Terms and Conditions of Bet9ja Bonuses in Nigeria

Get ready to kick off your sports betting adventure with the Bet9ja sports betting platform, where the action never stops, and the bonuses keep coming. 

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the various perks, including Multiple Bet Bonus and Cash Out. 

Each bonus type offers unique benefits and opportunities for players to boost their winnings and enjoy a more engaging betting experience. Next, we’ll guide you through claiming these bonuses, starting from registering on the platform, depositing your account, and submitting a bonus request. We’ll also discuss the essential terms and conditions that govern the bonus program, including minimum and maximum deposits, eligible countries, and turnover requirements. Moreover, we’ll share some valuable tips and tricks to help you maximize your betting potential and take full advantage of rewards and perks in Nigeria.

Bonus Up to 170%

Types of Bet9ja Bonuses

Types of Bet9ja Bonuses

Step into the realm of bonuses, where enticing rewards await to boost your betting journey! For the strategic bettors among you, the Multiple Bet Bonus offers an impressive 170% extra boost to winning slips with a minimum of 5 selections. Take advantage of the chance to cash out early and secure your earnings before the final whistle! So, Let’s discuss each perk in detail.

Multiple Bet Bonus

This fantastic offer adds an extra 170% reward to your winning betslip when you have at least 5 selections. So, how does this magic happen? As you build your bet with 5 or more choices, the Multiple Bonus kicks in, starting at 5% of the potential winnings and increasing by 5% for each added event, reaching up to 170%. This bonus applies to all events with odds of 1.20 or higher.

Keep in mind that VOID events won’t count toward the reward calculation, so the actual reward might differ from what’s shown on your coupon. To find your real winnings, multiply the potential winnings by the reward multiplier. But remember, bets exceeding the 40,000,000 NGN maximum win amount won’t qualify for this bonus. So, go ahead and stack up your selections for a chance at a more significant, more rewarding win with Multiple Bet Bonus.

Terms and Conditions

2185%38 and more170%

Cash Out

Cash Out is the game-changing feature that puts you in control of your bet! With Cash Out, you can secure a profit or minimize your losses in real-time without waiting for the final whistle.

Terms and Conditions

There are two ways to Cash Out on the platform:

Live Cash Out: Be the master of your stakes during live games! Bookie is the only platform offering in-play Cash Outs for pre-game bets. So picture this: 14 legs of your 15-team multiple have won, but the last team struggles in the first half. No problem! Cash Out live and walk away with a profit!

Pre-game Cash Out: No more nail-biting as you wait for the last game in your multiple bet to settle. If you hear about an injury to a star player in the final match, use pre-game Cash Out and enjoy your winnings without the stress.

How to Claim

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Open Your Account

Log into your account and go to “My Bets.”

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Check Which Bets are Subject to Cash Out

Look for bets with the Cash Out icon. Choose the one that fits you most.

So, what is your potential payout? The Cash Out amount depends on the likelihood of your bet coming through. The more probable it is, the higher the Cash Out amount.


Imagine a safety net that catches you when you think your winning streak might be over – that’s the magic of the CUT 1 bonus! With this incredible feature, you can create a multiple bet with at least 5 events and win even if one game cuts your ticket. 

Terms and Conditions

The promotion is only available for bets with 5 or more legs, is subject to change from the company without further notice, and cannot be combined with any other promotional offer.

How to Claim

All you have to do is to press the ‘Cut 1’ option on your betslip, and your odds will be recalculated accordingly. 

The beauty of this reward is that it offers you a little extra cushion in case things don’t go as planned. With the payout depending on which game cuts, you’ll still have a chance to walk away victorious. 

How to Claim Bet9ja Bonuses

How to Claim Bet9ja Bonuses

Generally, you’ll have to follow these simple steps to claim any perks.


Just click the yellow “Register” button in the top right corner of the website and fill out the required information. Then, if you’re already a member, log in with your user ID and password.

Make a Deposit to Your Account

Once you’re logged in, it’s time to add some funds to your account. Again, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from, such as Astropay, Fidelity Bank, Heritage Bank, Kora Pay, Shagopay, Squad, UBA, Zenith Bank, Wema Bank, and more. 

Request a Bonus

Here’s how to request:

  1. Spot the information icon next to your bonus funds and give it a click.
  2. Make sure to meet the rollover and wagering requirements mentioned in the terms and conditions of the perks. Keep an eye on the progress bar; it will show how close you are to fulfilling those requirements.
  3. When the progress bar hits 100%, it’s time to celebrate! You’ll now see the option to click “REDEEM BONUS” and convert your bonus funds into real cash.
  4. Spot the information icon next to your bonus funds and give it a click.
  5. Make sure to meet the rollover and wagering requirements mentioned in the terms and conditions of the perks. Keep an eye on the progress bar; it will show how close you are to fulfilling those requirements.
  6. When the progress bar hits 100%, it’s time to celebrate! You’ll now see the option to click “REDEEM BONUS” and convert your bonus funds into real cash.

And that’s it! Just follow this easy guide, and you’ll be on your way to enjoying your rewards.

Bet9ja Bonus Terms and Conditions

Bet9ja Bonus Terms and Conditions

Although the requirements for each particular perk may vary, there are still some general T&Cs applicable to all of them.

Minimum and Maximum Deposits

When it comes to deposits, there might be minimum and maximum limits for each type of bonus. You must deposit within these limits to qualify for a special bonus. Don’t worry; the limitations are reasonable and accommodating for all budgets.

Countries That Can Participate in the Bonus Program

Certain country restrictions may apply. Be sure to verify whether you’re eligible to participate in the reward program based on your location.

Turnover Requirements

Lastly, let’s touch on turnover requirements. You’ll need to meet specific wagering or turnover requirements to withdraw your winnings. This means you must wager the amount a certain number of times before you can cash out.

There may be many particular terms and conditions which will be specific to that particular bonus. So always read the bonus terms and conditions individually to avoid any issues.

Tips and Tricks for Bet9ja Bonuses

Tips and Tricks for Bet9ja Bonuses

Everyone loves a good reward, and Bookie has plenty to offer! To make the most of these fantastic rewards and perks in Nigeria, we’ve got some insider tips and tricks for you.

  • First and foremost, always stay updated with the latest promotions and offers. Watch on the website and social media channels to learn about new perks. Timing is everything; you want to take advantage of the best deals!
  • Next, carefully read the terms and conditions for each bonus. By understanding the requirements, you’ll have a better chance of meeting them and maximizing your earnings. Remember, knowledge is power!
  • When placing bets using your bonus funds, be strategic. Focus on sports or events you know, and make informed decisions based on solid research. Intelligent betting will help you get closer to meeting the turnover requirements.
  • Additionally, don’t hesitate to take advantage of multiple perks and rewards simultaneously. Participating in various promotions will increase your chances of success and potentially raking in even more rewards.
  • Lastly, always manage your bankroll wisely. Knowing when to stop is crucial, and never chase losses. By betting responsibly, you can enjoy the excitement of perks without compromising your financial well-being.


Bet9ja: Conclusion

There are plenty of opportunities to increase your winnings, from free bets to Cut 1. However, it’s essential to read the terms and conditions carefully to understand each bonus’s requirements and limitations. And remember to follow our tips and tricks to boost your bonus potential. With a little strategy and much luck, you can cover more ground and walk away with big wins in Bet9ja.


How to convert the Bet9ja bonus to real money?

You must meet the turnover and wagering requirements listed in the reward terms and conditions to convert your bonus to real money. Once you’ve met those requirements, you can convert your bonus funds to cash.

Can you cash out bonus bets?

Unfortunately, you cannot cash out bonus bets.

Can I use my bet9ja bonus to bet?

You can use your bonus to place bets on sports and Bet9ja casino games.

What is the minimum stake in Bet9ja?

The minimum stake is NGN 100 per stake on sports bets.

Which bet can I bet with 10 Naira?

If you want to stake with just 10 Naira, you can head to the casino section and try your luck there.

Does Bet9ja offer free bets?

Yes, you can get a free bet on Bet9ja by participating in special events and giveaways.

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