The question of deposits stands vital for many Nigerian punters who play on the 22Bet platform. The bookmaker provides a variety of deposit methods, from bank cards to e-systems. However, some of the 22Bet deposit methods are currently unavailable, but we will discuss this in our article.

Our editorial team will share their observations on the subject, especially for our readers. You will receive proper instructions on how you can recharge your balance from the desktop and mobile websites, which 22Bet deposit methods are allowed, and how long it takes for the transfer to be completed.

Brief Review of the 22Bet in Nigeria

Brief Review of the 22Bet in Nigeria

What do you know about the 22Bet company? First of all, it is legit in Nigeria. Punters can register on its platform from mobile devices as well as from laptops and PCs. The platform contains multiple sporting and casino bonuses and promotions. The registration and verification processes are necessary to receive a quality betting experience and enjoy all the options the bookie offers. To learn more about 22Bet, read our special article, where our editorial team will present you with all the best features and options of the platform.

Account Funding Rules and Conditions

Each bookmaker has a set of rules where players can find all the necessary information regarding their payments. Usually, punters can get familiar with them in the “Bank Policy” section. We will provide you with the most essential parameters you need to consider when selecting a deposit method.

Before bettors can make deposits, it is a must to:

  • Create an account by submitting your personal and contact data
  • Verify your phone or email
  • Be over 18 years old.

These are the major requirements for every punter who decides to use the 22Bet platform in Nigeria. If you do not fit any of these rules, it will be impossible to wager on the website. It is strictly forbidden to provide fake information. However, the bookmaker is not responsible for it. Bear in mind that you should use the same method to withdraw your winnings,

Deposit Limits in 22Bet

The bookmaker states some limitations for withdrawal transfers. It allows 22Bet to control its financial flows and prevent any money laundering. The 22Bet minimum deposit in Nigeria is 250 Nairas. The maximum limits depend on the type of payment system you choose. Here are the latest data:

  • Debit cards Flutterwave from 250 NGN to 500,000 NGN
  • Debit cards Paystack from 250 NGN to 250,000 NGN
  • Internet banking Alat by Wema from 250 NGN to 30,000 NGN
  • USSD from 250 NGN to 200,000 NGN.

As you can see, the limits are very convenient. Players can receive all their winnings within one transfer. But it is not all the limits that can be applied by the bookie.

Funding Fees

The fees that can be incurred for depositing may play a crucial role when you need to choose the payment method. You can be sure that almost none of the mentioned options takes any service charges. The exception here is the USSD funding option, whereby a bookie can apply up to 20 NGN per transaction. But players can use it even without the Internet connection.

Processing Time

Another vital aspect is the transfer processing time. Usually, the transfer is handled on the side of the bookmaker and the side of your financial organization. That is why it takes time to verify and confirm your payment. However, with deposits, the transaction time takes second because it is important that a punter starts wagering and betting on the platform.

Verification Before Recharging Your Balance

Normally, to make a deposit, a player must submit some personal and contact data to create an account. In the majority of cases, it is obligatory to verify your email address or phone number to make a deposit. There will be no other verification, and you will receive your money to start playing soon.

How to Deposit to 22Bet

How to Deposit to 22Bet

Now, get ready to obtain thorough instructions from our editorial team of professional bettors. It is significant to add that players can use their computers and mobile devices to recharge their betting balances. So, how to deposit money in 22Bet? Proceed to the next part of our article to learn how you can do it.

How to Refill Your Balance on the Website

One of the most convenient and safest ways to refill your balance is to open a desktop 22Bet website via a PC. Grab our free tips on how you can do it quickly and without any problems.

img card

How to Deposit to 22Bet

img card

Open 22Bet

Visit the 22Bet platform and log into your profile, or create an account and then use your password to enter your page. Then, go to the “Deposit” section.

img card

Choose a Payment Method

Observe the options provided by the bookie. Pick the one you like the most based on the limits, transaction time, and other valuable aspects—type in your payment details and the amount you would like to deposit.

img card

Start Betting

Recheck your data and confirm your operation. It will take about several minutes for your transaction to be accomplished. Once you see the money on your betting balance, you can start placing bets on sporting events.

Welcome Bonus 50,000 NGN

How to Recharge Your Account in the App

If you have no time to use your PC, do not worry. You can bet whenever you want. Download the 22Bet app and start using it when you like. Make deposits using the same set of options the regular website proposes. Check our instructions and fund your balance conveniently.

#1 Step: Use Your Device

Take your gadget and navigate to the 22Bet app icon. Tap on it to open and visit the “Deposit” option.

#2 Step: Pick a Funding Option

See the options and select the most suitable one. Click on it to use and provide the required data. Indicate the amount you are ready to send based on the limits stated by the bookmaker.

#3 Step: Wait for the Money to Appear on Your Balance

Do not forget to see if everything is indicated correctly. When you are done, confirm your transaction. Wait for your funds to be credited to your balance and start betting.

How to Deposit to 22Bet in Nigeria

How to Deposit to 22Bet in Nigeria

Now that you know the algorithm for depositing money, it is time to observe the options proposed by the 22Bet website. 

#1 Via ATM

Our editorial team did a small but profound research on the topic and did not find any ATM options. So, we can confirm that Nigerian players cannot use any ATM machine to fund their 22Bet accounts.

#2 Bank Cards

On the bright side, punters can still use their bank cards to refill their balances. Simply select this method among other available ones. It is possible to do this via such payment systems as Paystack, Flutterwave, Verve, and MasterCard.

#3 Online Banking

Another popular method is to use your online banking. The Alat by Wema allows users to make fast and chargeless transactions. Select this option, among others, and you will be redirected to your online banking, where you can approve your deposit.

#4 USSD Сode

It is another great option because it works even without a stable Internet connection. However, it charges fees each time you need to fund your balance. You need to dial *737# and follow the instructions on the menu. Choose the GTBank and indicate your amount. Confirm the operation via a PIN code.

Account Management in 22Bet

Account Management in 22Bet

What to do if you need to change your payment details or select another method to fund your account? In this section of our review, we will share all the tips we uncovered during our thorough examination of the 22Bet website.

How to Change Account Number at 22Bet

Firstly, when you decide to use another bank account without changing your deposit method, you should update your details on 22Bet. To do that, you should enter your account, visit the “Deposit” section, and indicate your new account number when you decide to fund your betting balance for the next time.

How to Transfer Money from One Account to Another

If you wish to transfer your winnings from one account to another, we need to warn you that it is impossible. Once you use your bank account to deposit, you cannot withdraw your money to another bank details without wagering them first. You can only provide another account number when you decide to make a deposit.

Deposit Problems and Their Solutions in 22Bet

It is not a rare option when punters can face various problems when trying to make a deposit. Our editorial team has uncovered some of the most common cases when a problem can arise. We can share at least four cases when an error can occur with our readers and guide them to the right place where they can receive the necessary assistance:

  1. Poor Internet connection.

Before you begin making any operations on the portal, it is wise to find a better spot with a stable Internet. Or check if your bills were paid.

  1. Not enough money in the account.

Visit your online banking or the nearest ATM to make sure you have some money in your account and can deposit the desired amount to your betting balance.

  1. Technical maintenance of the website.

It is a temporary problem. Usually, you need to wait for several minutes. 22Bet rarely makes any fixings for long.

  1. Wrong data input.

Once you indicate the payment details, spend a bit more time to ensure that everything was put correctly. In total, you will save more time and effort.

In the majority of named situations, players can solve their problems even without help from support. However, you can check with an operator if none of the mentioned cases apply to your particular situation.

Customer Care in 22Bet

Customer support is one of the bookmaker’s right hands, and it is here to serve its registered punters. You can direct your complaints and ideas and ask for instructions and clear explanations on the matter.

The 22Bet customer care functions in a non-stop mode. Punters can reach it via a live chat, which is the fastest way to get help, or send them a letter or even call. Here is the list of options you can use to contact the support team:

Live Chat

All the communication channels are active and can provide full and quality support. Applications via messengers and by phone can be more efficient if the question is urgent.


Conclusion 22Bet

According to our thorough examination of the 22Bet platform, Nigerian players will not be disappointed with the range of the 22Bet deposit methods the bookie provides them. All the options and financial systems are top-secure and reliable. Punters can stop worrying about the safety of their sensitive information.

Another vital information is that this bookmaker provides relatively low deposit requirements. Punters need only 250 NGN to start wagering on the website. It is enough to place bets and access all the entertainment the platform offers. Therefore, we recommend the 22Bet platform to our readers as one of the most trustworthy and convenient ones.

We also need to note that 22Bet can change its available funding options from time to time. Therefore, you need to check with the bookmaker before you decide to use any of the described 22Bet payment methods.

How do I get a 22Bet code?

You can register on the website and subscribe to the newsletters and emails. You can also be granted a promo code for yoccasionallypunters can retrieve the code on some sponsor website.

Housinget account with Kuda?

Based on our checking, the platform does not provide any such options.

How do I fund my 22Bet GTBank?

It was possible to use GTBank via the USSD payment option. It is one of the most convenient available options.

What is the new 22Bet Paybill?

Currently, the only paybill number is 895599.

What is the USSD code for 22Bet?

Use the USSD option dial *737#. Follow the menu options to reach your goals.

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