BetKing Withdrawal Methods and Rules

Betking is regularly listed among the top sports betting platforms in Nigeria. Established in 2018, the platform quickly rose to the heights of its popularity. There are several reasons why this bookmaker is so beloved by many gamblers and punters. A good reputation, flexible deposit methods, and impressive mobile version are some of them.

But our article will be solely focused on how to withdraw funds from a Betking account. We will explore the methods, answer common questions, and cover some other aspects of the process.

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Betking Withdrawal Rules in Nigeria

Betking Withdrawal Rules in Nigeria

Overall, Betking doesn’t require many things from the players that want to receive their winnings from the service. But there are several things you have to consider. Here they are:

You must be at least 18 years or older. This is obvious since it’s the minimum betting age in the majority of countries where this activity is legal.

You must send some of your documents to verify your account. They will have to be of an identificational nature. There’s a chance that the service might ask for more. You will also have to upload some of them again if you’re planning to withdraw large funds.

You must wager 60% or more of your deposits in order to withdraw. This is done to prevent money laundering schemes and similar acts.

Betking Withdrawal Limits

The platform offers a withdrawal limit with quite a wide range. They will satisfy the majority of bettors, from beginners who want to start with a small payout, to more successful bettors who deposit and withdraw significant amounts.

Minimum Withdrawal

The minimum sum you can withdraw at once is 1,000 NGN. It’s quite a low number, so that means that even small amounts can be easily received from the platform. We think that the

Maximum Withdrawal

The Betking maximum withdrawal amount is 10,000,000 NGN per transaction. It’s highly unlikely that you have a larger sum on your balance, so this means that you can easily receive all of your funds as the payout all at once.

Withdrawal Methods

Unfortunately, Betking only allows withdrawals to bank accounts. Other options are not supported, but maybe they will appear in the future. The good news is that you can withdraw to any legit bank that is represented in the country.

To a Bank Account

You can send money to your bank account. In fact, this is the only supported option at the moment. The process is done in a few clicks, and the longest stage of the procedure would be entering your details, as well as waiting for them to be verified if you send money for the first time.

To a Mobile Phone Number

Currently, you cannot transfer your funds from the sportsbook’s wallet to your mobile number. We hope that such a feature will be offered in the future since some competing African bookmakers already provide this option.

To a Crypto Wallet

Unfortunately, there’s no cryptocurrency withdrawal option offered on the platform. Depositing from a crypto wallet is also not supported. This is not surprising, since not many sportsbooks offer such a method.

To an E-Wallet

Sadly, there is no way in which you can withdraw funds to your e-wallet. We do hope that this option will appear in the future, however.

How to Withdraw From Betking

How to Withdraw From Betking

You can transfer the funds to your bank account by using either the desktop web page or the mobile version. The processes are similar, but there are some certain differences that should be accounted for.

How to Withdraw by Using the Desktop

  1. Open up the Betking website.
  2. Make sure you are logged in.
  3. Go to the “Account” tab.
  4. Select “Withdraw”.
  5. Save your bank account details before withdrawing for the first time.
  6. Wait for them to be verified: it doesn’t take long.
  7. Specify the sum you’d like to take out..
  8. Click “Proceed.”
  9. Done!

How to Withdraw by Using a Mobile Device

In the mobile version of the website, the process is identical to the one used on the desktop. Here are the steps:

  1. Open a mobile website.
  2. Tap the account button on the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Go to “Withdraw”.
  4. If you haven’t withdrawn from the service before, enter and save your bank info.
  5. Type in the amount.
  6. Tap the “Proceed” button.
  7. Done.

Withdrawal Fees

Thankfully, the platform’s withdrawals are free. This is not similar to the way a deposit is handled, but in the case of moving money to your account, the fees are taken by the providers instead of the bookmaker.

How to Withdraw Your Bonuses

You can’t withdraw your Betking bonus, but you obviously can do so with your winnings, including those that were received with the use of promotions. The procedure is the same, but in some cases, there might be limitations on how much you have to use before transferring to your account.

Verification (Know Your Customer)

The sportsbook requires its users to go through a verification process in order to be able to interact with their funds. Below, we will explain what you have to do.

How to Verify Your Identity

You have to be at least 18 years old in order to bet. You have to send your documents to the platforms. This means sending a photo or a scan of your national ID card, a driver’s license, or an international passport. The image shouldn’t have any corners of the paper covered. There’s a small chance that the team might ask you for more documents.

You should also scan or take a picture of the back of the document. if it includes any useful or important information that can be helpful for the process of validation.

Betking Withdrawal Duration

The outgoing transactions are processed within 24 hours. This time is in line with how long withdrawals usually take on other platforms. If the duration of the process is exceeded, and the user wasn’t notified of any issues, they can contact customer support.

How Long Does It Take on Weekends?

The withdrawals on weekends and holidays take the same amount of time as they do on weekdays, and they can be as long as 24 hours. The only difference is that you might have more problems trying to resolve issues with your bank on a holiday or weekend.

Betking Withdrawal Issues

Betking Withdrawal Issues

Sometimes, a problem might emerge during the transfer. This is not a common thing, but it can still happen. Below, we will explain some issues and the ways to deal with them.

How to Cancel Withdrawal on Betking?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to cancel a pending transaction on the service. At least, the provider doesn’t mention any. You can try contacting customer care and trying your luck. There’s a chance that they can do something since this option is offered on some other platforms.

Why Is My Betking Withdrawal Pending?

The withdrawal might take longer if it’s your first one. The company would do some security checks, which might take some time. Rarely, a problem with the provider network can appear as well. If your transaction has been pending for more than 24 hours, contact customer support.


Betking doesn’t have many withdrawal options, but the ability to transfer the funds to many banks in Nigeria will likely be enough for the majority of users. Thankfully, the sportsbook makes the process quite smooth and intuitive. it can be done in just a few quick steps on both your desktop and your phone without a single problem. No fees and a wide range of limits are also nice.

If you want to get more knowledge about Betking odds and other features of the platform, you can read our other reviews.


Betking FAQ

Can I withdraw all my money from Betking?

Yes, you can, it’s unlikely that you have more funds than an upper withdrawal limit.

Do I need an ID to withdraw from Betking?

Yes, you can withdraw the funds only after completing a verification process.

Does Betking pay instantly?

No, the withdrawals are usually processed within 24 hours.

What is the USSD code for Betking?

Withdrawing via USSD is not supported by the platform.

Does BetKing pay their agent?

Yes, there’s a program offered to their partners.

What is the withdrawal code?

There’s no code.

Can I withdraw 1,000 from Betking?

Yes, 1,000 NGN is the lowest limit that you can withdraw per transaction from the platform.

How can I withdraw online?

This is done by finding the “Withdraw” tab in the settings, entering your bank details, and typing in the needed amount.

Is there a cash-out feature?

Yes, Betking cash out works as expected.

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