Imagine you won some amount during your betting and gambling experience. That’s great and a reason to celebrate. But how exactly do you go about withdrawing your funds? Different platforms offer various methods. Similarly to deposit solutions, payment options depend on the exact market where the platform operates, legal and licensing issues, as well as convenience.

In the text below, we’re going to take a closer look at the withdrawal methods you will find on MelBet Nigeria. The platform aims to be an all-around solution, offering a countless list of features, functions, betting markets, and other capabilities. So it doesn’t surprise us that the developers gave a lot of thought to the withdrawal process. 

Brief Information About MelBet

As we have already said, MelBet is a comprehensive solution for betting and gambling. Like any other top bookmaker, this platform satisfies all the needs of users: you can bet on sports and eSports, play colorful slots or card games, win Toto, or a bingo draw.

The main advantage of the platform is its vast range. Of course, popular disciplines such as football and tennis provide maximum opportunities. However, fans of less popular sports will also find many exciting things on the service. At the same time, the bookmaker offers fairly high odds and an acceptable margin.

The bonus program is designed for both bettors and gamblers because, during registration, you can choose a suitable bonus. An excellent option is also the ability to exchange accumulated points for free bets or spins in the promo code store. Still wonder what is MelBet? Check out our thorough review by clicking the link and come back here after.

Withdrawal Rules on MelBet

Withdrawal Rules on MelBet

Obviously, as with all things related to finances and payments, the withdrawal process involves many rules and regulations. The reasons are quite clear: the platforms should keep an eye on how money moves and prevent shady activities. That’s why there are usually limits and verification procedures in place. And MelBet isn’t an exception. So in the following paragraphs, we will cover withdrawal limits and ways to find withdrawal requests.

MelBet Withdrawal Limits

The betting platforms usually set limits to prevent users from withdrawing suspiciously large sums and also limit the low bar. Let’s see the situation on MelBet.

Minimum Withdrawal

The minimum sum you can withdraw at once from MelBet Nigeria is 500 NGN. That’s a reasonably low amount, making receiving funds quite accessible. Such good news for punters with smaller wins! The minimum amount might differ from one method to another; for example, it’s around 550 NGN for Web Money at the moment.

Maximum Withdrawal

It’s difficult to pinpoint the maximum withdrawal limit, but it seems to be pretty high, in the range of tens of millions. It also depends entirely on the method you choose.

MelBet Withdrawal Requests: How to Find

Sometimes, you might want to check the status of active withdrawals and take a look at the transactions of the past. To do so, follow these simple steps.

  1. Navigate to MelBet or run the app.
  2. Sign in.
  3. Click or tap on the profile button.
  4. Hit the “Withdraw Funds” button.
  5. On the menu on the left, find the “Transaction History” option.
  6. Go there and check the history.
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How to Withdraw From MelBet Nigeria

How to Withdraw From MelBet Nigeria

Now, let’s move to the main focus of our article: the withdrawal procedure itself. The platform handles it in an elegant manner: the process is easy to understand, consists of a few steps, and yet has all the needed functionalities. Let’s check how to move money from your account on the platform to other payment systems via the website and the application.

How to Withdraw from a Website

The MelBet website is easy to navigate and has enough features, so nothing is surprising about the way it works with the withdrawal procedure.

  1. Go to MelBet Nigeria.
  2. Sign in if you haven’t.
  3. Click on the profile button.
  4. Find the “Withdraw funds” button and press it.
  5. You will see a list of options.
  6. Pick the preferred one.
  7. Follow the instructions.
  8. Enter the sum.
  9. Confirm.

How to Withdraw via the App

The platform offers plenty for mobile users: you can check out both iOS and Android versions. And if, for some reason, you don’t want to download and install it, there’s the mobile version of the website with the same number of features and nearly identical UI. Here are the steps.

  1. Run the app or open the website on your phone.
  2. Log in.
  3. Hit the profile button and find the “Withdraw Funds” option.
  4. Check the list of provided methods and select one.
  5. Hit it and enter the amount.
  6. Follow the rest of the instructions and type in the information if needed.

The Withdrawal Methods

Melbet The Withdrawal Methods

Let’s speak about the methods themselves. MelBet, being a large international platform, offers plenty of them. The Nigerian version has enough methods to meet the needs of most of the players in the country. Let’s check them all out.

Via Bank Card

Sending money from your account on the platform to your bank account is a very common practice. Surprisingly, some websites don’t support such an option. And unfortunately, MelBet is among them. It wasn’t obvious since using cards and direct bank transfers are supported deposit options on the service in Nigeria.

Supported Credit and Debit Cards

As we already mentioned, you can’t move the funds by using a debit or credit card. Chances are the options will appear in the future, so we can wait for them.

Via Mobile Phone

The platform doesn’t support using any mobile provider for withdrawing your funds. The only way to access it from your smartphone is to download and run the app, but the solution will still require using other wallets, payment systems, or cryptocurrencies.

Via E-Wallet

The platform supports some e-wallet systems for withdrawing funds. Examples include Perfect Money, Sticpay, AirTM, Skrill, MoneyGo, Jeton Wallet, and Web Money.

Via Payment Systems

You can use EcoPayz, Payeer, and Neteller to transfer funds from the platform. All three methods are reliable, easy to use, and widely available across Nigeria, so you’re unlikely to run into a problem.

Via Cryptocurrency

MelBet is one of those platforms that supports using cryptocurrencies as payment methods. But does it work for withdrawal? The answer is yes. MelBet offers plenty of cryptocurrencies for withdrawing your money. The list of offered options goes beyond Ethereum and Bitcoin and includes less common currencies such as Tron and Verge.

Just don’t ignore the fact that crypto isn’t exactly legal in Nigeria. It isn’t outright banned, like in some countries, but it’s still not exactly legalized. This gray area might confuse some users, but technically, MelBet wouldn’t offer such an option if it wasn’t permitted. Just take your own risks.

Payment Commissions

Melbet Payment Commissions

If you want to transfer money from your MelBet account, then you might start wondering whether there are any changes in place. Luckily, there’s no need to worry since MelBet doesn’t feature any. Yes, all of your withdrawals are free of fees, and the same goes for deposits.

How to Withdraw the Bonuses

Melbet How to Withdraw the Bonuses

MelBet is a large and international platform, and it offers some bonuses and promotions to its players, newcomers, and regulars alike. The list of them would include many, but what about withdrawing?

Thankfully, you can withdraw the wins and boosts achieved with the help of any bonus on MelBet. You can’t do it directly though, and such transfers still have some wagering requirements in place, which is a common practice.


Melbet Verification

Betting platforms often use validation procedures before withdrawing. Sometimes they involve them in other steps as well. The reasons are to prevent shady activities, money laundering, and identity theft. So the way the verification works usually involves sending papers to prove your identity and that your personal and financial information is correct.

MelBet isn’t an exception, and the platform has a verification procedure in place. The first step usually involves proving your identity by sending related documents. It can be your ID or an international passport. A driver’s license should suffice too. The main thing is that a document should include both your name and a photo.

The next step includes sending proof of residence or financial information. There’s a wider variety of papers compared to the first step, but a utility bill and bank statement usually work the best.

Note that the first thing you should always do before either depositing or withdrawing your funds is to provide your phone number. This is essential for many types of transactions, so don’t avoid this step.

Withdrawal Time

Melbet Withdrawal Time

On other platforms, the withdrawal time can range from an instant to several days, depending on the method. MelBet claims that all of its withdrawal solutions are instant. It’s difficult to say whether it’s true since MelBet offers many different payment options to test. Historically, direct bank transfers have been the slowest solution, but Melbet doesn’t offer such an option in Nigeria.

Withdrawals on Weekends

Many platforms won’t process some kinds of transactions on weekends. MelBet doesn’t specify such a problem anywhere, which leads us to believe that everything works equally fine both on weekdays and weekends. Moreover, the platform doesn’t offer a bank transfer method in Nigeria, which is one solution that usually works slower on weekends.

Withdrawal Issues and Their Solutions

Melbet Withdrawal Issues and Their Solutions

No system is perfect, so you might encounter difficulties during the withdrawal procedure on the platform. The problems rarely happen, but the chance isn’t zero: there are many things involved, and an issue can emerge on the side of the website, user, or payment system. Let’s check them out in the following paragraphs:

How to Renew a Delayed Withdrawal

Even though most of the withdrawal methods available on MelBet Nigeria work quickly, sometimes the payment may take a bit too long. In this case, there was likely some reason for such a delay. If you want to restart it, then go through these steps.

  1. Visit MelBet or run the app.
  2. Ensure you’re signed in.
  3. Check whether you have sufficient funds.
  4. Hit the profile button.
  5. Find the “Withdraw Funds” option.
  6. On the menu on the left, find the “Transaction History” option.
  7. Visit it and check the status of your transaction.
  8. If it seems to be delayed, check whether there’s an option to renew it.
  9. If there are none, either make the transaction again or contact customer care about your possible options.

Transaction Failed

Unfortunately, sometimes you will find out that your transaction wasn’t processed. In this case, the issue usually lies on the side of the bookmaker or betting platform, and it wasn’t your fault. How can you fix the problem? Well, make the same withdrawal again. In the meantime, you can contact Melbet or your payment system’s customer care to find out the reason for the cancellation.

I Don’t Have Sufficient Funds

If you want to withdraw money, you have to be sure that it meets the limits. The smallest sum you can transfer depends on an exact method, but 500 NGN is the usual amount. Make sure that you have it on your account.


Melbet Conclusion

Withdrawing is an essential part of the betting experience. After all, what’s the point of it all if you can’t get the funds you won? The platform tries to make the process quite user-friendly, but there are still many things to consider, ranging from offered methods to possible but rare issues. Some users might also be taken aback by the verification procedure.

In this text, we focused on MelBet Nigeria and its withdrawal options. The platform is large, international, and well-made, aiming to be a universal website for betting and gambling purposes. So, naturally, we expected to find many methods, and we weren’t disappointed. MelBet makes things easy for Nigerian punters by supporting local payment systems and featuring a straightforward procedure for receiving funds.

Withdrawing isn’t the only important part of using betting platforms. If this article was the reason for you to get interested in MelBet or you were already researching the platform, you can check out our other texts. We have plenty covering various other things about the bookmaker, but the general MelBet Nigeria review would be the best and most logical starting point.

How can I withdraw my money from a bet?

Obviously, MelBet allows you to move money from the platform to your account. You can do so both on the desktop website and by using mobile options. Here are your steps:

  1. Go to the MelBet website or run the app.
  2. Log in if you aren’t already.
  3. Click or tap on the profile button.
  4. Select the “Withdraw Funds” option.
  5. You will see the list of offered methods; pick one.

How much is the minimum withdrawal in MelBet?

The MelBet minimum withdrawal in Nigeria is 500 NGN.

What are minimum bet limits?

The smallest sum you can stake is around 170 NGN. The maximum limit isn’t specified and varies per event.

How long does Melbet take to withdraw?

This depends entirely on the method, but the service claims that all of them are instant.

Is there a withdrawal limit for Melbet?

The minimum sum is 500 NGN, while the platform doesn’t mention an upper limit.

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