the standard procedure used to protect this kind of data in business transactions.

In the situation that inaccurate personal information or evidence of criminal activity is discovered, personal information belonging to the User may be blocked at the request of the User, his legal representative, or an authorized agency for the protection of personal data during the period of verification.

VI. Responsibility of the Parties

With the exception of specific situations, the Administration is legally responsible for whatever damages suffered by the User due to the illegal use of personal data.

In the event that Confidential Information is lost or disclosed, the Administration disclaims all liability.

Before it was lost, it was made available to the public.

Had been received by The Administration after having been acquired from a third party.

Was made public with the User’s permission.

The User is solely responsible for ensuring that all legal requirements are followed, including but not limited to laws on advertising, copyright protection, related rights, trademark and service mark protection, as well as laws on the structure and content of contents.

The User should be aware that the owner of any information (including but not limited to data files, messages, and similar material) to which he may have access through the BetNigeria website remains with the person responsible for it.

The User understands that any information he accesses via the BetNigeria website could be covered by intellectual property rights held by other Users, collaborators, or advertisers that publish content there. The User is not entitled to rent, modify, transmit on a loan, sell, distribute, or create derivative works based on such content unless written authorization is granted by the owners thereof under the terms of a separate agreement (in whole or in part).

Public domain publications and articles on the BetNigeria website may be distributed as long as a link to the Site is included.

The Administration is not liable for any disruption or damage incurred by the User as a consequence of the deletion, failure, or inability to save any content or other communication data on the BetNigeria site or transmitted through it.

The administration declines all responsibility for any direct or indirect losses brought on by the use of, or inability to use, the site or any of its services; by third parties’ statements or acts on the site; by unauthorized access to the User’s communications; or because of any other cause.

The administration is not accountable for any material posted by the User on the BetNigeria website without the approval of the copyright owner, including but not limited to information protected by copyright.

VII. General Provisions

The User accepts this privacy statement and the terms and conditions for the processing of their personal data by using the BetNigeria website.

In the event of disagreement with the terms of the Privacy Policy, the User must stop using the BetNigeria website.

The BetNigeria website is subject to this privacy statement. The Site has no control over and assumes no responsibility for any third-party domains that Users may access by following the links on the BetNigeria website.

The Administration does not verify the veracity of the personal data supplied by the user.

VIII. Dispute Resolution

Before submitting an appeal for disputes caused by the relationship between the User and the Administration, a statement written plan or an electronic proposal for a negotiated settlement of the matter must be filed.

Within 30 days from the day the application was received, the recipient must communicate the claim’s applicant in writing or digitally of the outcome of the claim.

If a settlement cannot be achieved, the disagreement will be resolved by the Arbitration Court.

All applicable laws govern this Privacy Statement and the correspondence between both the User and the Administration.

IX. Additional Terms

The administration does have the authority to alter this privacy statement without the user’s consent.

The amended Privacy Policy is relevant as of the moment it is posted on the BetNigeria website, unless otherwise mentioned in the most recent version.

Email us at with any feedback or questions you may have about our Privacy Policy.

The most updated Privacy Policy for this website may be found here: