Do you know what cash out is? If you don’t, you’re in the right place to learn about this very cool feature. This interesting option is now available on nearly every betting site in Nigeria, including BetWay, a favorite among local bettors. You’ve probably already familiarized yourself with this site if you’re a skilled bettor who knows the ins and outs of the local market, and in case you haven’t even heard about the company, we will tell you more. BetWay is an online betting platform founded in 2006. It operates in different countries around the world and offers very neat online wagering services. Nigerian bettors also adore this platform for being very user-friendly and having exciting betting options. Without further ado, let’s dive into the subject and check out the company’s cash out option. 

What Is It?

betway What Is It?

Have you ever wished to take out your funds before the end of a match? That’s what cash out is all about; this feature permits bettors to anticipate their withdrawal and select the moment they wish to settle their bet. Basically, it allows taking a payout that may be less than the initial bet placed but taking precautions and withdrawing the money in advance. 

This feature works the same way on nearly all betting platforms around the globe, but different websites propose different types of offers regarding this option. Speaking of BetWay, the organization has named this feature “Early Cash Out,” but it doesn’t differ much from the classic way of taking funds before the end of a match; you will either earn cash or receive some of your initial investment back.

How Does It Work in Nigeria?

As stated previously, the principle is the same in all countries and on all online wagering sites, which means that this feature’s functioning in Nigeria is exactly the same as in other nations. However, we should still take some time to analyze how the option works, and for example, we will look at the feature’s characteristics on the BetWay site. This will make everything look much clearer!

  • What does it offer? First, this betting feature permits members to obtain a portion of their winning before it is settled. This is very useful in cases of hesitation or worries regarding the match’s outcome. It is also possible to cancel your wager before the beginning of the game, and the platform will send a portion of your bet back to your balance. You should beware that in the second case, only a small portion of your investment will be returned.
  • How does it work? Let’s check out the most simple scheme. For example, if you place a single bet on a team, thinking it will win the other one, and choose to take out your funds when the team you placed on is going for victory, you will obtain your reward but not fully. In case the adverse team leads, and you choose to take out your cash, then you will surely obtain a lower amount but probably save your bet. 

Cash out Methods

If you thought that this option was kind of basic with only one way of using it, then you were totally wrong. There are different scenarios of withdrawing funds via the cash out feature, and they have a great influence on the result, which is why it is important to keep them in mind. The various schemes may have repercussions on the final amount you receive, which is why it is very important to study them. Let’s check them out. 

Single BetMultiple Bet Changing your mind
Imagine that you have bet on Team 1. If team 1 is the winning team and you decide to take out your funds, then you will receive an amount close to the sum you have placed, but not the whole amount.
If you have bet on team 1, but team 2 is winning, and you decide to take back your funds, you will obtain only a small portion of your initial bet.
In case you place a multiple bet over five different games and win three of them but are hesitating on the two last outcomes, the Betway company recommends cashing out rather than waiting for the result.If you have changed your mind about the bet you placed or wish to totally cancel your wager, you have the chance to demand a cash out before the beginning of the game. This will permit you to obtain a small part of your bet back, which is much better than nothing at all.
Welcome Bonus 100,000 NGN

When Can You Cash out Your Bets in Nigeria?

Every betting option has its own rules and conditions, and the cash out option is surely not an exception since there are precise regulations imposed by the platform regarding this feature too. There are no exact time frames for taking out cash using the option, which is great since multiple platforms enjoy setting them. On the other hand, the bookie established a set of not-less-important rules regarding the features that should be taken into account. We suggest familiarizing yourself with them because if the conditions are not met, you will not be able to profit from the option.

  • Using this feature is possible only before the end of a match; using it when the game is over will not be possible. 
  • If you wish to take out your cash in advance, we recommend you use only single bets, multi-bets, and system bets.
  • You cannot reverse or stop the procedure. If you decide to withdraw before the end of the game, you cannot go back.
  • Using the option is possible only when the platform allows members to use it for a particular event. There may be games when the bookie blocks the options.    

How to Cash out on Betway in Nigeria

How to Cash out on Betway in Nigeria

After discovering the feature’s main characteristics and details, we think that it’s important to have a quick tour of how members can use it. This procedure is appreciated for being very rapid and not taking too much of bettors’ precious time. However, the process still requires a bit of concentration and knowledge since there are a variety of possibilities for using the option. In order for our readers to feel a little bit more confident, we developed a short guide that will lend you a hand in discovering the feature’s functionality.

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How to Cash out on Betway in Nigeria

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Open the Betway Website

Navigate to the Betway website. Enter your personal profile.

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Visit the “My Bets” Section

Locate “My Bets” and tap on it. Select the bet you wish to cash out.

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Request a Cash Out

Click on the “Cash Out” button next to the bet.

Pros and Cons

betway Pros and Cons

Even if the option looks quite cool and seems profitable, it still has its inconveniences that should not be forgotten. It is important to remember that every sports betting option is never perfect and never guarantees an absolute profit. That’s why we decided to analyze and compare the feature’s main characteristics and examine its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Facilitates the betting process; bettors know that they have the option to settle their bet.
  • Permits to earn cash even if the wager is not a winning one.
  • May be very useful when hesitating.
  • Gives an opportunity to cancel a bet and still obtain cash.
  • Low profit when the opposite team is winning.
  • Loss of a portion of the initial bet.

Remember that when going for the cash out option, you will always lose a part of your winnings. Think twice before making up your mind.

BetWay Cash out Compared to Other Withdrawal Options

BetWay Cash out Compared to Other Withdrawal Options

The cash out option was always considered not as a separate payment method or a way to withdraw funds but as a specific feature since it directly has an impact on the player’s performance. Don’t get them twisted! Thus, we can not compare other withdrawal options to the cash out feature since they are absolutely different types of betting features.

BetWay Withdrawal Methods in Nigeria

BetWay Withdrawal Methods in Nigeria

Sometimes, we need money “here and now,” so after using cash out, you may want to know how to withdraw it. This BetWay type of withdrawal permits you to select your preferred method of taking out your cash and demand that the platform sends it directly to the selected option. Usually, these transactions are done instantly, but occasionally, they may take up to a few hours. We suggest taking a look at the other payment methods accessible on the BetWay website.

  • OPay
  • Visa and MasterCard 
  • Quickteller
  • Paystack
  • Paga
  • Flutterwave
  • GTBank
  • Bank Transfer

Other Withdrawal Methods

Speaking of other withdrawal methods, not all of Nigeria’s popular ways of taking out cash are accessible on the BetWay platform. There are also other methods that may be used in Nigeria on other betting platforms that accept these kinds of banking options. The list is not so long since the BetWay platform integrated most of the well-known payment options on its site. The platform’s members surely don’t have to worry about anything, but still. Let’s take a look at these withdrawal methods that the BetWay company lacks. 

  • Internet Banking
  • ATM Deposit
  • Deposits via agent 
  • PayCom

How to Withdraw Your Winnings on BetWay in Nigeria

After playing a few games and placing different bets, you have surely earned some cash on the platform, haven’t you? And it’s natural to wish to take it out of your personal wallet. That’s why the betting platform has established a very convenient and simple way of withdrawing funds by making nearly every popular payment system in Nigeria accessible. This abundance of payment options offers the possibility to profit from the most comfortable method possible, so don’t worry; you’ll surely find something that suits you. Besides, the process is very quick and simple. Let’s check it out in detail!

  1. Navigate to BetWay.
  2. Log into your personal account.
  3. Tap on your profile and enter it.
  4. Click on the “Withdraw” button.
  5. Pick the payment method you appreciate the most.
  6. Enter the sum you wish to take out.
  7. Press “Request Withdrawal.”
  8. Done!

All you have to do now is wait while your demand is processed.


betway Conclusion

To sum up, we may affirm that the cash out feature is surely very attractive and interesting. During our exploration of the BetWay platform, we learned numerous things regarding it, including the proper way to profit from this option, the various schemes that can be used in order to take funds back, and the feature’s pros and cons as well. Our general impression of this option is quite positive since it offers more advantages than disadvantages and the possibility to profit from a more honest betting experience on the site. Besides giving users a chance to take out their cash from a wager they hesitate on, it also permits them to cancel a bet and obtain a reward in return without losing all their investments. We found this feature very user-friendly and simple to use, and we hope that you did as well. If you hesitate on some points, you may check out the FAQ below or out other articles.

How do I qualify for cash out on Betway?

Cash out is accessible to all users.

What is the maximum payout on Betway in Nigeria?

At the moment, it is 2,000,000 NGN. You may learn more by checking out our article on the BetWay withdrawal policy.

What is the highest winner on Betway?

In 2022, a bettor won nearly NGN 251,096,464.92.

Can you win a million on Betway?

Yes, absolutely!

What is the easiest game to win on Betway?

We tend to consider Blackjack to be the most simple.

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