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  • Betking Mobile Application: Overview
  • Supported iOS and Android Devices
  • How to Download Betking Sportsbook Mobile App
  • Betking Old Mobile
  • Mobile Website Version
  • The Comparison: Mobile Website vs. the App
  • Main Features of the Mobile App
  • Depositing and Withdrawing Options in the App
  • App Pros and Cons
  • What Can Be Improved?
  • In Conclusion
  • FAQ
  • Betking is a rather popular bookmaker that is based, registered, and quite popular in Nigeria as well as in some other countries on the African continent. As is usually the case, the platform has both advantages and drawbacks, but our article will mainly cover the capabilities of the sportsbook’s mobile applications. We will also compare it to the desktop version of the website and provide detailed guides on the download and installation of the app.

    March 2023: the Betking app is currently not available in Nigeria. We’ve received a response from customer service stating that the improved version of the Betking app should be back online this year.

    Betking Mobile Application: Overview

    Betking Mobile Application: Overview

    The bookmaker offers applications for both iOS and Android, and users can access the mobile version of the platform’s regular website on their phones. All of them are packed with useful features, offering an enjoyable gambling experience and making the process of wagering quite enjoyable. All of the sports and betting options are offered to mobile users; the apps feature an intuitive UI that is very easy to navigate, which is superior to the desktop version design, which can get a bit cluttered.

    Bonuses of the Mobile App

    Unfortunately, the sportsbook doesn’t provide any bonuses specific to any of the apps. But there is good news too. The mobile players will still have access to each Betking bonus and promotion that is offered to the desktop users.

    Supported iOS and Android Devices

    Both versions do not have high requirements and can be installed on any iOS or Android device made during the last few years, including even the most budget-friendly ones. The lowest-needed versions of both systems are quite old now which makes it quite accessible.

    How to Download Betking Sportsbook Mobile App

    How to Download Betking Sportsbook Mobile App

    The process of download and installment can be done with ease on both of the operational systems. They are nearly identical in nature, but we will nevertheless explore each one of them in detail.

    Betking App Download for Android Phone

    The Android application is quite easy to install and can be accessed from any modern Android-running smartphone. Let’s take a closer look at it.

    Android System Requirements

    The requirements are quite low: your device must be operating on Android 4.1 or later and have at least 512 MB of RAM. The application itself doesn’t take much space on a smartphone either.

    How and Where to Download Betking Android APK

    You can’t get a Betking application for Android by using the platform’s website. This is not typical, since many wagering websites prefer to make the file available for download instead of providing a Google Play Store page.

    The Installation Process

    If you want to get an app and install it on your smartphone, do the following:

    1. Open the Play Store on your smartphone.
    2. Find “Betking”.
    3. Go to its store page.
    4. Tap on the “Install” button.
    5. Open the app.
    6. Login or register.
    7. Now you’re good to go.

    How and Where to Download Betking App for iPhone

    There’s only one legal way for users to get iOS applications: by going to the App Store or receiving a link that leads to the page on the service. The Betking mobile application is no exception.

    ❗ One thing to keep in mind is that the iOS app for the platform isn’t offered for all markets. If your region isn’t Nigeria in the settings of your Apple ID, try to change it.

    iOS System Requirements

    Similarly to the Android version, the iOS application is not resource-heavy. The minimum required version of the operating system is 11.0, which is around five years old and can be installed on much older devices. This means that the majority of iPhones and iPads will easily support the app.

    The Installation Process

    There are just a few steps that are quite intuitive:

    1. Open “App Store” on your iPhone.
    2. Find “Betking”.
    3. Go to the app page.
    4. Press “Install”.
    5. Wait for it to finish.
    6. All done!

    Betking Old Mobile

    The older versions of the apps aren’t currently provided on the platform. But the website offers a lite version for mobile phones. This variant, dubbed “MLite”, is designed for slower and older phones. It doesn’t have any bright animations, and the UI is overall quite minimalistic.

    To start using the MLite version of Betking, do the following:

    1. Go to the mobile website.
    2. In the top menu, locate the arrow symbol that is pointing down.
    3. A drop-down list will appear.
    4. Click the “Switch to MLite” button.

    How to Upgrade an App to the Latest Version

    Both the Android and the iOS versions will update automatically if you have an auto-update feature enabled on your phone. If you don’t, however, you will have to manually update the application by going to its store page and pressing the “Update” button there.

    Mobile Website Version

    BetKing Mobile Website Version

    The platform offers a feature-packed mobile version of the website. It’s easy to access and has all of the capabilities of the desktop one. The design is great, it’s much better than the desktop version, which sometimes looks quite dated and is difficult to navigate. By using a mobile website, you can get full access to all of the needed functions.

    The Comparison: Mobile Website vs. the App

    The mobile website and the apps look almost identical. The number of provided features is also the same. This makes accessibility and faster loading time the only advantages of mobile applications compared to the website. All of these versions are still significantly superior to the desktop one.

    Main Features of the Mobile App

    As was already mentioned, the apps are full of various functions and capabilities. The developers took a “no compromises” approach and made everything you can do on the desktop website accessible from the mobile. Below, we will take a closer look at some of the features.

    Live Betting

    Also called “In-Play” betting on some of the other platforms, this function makes it possible to place a wager during the event. The odds might suddenly change, but so can the course of the game. This makes the process of wagering much more interesting and attracts all kinds of punters.


    This feature makes it possible to refresh the selections and place the same bets again with just one click. It also allows the users to quickly edit them since they might change after reloading.

    Customer Support in the App

    The app and the mobile website provide full access to Betking customer care. The same options are offered to mobile and desktop players. A live chat feature can be used from the comfort of your phone. The list of other dedicated support channels is also shown in the app, and you can quickly communicate with the support workers by contacting them via WhatsApp or Instagram. You can also send them an email.

    Depositing and Withdrawing Options in the App

    The options are the same ones that are available for the desktop version. You can move your funds with the help of bank transfers, make deposits from Quickteller ATMs, or use the Paystack service.

    App Pros and Cons

    Betking App Pros and Cons

    The apps have their sets of strong moments, as well as disadvantages. Let’s check them out.



    ✅ Good UI

    ❌ The iPhone version can be impossible to get without changing your region in the Settings

    ✅ Offered for both mobile platforms

    ❌ Are identical to the mobile website, so some users might prefer to just stick to the latter instead of installing additional apps

    ✅ Very low system requirements

    ✅ Have all of the features of the desktop website

    What Can Be Improved?

    In our honest opinion, the apps are already nearly perfect. Some might find their design a little too minimalistic. On the other hand, the betting process can be considered difficult for newcomers, so the application could do some work to make it more user-friendly and accessible. Another thing we would like to see is having more regions supported for the iOS app. Right now, their list is quite limited, which requires some tinkering with the phone’s settings.

    In Conclusion

    Betking Nigeria offers impressive applications for both iOS and Android, as well as a mobile website that is full of features. Moreover, if some users have issues loading the apps or the website, there’s an MLite version that doesn’t take many resources and can be used even on very old smartphones. But it’s likely that you won’t have problems with the regular versions: the apps have quite low system requirements that are easy to meet.

    In this article, we provided quick overviews of the Betking apps, made detailed guides on downloading and installing them, compared the programs to mobile and desktop websites, and even listed their advantages and disadvantages. If you’re interested in more features of the platform, you can also check out our main article about Betking.



    • Is the BetKing Mobile App Safe?

    Yes, both versions of the application are official and are offered on the main app markets.

    • Why is Betking not working on my phone?

    If your phone has trouble loading the application, try using the MLite version of the mobile website.

    • How to play Betking on the phone?

    You can do so by using a mobile website or app.

    • Where can I find Betking?

    The apps are available on App Store and Google Play Store.

    • Why can’t I download gambling apps on my phone?

    If you’re older than 18, then there are probably local limitations. If the laws of your country allow you to participate in gambling, try to change the region of your iPhone to Nigeria in the settings.

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