If you’re a punter in Nigeria, you can enjoy a diverse variety of betting platforms. There are plenty of bookmakers to choose from; some are international, and others are regional and local. They also differ in the number of features offered and their overall reliability. Usually, international bookmakers seem to be the most function-rich ones, although there are exceptions.

In our article, we will cover Betway, a well-known service in many countries worldwide, including Nigeria. We will provide general information about the platform, cover its T&C, provide a tutorial on how to bet on the website, describe the types of bets and markets offered, and explain how to change your account details.

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Betway Nigeria: Brief Overview

Betway Nigeria: Brief Overview

First, let’s get familiar with Betway. This large international platform started operating on the market in 2006. Nearly two decades of activity allowed the service to cement its reputation and add new features. As a result, Betway has much to offer its users. We will cover this in the next sections, looking at the bookmaker’s most attractive functions. If you want to know more about how the Betway betting processes work, check out our main review of the platform.

Main Features of the Platform

betway Main Features of the Platform

Let’s look at what Betway can offer its gamblers and punters. As we stated earlier, the platform is packed with features, so the following paragraphs will include much information.

Let’s start with betting. First, there are many disciplines you can place your wagers on. Things go beyond football, basketball, and tennis; you can try your luck with motorsports, darts, and cricket. You can also enjoy different betting markets without limiting yourself to moneylines and handicaps. For football, the examples include Both Teams to Score, Double Chance, and Total Goals.

Additional betting features also exist on the platform. The cash-out option makes it possible to see the returns before the end of the event. Of course, they will be smaller than in the case of a win, but something is obviously better than losing your money. Such a feature makes it possible to have control over your risks and can be life-saving in some cases. You can also combine it with the live betting option, which allows you to place wagers on the events as they happen. Together, these two features offer quite a great level of control over your betting process. There are also multiple bets for users tired of placing singles, but we will cover this later in the article in the “Betting Types” section.

If you’re a casino player, then Betway won’t disappoint you either. It offers plenty of choices to play, ranging from simple slots to complex card games such as poker and blackjack. The selection is versatile enough to meet the needs of the most demanding casino players.

A Review of BetWay and Its Popularity

As we already mentioned elsewhere in the article, Betway is an international platform with high popularity. Operating on the market for 17 years, the bookie had time to establish itself as a serious competitor to all international betting platforms. The company truly operates around the world, having licenses in various countries in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Of course, it has a presence on the African continent, Nigeria included.

Fun fact: the company used to hold a record of the largest slot machine winning. It was received by a British citizen, and the sum was around 20,000,000 USD. It roughly translates to 4 billion NGN by the exchange rates of the time. The record was later surpassed in 2019.

Rules, Terms, and Conditions for Wagering on BetWay in Nigeria

One thing is always clear: if you want to join any betting platform, learning more about its rules will be a good idea. They always exist and are important to follow. Betway’s T&C won’t surprise any experienced punter: they are quite similar to what you can find on the majority of other bookmakers. But let’s take a look at the most important ones:

  • Be of legal betting age. This one is simple: the age is 18 everywhere. Don’t wager if you’re younger; don’t lie about it – you won’t be able to withdraw your winnings anyway.
  • Don’t place bets on the events you can directly influence. Don’t wager on it if you’re an athlete, a referee, a coach, or any other involvement that can change the course of the upcoming game. This will quickly get you banned by any bookmaker.
  • Don’t use any shady practices. This one is also pretty much obvious: don’t use the service for money laundering or other similar purposes.
  • Provide only correct information about yourself. This goes both for personal and financial. Be ready to verify it when asked. The platform features verification procedures, so expect it to happen.
  • You can register only one account per person. If the platform suspects you have more than one account, be ready to prove that you didn’t break this rule.

Here are some related to the betting process itself: 

  • Remember that if any event is abandoned within a multiple or system bet, this selection will run on the remaining bets.
  • Remember that odds can fluctuate. They become fixed only at the time you’re placing a wager. That’s what the service will work with.
  • Unless your bet is live, it will be void if you manage to place it after the event starts.


The platform’s features set minimum and maximum amounts for deposits and withdrawals. That’s perfectly normal and is enforced by the majority of wagering websites. There are also limits for your stakes, but we will cover them in the “Betting Limits” section later in this article.

The minimum sum for deposits is 100 NGN, seemingly for all methods. The maximum sum differs depending on your payment system, ranging from 20,000 NGN to nearly a million. Overall, it’s impressive how big the range between the smallest deposit sum and the largest one is. It allows even the players without significant funds to test their luck, while not disappointing the professionals and rich customers. 

Speaking of withdrawals, the situation is quite similar. The smallest sum you can transfer is 100 NGN. That’s quite low, so you can get your returns even if you didn’t win much. The maximum amount depends on the exact method, ranging from 20,000 NGN to 10,000,000 NGN.

How to Control Your Account

betway How to Control Your Account

The ability to have control over your account and edit information is something that can’t be overstated. In the following paragraphs, we will cover how exactly you can interact with your account on Betway. Thankfully, the platform is quite flexible in this aspect, so it likely won’t disappoint you.

How to Check Your ID

The platform has a verification procedure in place. Its main aim is to check whether you’re of legal betting age. In the case of Nigeria and the majority of places in the world where the activity is permitted, it’s 18. The company requires you to provide some information to validate your age, identity, and financial information.

How to Change Your Account Information

If you want to edit your account information, you must contact customer care. Simply send a message to support@betway.com.ng and mention your username. Request that the customer support team change any piece of personal information you want to edit. If they ask for any verification or further information, provide it.

How to Check Your Balance

If you want to check your balance, you should simply login. You will see the balance button in the CASH field’s top-right part of the screen. It’s important to know, especially if you’re planning to withdraw your money or place a large stake and are unsure if you have sufficient funds. 

How to Bet on BetWay in Nigeria

betway How to Bet on BetWay in Nigeria

Our article wouldn’t be complete without covering the most important thing about any bookmaker: the betting process itself. It’s quite simple and logical, but we think that describing every step can go a long way. Let’s check them out:

  1. Visit Betway. Make sure you’re visiting a real website or running the app.
  2. Select the sport to place your wager on. You can find the list on the left side of the screen if you’re entering from the desktop device.
  3. Pick an event. You will see plenty of games offered; select one.
  4. Find the market you like. As we already stated, Betway provides a great selection of betting options; pick one you like and click on the odds.
  5. See the selection appearing on the bet slip. You can find enough information about your possible winning and edit your bet there. You can also add more selections if single bets don’t interest you.
  6. Enter the stake. Make sure it’s within the bookmaker’s betting limits. We will cover them later in the “Betting Limits” section.
  7. Place or book a bet. Congratulations, now enjoy the show and wait for the results.

Betting Types

Being a platform rich in several features, Betway offers plenty of betting types for punters to enjoy. Let’s take a quick look at them.

  • Single bets. This one is incredibly simple: just a regular wager on one market on one event. There’s nothing too difficult about them, it’s even easy to calculate the possible winnings: just multiply your stake by the odds.
  • Multiple bets. They are also known as accumulators and express bets. This betting type allows you to place several selections on different events and markets as one wager. The caveat is that if only one loses, so will the full bet. This makes them much riskier than the singles, but the returns will be larger than the sum of all winning selections. 
  • System Bet. This one is pretty similar to the multiple one, but it allows you to lose some selections and still see the returns. That’s the main difference, but the option is still riskier than a single wager.

Betting Limits: Minimum and Maximum

We already covered the deposit and withdrawal limits of the platform. But what about your possible stakes? There are indeed limits to the smallest and largest sums you can place on any event. The lowest amount is 100 NGN, but the platform doesn’t’ specify the maximum one.


betway Conclusion

Having a good betting platform that you can try is always great. The choice is quite big for Nigerian punters, but knowing how to separate a good and reliable bookmaker from a disappointing one is important. Our article aimed to provide information about Betway, a large and well-known platform that operates in Nigeria under a local license.

We provided basic information on the bookmaker’s main features, rules, limits, ways to edit your information, and other relevant things. Our article might not cover everything about the platform, but it can give enough information on how things work.

If you want to learn more about Betway, check out our other texts. We have enough of them to describe each important platform feature in detail. There’s also a general review covering most of the bookmaker’s functions.

How do I win a 1X2 bet?

1×2, referred to as Win/Draw/Win on the platform, is the most straightforward and, therefore, the most popular betting market. They simply involve predicting the outcome of the game, so following the sport you’re wagering on, learning more about the teams, and listening to the experts can be useful tips if you want to win such a bet.

How long does it take to withdraw money from Betway?

This depends entirely on a method, but the platform claims that all of them are quite fast.

What is the easiest way to win on Betway?

If you want to increase your chances of winning, then follow the recommendations below:

  • Learn more about the sport.
  • Get familiar with how betting works.
  • Follow the recent events.
  • Listen to the experts and public opinion.
  • Use analytical and statistical tools.
  • Don’t place wagers on the markets with high odds.
  • Avoid multiple bets unless they consist of several safe low-odds selections.
  • Keep track of your betting history and analyze your past wins and losses.

If you keep these tips in mind, you can seriously improve your betting results, although this doesn’t guarantee a 100% success rate since betting largely depends on luck.

What is the best game to win on Betway?

This depends entirely on your preferences. Football must be the most popular sport for betting for a reason: simple rules, plenty of teams, and a lot of information. But if you aren’t interested in it, then stick with the disciplines you’re most familiar with.

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