While many bookmakers focus mainly on the betting aspect, and some solely provide wagering features, one shouldn’t underestimate the casino aspect. After all, plenty of platforms offer enough gambling options, sometimes even more diverse than betting ones. This depends entirely on the exact bookmaker and how it positions itself in the market.

In the text below, we will check out how the casino works on Betway, a popular international betting and gambling platform that also offers its services in Nigeria. We will take a quick look at the bookmaker’s main features, the pros and cons of gambling on it, describe some games, and provide a detailed tutorial on how to play them. We will also talk about bonuses and customer care services on the platform. Let’s check it all out!

About Betway Nigeria

About Betway Nigeria

Established in 2006, Betway has been on the market for nearly two years. You can, without a doubt, call this an international platform; it operates on many continents, covering quite a long list of markets. The platform works in Africa, too, including Nigeria.

Betway has many valuable features, so even the most demanding bettors and gamblers won’t be disappointed. There’s plenty of everything for their liking. And that’s precisely what we will cover in the next section. We will briefly touch on the main features, so if you want a fuller understanding of everything the platform can offer, it’s better to check out our main article that covers Betway betting processes.

Betway: Overview and Features

Betway: Overview and Features

Now, let’s look at the platform’s main features. While there are plenty of things to like about gambling options, we will explain them in deeper detail in the next paragraphs. So, for now, let’s stick with betting. The platform offers a diverse list of sports to wager on; they range from popular ones, such as football and tennis, to less common choices, like cycling and futsal. The selection of the markets isn’t the widest out there, but it’s still rather diverse: aside from moneylines and over/unders, you can try options like Both Teams to Score and Double Chance. Additional betting features on the platform include live betting and the cash-out function, both of which make your live wagering experience more exciting and allow you to have greater control over the process.

You have plenty of options to access the platform from your mobile device. Android owners can download an APK file from the website. Unfortunately, there’s no iOS application. But if you’re an iPhone user or don’t want to install anything on your Android device, you can always go to the mobile version of the website. The performance will depend mainly on your mobile browser. The features and even interfaces are quite similar in both mobile versions, and you can access all of the features you may find on the desktop website.

Pros and Cons of Betway Casino

Pros and Cons of Betway Casino

While we think that Betway casino has a lot to offer, it also has its own set of disadvantages. That’s perfectly normal since there are likely no flawless bookmakers. The table below shows the pros and cons of gambling on the platform demonstratively.

  • A large selection of casino games
  • It is easy to navigate the options thanks to them being divided into several tabs
  • Live casino experience
  • You have to log in to play games; there are no preview or demo versions
  • Some games could have more options

How to Play at Betway Casino

How to Play at Betway Casino

We can’t call this article complete without providing a tutorial on how to start gambling on the platform’s casino games. Thankfully, you shouldn’t experience any issues doing so on Betway, but let’s check each process step.

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How to Play at Betway Casino

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Visit Betway

Simply visit the website or run the app. You can access the website from your smartphone as well. Ensure that you’re logged in. If you’re not, then go through the sign-in process. If you don’t have an account, then create one; it’s quite simple.

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Go to the Casino Tab

You can visit the “Casino” tab on the screen’s upper part. Simply hit that button.

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Select a Game

Betway features a long list of games to try your luck with. The “How to Select a Game” section will cover this in more detail. But simply, just check the offered options and select one of the hundreds of games available.

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Get Familiar with Its Rules

Some games are more complex than others. The slots are as simple as they get and require minimum effort. On the contrary, some board and table games can require a lot of input and skill to win. The most notable examples include poker and blackjack.

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Place the Stake and Start Playing

After reading everything about the rules, place your stake and try your luck with the game. If you want to get tips to help you during the process, check out the “Tips and Strategies for Betway Nigeria Casino Games” section.

Welcome Bonus 100,000 NGN

How to Select a Game on Betway Casino Nigeria

How to Select a Game on Betway Casino Nigeria

This section, including the following paragraphs, will include the main information regarding selecting a slot to play. We will cover the main options and closely examine the more popular games.

A Wide Selection of Casino Games

Betway has plenty of games to try your luck with. Their list is massive; it features hundreds of options and includes nearly everything one might want to see. The options range from simple slots and roulette to more complex games like poker, blackjack, baccarat, and a nearly endless list of variations. The “Exclusives” tab includes the games you won’t find on other platforms, such as Betway Cash Megaways.

All of the games are put into a few tabs:

  • Top games. This tab includes the most popular games and the ones the platform wants to push.
  • New games. The list obviously consists of new additions.
  • Slots. Features many options for slot games.
  • Must Win Jackpots.
  • Jackpots.
  • Exclusives. Includes the games that are only available on Betway.
  • Blackjack. This tab features many blackjack variations.
  • Real dealer. Features the games that have live dealers.
  • Roulette. You can find a long list of roulette variations on this tab: There are 40 versions when writing this article.
  • Baccarat. This tab is rather small and features 4 baccarat variations. While it doesn’t seem like too many, the options will likely satisfy most baccarat fans.

You can find the most popular games on the platform by visiting the “Top Games” tab. It includes all of the games that are actively played by gamblers on the website. The top choices are, as expected, Big Bass Bonanza and Roulette. 

You can also find some popular options by visiting the “Table Games” tab. It includes poker, baccarat, blackjack, Sic-Bo, roulette, and many variations of these games. There are 78 options, so we doubt the selection will disappoint you: there’s everything for everyone!

Live Casino Experience

Betway features live casino options. We can even say that Betway developers have put a lot of effort into such a feature. Simply click or tap on the “Live Casino” tab and check all of the existing options.

Similarly to regular casino options, the live ones are divided into a few tabs. Here they are:

  • Roulette
  • Game Shows
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Lottery
  • Dice Games
  • Poker

Unsurprisingly, the “All Games” tab offers access to the list of all games from the combined tabs, allowing quicker access to any slot you want.

Bonuses and Promotions of Betway Casino:

Bonuses and Promotions of Betway Casino:

As you can expect from a large and well-established platform, Betway features bonuses. And yes, they don’t focus entirely on betting; there are also casino-related ones. We will take a look at them in the paragraphs below. 

Loyalty and VIP Program

Betting and gambling websites sometimes offer loyalty programs for most active players. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with Betway. It doesn’t seem that the platform provides such an option for casino players in Nigeria, even though it may do so in other markets.

Regular Bonuses and Tournaments

Now, it’s time to look at regular casino-related bonuses on the platform. So far, there’s only one; you can find it by tapping the “Promo” button and checking the “Casino Rewards is here” banner! Such a bonus allows you to win additional money weekly by playing casino games.

Tips and Strategies for Betway Nigeria Casino Games

Tips and Strategies for Betway Nigeria Casino Games

Unlike betting, gambling depends almost solely on luck. Sure, there are exceptions; some board and card games require a great deal of skill involved. Most notably, poker. But in other cases, especially with the slots, you can only rely on a random chance. Either way, there are some tips we can provide that won’t guarantee you a win but can help with risk management.

  • Learn more about the game. Even if it’s a simple slot, try to understand its rules. With more complex games requiring a lot of user involvement and skill, understanding the rules and how everything works is much more important. Poker, for instance, literally has thousands of books written about it.
  • Don’t place high stakes. Unless you’re rich, we don’t recommend risking large sums, even if you’re sure that you will win this time. The rule is simple: “Don’t risk more than you can comfortably lose.”
  • Don’t test your luck longer than you should. If it seems you’re already winning or will turn a profit, we recommend finishing the game and receiving your winnings, especially if you’re not experienced. 
  • Be aware of gambling addiction. This is a genuine issue. If you start noticing unhealthy patterns, we recommend stopping the activity. If you have an addictive personality, to begin with, then we recommend avoiding playing casino games altogether. You can ask the platform to freeze your account and seek help temporarily. We will cover this in greater detail in the “Responsible Gambling Measures” section.

Customer Care of Betway Casino

Customer Care of Betway Casino

You can contact customer care service if you run into issues while gambling on Betway Nigeria. They can help you with problems and answer some questions. The following paragraphs will provide the platform’s communication channels and other safety features.

Offered Customer Care Service Communication Channels and Average Response Time

The table below includes all the ways you can contact Betway customer care service in Nigeria.

Live Сhat

As you can see, there are many ways to contact customer care service. This will allow you to get help or a consultation using any preferred method.

We can’t provide much information about how fast the team responds. So far, it seems that the answers don’t come immediately, but customer care is quite responsive and will take a look at your problems. The website also features plenty of guides to help you solve the issues if you don’t want to get any assistance.

Existing Security Measures for Privacy and Safety of Transactions

If you’re ready to use a betting and gambling platform, you want to be sure that you can trust it with your information and money. Don’t worry. Betway has got you covered: there are several safety measures. All of the data is secured and encrypted. There’s also a verification procedure in place. You can also trust the customer support team if you encounter any issues. The transactions are also secure since the company only works with trusted payment methods.

Responsible Gambling Measures on Betway

Betway takes gambling addiction seriously and provides plenty of options to help users become aware of the issue and offer help.

First things first, the platform features links to various websites raising awareness about gambling addiction and allowing players to get help if needed. They include GambleAware, Gamblers Anonymous, and Gambling Therapy. 

Secondly, the platform features identity checks, ensuring that all players are of legal betting age and don’t partake in shady practices. And finally, the website offers plenty of options to help users control their behavior. They include:

  • Setting deposit limits. They can be daily, weekly, and monthly. They allow you to control how much money you can transfer into your account within a set timeframe.
  • Session reminders. It’s possible to use such a feature to make windows appear, reminding you of how long you’ve been gambling.
  • Account closure. It’s possible just to close your account. If 24 hours passed, you can contact customer care service with a request to reopen it.
  • Self-exclusion. It’s similar to the “Account closure” option, but you can set a time when you won’t have access to Betway and its services. It’s also possible to select the “Indefinite” option, in which case the company will return your funds by using any available payment method and put you in contact with an organization that will help you deal with the issues. This is the most serious option, recommended to players who can no longer gamble safely and show unhealthy behavior.

Licensing and Casino Regulations

betway Licensing and Casino Regulations

Betway is a reliable platform with licenses in most countries. Nigeria isn’t an exception; the service has a local registration issued by the regulatory board. It allows the company to operate fully legally in Nigeria and requires them to take the process seriously.


betway Conclusion

The gambling aspect is equally important as betting for many platforms. Betway is among those bookmakers that focus on both features equally. This article analyzes exactly what gambling on Betway can provide. We took a deep dive into the world of online gambling on the platform, reviewed the main games, provided some tips, and analyzed other things.

In our opinion, Betway is a good choice if you want to spend time and money on casino games. The platform features many options for different types of gamblers while also having responsible gambling measures in place and providing various bonuses. There’s also a reliable and responsive customer care team.

How do you bet on casino games on Betway?

If you want to try your luck with casino options on the website, then simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit Betway or run the app.
  2. Press the “Casino” tab.
  3. Select a game you want to play.
  4. Learn its rules.
  5. Place a stake.
  6. Start playing.

Is Betway Casino legit?

Yes. Betway is a well-known and reliable platform with a local license for betting and gambling in Nigeria.

What casino pays out the fastest?

After winning, all the casino options instantly add money to your account on the platform. If you want to withdraw the funds, then it will only depend on your preferred payment method instead of the casino slot you chose.

Which online casinos pay?

All of them do unless stated otherwise.

Which game can earn money in a casino?

It’s possible to win money on any casino slot on Betway. But it’s difficult to say which one will be the surest method. If you know any skill-based game, such as poker, then you may try this option. Otherwise, things will mainly depend on your luck, even though there are ways to reduce the risks.

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