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There are plenty of sports betting platforms present in Nigeria, yet only a small minority of them provide punters with a betting experience worth talking about. BetKing, a topic of our discussion today, is supposedly one of those few superb platforms. But why is that so? In this article, we will try to determine everything that is great about the bookmaker as well as uncover each downside it might have. All to make a concrete and final decision on whether BetKing is truly superb or not.

Main Features

One of the most important things a well-made sports betting platform should have, is an abundant list of features that make it stand out from the crowd (or at least it should have features that are on par with its competitors). And on BetKing, punters will not be disappointed. It has plenty of sports to bet on with a huge number of betting options at one’s disposal in both pre-match and live variants. It also has a prolific virtuals lineup which is perfect for the more enthusiastic punters that do not like to wait several days for an event to occur. And of course, it has a plethora of promos and bonuses for each and everyone to take advantage of.

All of that combined paints a picture of a quite well-off and interesting sports betting platform. However, it is not enough to qualify BetKing as superb. We have to take a look at the individual parts.

Sportsbook Review

Let us look at what sports for punters to wager on, BetKing has on display. First, there are the most prominent traditional sports such as basketball, tennis, and soccer. They are present on every sports betting web page and BetKing is not an exception. Then there are more niche and sometimes even obscure stuff like bandy or floorball. And lastly, there are eSports of the limited but most popular kind, Dota 2, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. But there is even more: snooker, golf, volleyball, you name it. Overall, a very nice lineup, wide in range and abundant in number.

In Which Countries Does the Company Operate?

Betking In Which Countries Does the Company Operate?

The company is currently present in Nigeria which is its country of origin but according to the company’s alleged mission, they are trying to expand into other countries across sub-Saharan Africa. So far, BetKing’s branches have been established in Kenya and Ghana.

Accepted Currencies

The platform accepts Nigerian Naira as its main and only form of currency.

Is BetKing Legit?

The company is officially licensed by the Nigerian Board of Lotteries and Gambling which means that the bookie is legal and operates under the direct jurisdiction of Nigerian authorities. You cannot get more legit than that.


Betking Bonuses

A superb sports betting platform is pretty much required to have a lot of bonuses and promos which it presents the punters with and in that regard, BetKing most certainly does not disappoint. There is a live betting Kings Combo and the lucrative Acca bonus of upwards of 225% to your potential winnings if you correctly guess a series of five qualifying lineups. All of those are at your disposal right after you sign up on the platform.

Acca Bonus Up to 300%

BetKing Application

Although it is quite common for sports betting platforms these days to have a separate dedicated application, BetKing unfortunately is not one of those. There is no BetKing app present currently, but we do hope, however, that this will change in the future.

How to Sign Up With the Platform

Now, let us take a glance at how you’ll be able to create a profile for yourself on BetKing. It is quite easy, honestly, simply do the following.

  1. Start up the BetKing web page, look for and tap on the “Join Now” button.
  2. Inside the window that had appeared, type in your number and full name.
  3. Set up a username and password for your account.
  4. Press the “Register” button.
  5. Done!

In case you still have any questions we have got you covered! Just take a look at our separate piece on BetKing registration.

How to Login

After you have registered there is still a question of logging into your profile. Thankfully, it is even more simple, just follow our guidelines laid down below, and you’ll learn how to log into your BetKing account.

  1. Start up the BetKing web page.
  2. Specify your username or your telephone along with your password inside the dedicated fields.
  3. Press the “Login” button.
  4. All done!

Methods for Deposit and Withdrawal

To actually bet on the platform you’ll have first to take in some funds. For that, you may use such payment systems as Paystack, Polaris, Paydirect, QuickTeller Web, UBA, InterSwitch, and Opay. You may also utilize bank transfer from Zenith Bank as well as ATM deposit at QuickTeller.

It is also important to note that to take out your winnings you may use the same options as for deposits except QuickTeller ATM.

Now, let us take a look at how to deposit on BetKing.

  1. Start up the BetKing web page.
  2. Ensure you’re logged in.
  3. Look for the “Menu” tab and tap on it.
  4. Inside, find the “Deposit” section and go there.
  5. Select your preferred payment option.
  6. Specify the sum of the deposit.
  7. Tap on the “Deposit” button.
  8. Done!

And to withdraw your winnings, which you’ll inevitably want to do after a couple of successful bets, do the following.

  1. Start up the BetKing web page.
  2. Ensure you’re logged in.
  3. Look for the “Menu” tab and tap on it.
  4. Inside, find the “Withdrawal” section and go there.
  5. Select your preferred option for payment.
  6. Specify the sum you would like to take out.
  7. Press the “Withdraw” button.
  8. Done!

For more information on BetKing withdrawal please refer to our separate article.

Bet Placement on BetKing

Bet Placement on BetKing

Placing a wager on BetKing is also a process fairly uncomplicated and is very much akin to other sports betting platforms. You simply do the following and it is done.

  1. Start up the BetKing web page.
  2. Ensure you’re logged in.
  3. Select a sport and an event you would like to wager on.
  4. Pick wagering options of your liking.
  5. Specify the sum of the bet.
  6. Check whether everything is right.
  7. Confirm the wager.
  8. Done!

Easy-peasy as you can see but if you would like to learn more, then look no further than our article on how to bet on BetKing.

Betting Markets

BetKing presents punters with an incredible plethora of betting options which is, although common for most respectable sports betting platforms, a very welcome sight. We will now go over a few of them in depth.


This is a betting option in which you bet on whether the final score of a match will be higher or lower than a predetermined number.

Double Chance

It is potentially the most profitable betting market of all. You bet on one of two possible outcomes. For example, team A wins or loses, team B wins or draws, and so on.


Is a type of betting market in which you wager on whether a team will win with a specific score advantage over its opponents. For example, if you bet on team A with a handicap of 2, it must win by at least 3 to 0 in order for your wager to be accepted.

Bet Types

On the platform, you’ll be able to place several variations of bets. We’ll now look at each of them separately.


The most common wager type. In singles, you simply place a bet on one game.


This bet type allows you to place wagers on a number of unrelated matches. It is popular among experienced bettors looking for the thrill and risk that regular bets no longer provide.

An In-Depth Look at BetKing’s Features

We have already mentioned most of the features that are present on BetKing, however, a more in-depth and detailed look is definitely required which we will take right now.

In-Play Betting

Although in-play betting is not something special these days and practically any sports betting platform offers it as an option, it is still worth mentioning. BetKing provides punters with not only an opportunity to capitalize on a clutch moment but also to do so very comfortably.


Virtual sports, also known simply as virtuals, are simulated events which provide the more advanced and dedicated punters with an opportunity to bet continuously without the need of waiting for the next big game. They also bring new and unexpected results to matches as well as present rookie bettors with an excellent opportunity to practice.

Abundant Betting Options

There are numerous betting options for each sport at one’s disposal on the platform. They are all uniquely tailored for each sport and permit you to reap the most from each wager. For example, in soccer, you’ll find traditional totals, over/under, and so on, but in Counter-Strike, you’ll find options like the total number of kills and a player’s KD ratio.


Successful sports betting pretty much requires data and statistics in order to do the research, analysis and develop a plausible wagering strategy in a given circumstance. BetKing provides punters with detailed stats on each sport, league and team on its roster so that you’ll not have to go and look for that information anywhere else. Extremely convenient!

Betking Casino

Aside from sports betting activities you may also find several casino games on the platform. Although the lineup is quite limited, the existence of at least some other gambling possibilities is nice to have. Let us now talk about said games separately.


The game of keno is as old as time. It has been played at casinos all around the world, and now it is accessible online. In keno, you basically participate in a lottery, picking a number (typically from 1 to 80) in hopes to win. It is quite an enjoyable game, although limited in terms of skill expression.

Color Color

It is a simple yet intriguing color-matching game. In it, you’re required to match pieces of a different color to one another. Color Color is very much similar to Candy Crush in its premise but with real money involved which makes it easy, quick, enjoyable and quite profitable, since the payout percentage of this machine is somewhere around 97%.

Spin 2 Win

Each and every respectable casino should have a roulette table and the one on BetKing is not an exception. Spin 2 Win is an interesting twist on the traditional roulette rules. It presents punters with flashy imagery and is a great way to pass your time.

Customer Care Service

Customer Care Service Betking

If you’re experiencing any troubles while placing bets on the platform, please feel free to contact the BetKing customer care department. They will be more than happy to assist you with any problem you may have and will attempt to resolve this as efficiently and quickly as possible. You may get in touch with them via these communication channels:


Betking History

The sportsbook was created in February 2018 with the mission of making a change in the African gambling industry being stated. The company aims to expand to other countries apart from Nigeria and to end the domination of international gambling companies within sub-Saharan Africa.

Betking Net Worth

The company is currently valued at around 300 million Dollars which is an impressive net worth for a local sports betting platform.

Owner and CEO of BetKing

The company belongs to Byron Petzer, a Nigerian businessman and entrepreneur who is both its founder and the Chief Executive Officer.

In Conclusion

BetKing is a genuinely superb sports betting web page. It has a plethora of enticing features, a great selection of sports and large event coverage. Moreover, it provides punters with an excellent betting experience which is an often overlooked thing on such platforms. BetKing of course has some downsides, but they are insignificant compared to all the benefits you get while playing on it.

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Is Betking real?

It most certainly is!

How long does withdrawal take?

It is almost momentary.

What’s better Bet9ja or BetKing?

It is hard to say for certain which one of the companies is better. If you seriously want to know then you should take a look at our Bet9ja overview.

When the BetKing was created?

The company has been in the industry since 2018.

What’s BetKing net worth?

Approximately 300 million Dollars.

How much money may I win on BetKing?

The sky is your limit, you may win as much as you’d like. Especially if you use BetKing prediction tips which you may find on our platform.

How to bet on BetKing for beginners?

You should check our guidelines above to learn that.

Does Betking pay have one cut feature?

Sadly there is no BetKing 1 game cut feature.

Does Betking have a welcome bonus?

Sadly there is no BetKing welcome bonus present as of now.

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