The article below will focus on a well-liked Nigerian bookmaker, Melbet, and some of its specific features.

Betting on Melbet

Betting on Melbet

Melbet is justly considered one of Nigeria’s most popular and trustworthy bookies. The platform boasts loads of perks and almost zero drawbacks. Starting your betting adventure with Melbet is always a great choice. The service can boast competitive odds, an enormous sportsbook, a smooth app, and a user-friendly interface. Wagering on Melbet is a breeze. Whether you’re a devoted sports punter or a casual player, it offers excellent quality. A side navigation panel makes it simple for users to look through the plethora of sports available. Baseball, hockey, horse racing, and greyhound racing are available on Melbet, in addition to popular games like football, tennis, and basketball. 

In this review, we will share everything we know about the features of betslips on Melbet, their pros, and their pitfalls. We will also provide some tips on how to bet on Melbet.

Melbet Betslip: What Is It?

A betslip is nothing more than a confirmation of a bet and a key to its details. You can always find it in your account by checking the wagering history or providing the betslip code.

It is essential to understand how to use your betslip. Your slip is one of the most underestimated tools in the world of sports betting. They are merely afterthoughts for many punters. However, betslips really are a very helpful and informative tool.

Bet Details

Melbet Bet Details

Bet details describe the features of any wager a player has placed. They include the type of bet placed, the stake-to-payout ratio, and any other information that might affect the bettor’s wager. Essential for the track record, bet details are usually found in the betslip inside the user’s account. The most important and commonly offered bet details include the date and time when the bet was placed, the selected event, the wager type, the odds, the stake, possible profit, the wager status (canceled, open, lost, or won), and actual winnings once settled.

How to Check Your Stakes and Odds

Calculating the odds on your wagers is one of the most helpful functions of your betslip. You will see the odds for each specific wager on different sportsbook pages. However, it is on your ticket that you can clearly see how much you stand to win with your wager.

The returns on multi-line bets are not something you can independently determine. It’s too challenging. The quick math on your betting slip is a blessing without disguise. 

How to Check Your Estimated Profit

Simply enter the amount you intend to stake, and you should be able to gauge your risk level in relation to your potential before confirming your wager. Mind that it is a very rough estimate since the odds tend to change throughout the game.

How to Confirm and Place Your Bet on Melbet

How to Confirm and Place Your Bet on Melbet

Placing a wager on Melbet is really simple. However, keep in mind that you need to check all the details of your wager thoroughly.

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Checking Your Bets and Stakes

The ability of betslips to both examine and record your bets is possibly their best feature.

It is crucial to double-check the wagers you intend to place, especially if you’re placing multiple wagers or using multiple lines. 

You may have read the odds on the preceding page wrong. Or perhaps you accidentally picked the incorrect line. You can check the Melbet website after making a wager to see whether the odds have changed. This happens frequently. Before submitting, check your betslip to make sure there are no errors. Additionally, it’s essential to reread it. Although sportsbooks will let you know if the odds change, you can’t always rely on them. After you click “submit,” many bookies don’t ask for extra confirmation.

Placing Your Bet

It is super easy to place your bet with Melbet. Let’s go step by step from the very beginning.

  1. Open the website or launch the Melbet app.
  2. Select the sport you want to wager on.
  3. Choose your desired event and the betting market. It’s worth doing some research on betting markets before actually choosing one.
  4. Select the odds and wait for the wager to pop up in your betslip to the right of the screen.
  5. Input your stake and check your potential winnings. Alternatively, you can add more selections into the betslip, making your bet a multiple one.
  6. Double-check the details and place your wager if you are happy with the conditions.

What Is a Betslip Code?

melbet What Is a Betslip Code?

Each time you add wagers to your betslip and confirm them, the system assigns a unique number to the slip as your bet code. This number is a confirmation of the forecast made. It looks like a combination of letters and digits. It’s crucial not to mix up the betslip code with the promo code. The first provides access to information about your wager, while the second turns on specific promos and enables bonus opportunities.

What Data Can You Find in the Betslip Code?

The betslip code gives you access to your betslip, which reflects all the facts and specifics of a wager you placed on the Melbet platform. This means that when a betslip code is activated, users can easily learn the key details of a wager, which typically include the following information:

  • The unique number of your wager
  • Sport 
  • Event 
  • Teams who take part in the event
  • Your stake

How to Find Your Melbet Bet Code?

How to Find Your Melbet Bet Code?

After you place a wager, the system will provide you with a unique ID. Save the combination so you can always check the results. You can check the received code in your bet history section. Your current wager, the betting markets you’ve selected, the stake, and the current status are all displayed in your betslip. The slip will have a pending status until your chosen event (or events) ends. Eventually, the status will change to one of three options.

  • If your wager wins, you will get your award.
  • If the bet loses, you will lose your stake.
  • If the bet is canceled, you will get your stake back.

How to Check Your Bet Code

Checking your code will take a couple of minutes.

Step 1

Open the website and go to your account.

Step 2

Open your betslip. The bet code should be inside your slip: scroll down the slip and see the “Booking Number” below. This number is your bet code. Alternatively, you can find it in your wagering history.


If you fail to find the code, contact Melbet customer care. We suggest that you try their live chat widget; however, we were not exactly lucky with it. We didn’t get the answers we needed within a day. Plus, sometimes the live chat is not working with a memo that the first free operator will get back to you. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen quite often. Maybe, you will be lucky. Alternatively, try other communication channels. You can call the service or send them a request via the form inside the section “Contacts.”

Melbet Mobile App

Whether you’re using an Android or iPhone smartphone, you can now have smooth access to the bookmaker’s betting services thanks to the Melbet mobile app. The mobile app has an intuitive user experience that makes it simple to use the platform. Additionally, the Melbet app provides appealing features like live streaming and betting that give you an exceptional and unmatched betting experience. That’s not all, either.  You can use the many payment methods offered by the sportsbook if you download the app and want to fund your account with a deposit or withdraw your profits if you place a winning wager. As the app boasts the same options as the website, you can easily find your betslip code in the app. We will guide you through the process. It’s almost the same as the previous one.

Step 1

Launch the app and log into your account if needed.

Step 2

Enter your account and check your wagers. The betcode should be on your slip.

Tips on How to Check the Code via the App

If the code is not loading, wait for a bit and restart the app. Sometimes, the mobile solution may be lagging.

How to Use Melbet Bet Code?

How to Use Melbet Bet Code?

We will offer a couple of ways how to use your bet code on Melbet.

Check Your Bet History

With your betslip code, you can instantly gain access to your bets, whether current or expired.

Share Your Bets With Friends

You can also share your bets with friends who are also betting with Melbet and discuss whether your choices are safe enough.

What to Do if Your Bet Code Cannot be Found

melbet What to Do if Your Bet Code Cannot be Found

Do not worry; it is a minor problem. First, check your bet history; all codes can be found in this section. Generally, bet codes can be found at the bottom of your betslip. Alternatively, check your email or phone to see if there are any updates from Melbet with your betslip code. If you still fail to get it, contact Melbet customer care via their live chat widget or any other channels. The telephone helpline will probably work best. The bookie may be experiencing some technical difficulties due to maintenance work.


melbet Conclusion

A betslip is a specific type of shopping cart. By checking your betslip, you can view the details of your wagers. This function is accessible on all service tiers of the Melbet platform, which makes the wagering procedure transparent and understandable for users. The algorithm used to get information from the betslip is comparatively easy to understand. You may instantly check your wager in only a few minutes on any device.

How do you read a betslip?

A betslip, which can be physical (paper) or electronic and contains the predictions, odds, and amount you’ve risked for a specific wager, is the equivalent of a receipt for the bets you placed. Your betslip contains your bet’s reference number, your chosen sport, event, and stake.

What is the accumulator bet in Melbet?

An accumulator bet is a complex bet that consists of several single bets. They are a great option for experienced punters.

How do you read odds and win?

Be aware that the odds indicate the possibility of an outcome. The team, horse, or athlete with the best chance of winning is the one with the best odds. Although chances are expressed in a variety of ways, they all convey how likely one result is in contrast to another. For example, if you flip a coin, the odds of ending in tails or heads are equal. Therefore, the odds are 1:1. Odds are not an exact science; they change during the event. Read a special review on how to read the odds available online.

Can I edit my bet slip?

Yes. You can add, remove, or swap your selections.

Can you check a bet slip online?

Yes, of course, you can. You can open your account and see your bet slip there.

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