Bonuses are surely the things that bettors adore the most. It is always very pleasant to receive a gift, right? That is why online sports betting companies seek to integrate into their platforms as many promotional offers as possible. Bonuses are all different; some are made to bring in new clients, others to spice up members’ betting experiences, and a few are totally reckless and absurd. Since they are all different, promotions depend on the sportsbook you pick, and today’s hero is MelBet! The company has settled well into the Nigerian betting market, attracting numerous bettors every day. It is one of the leading bookies among other sportsbooks in the industry and is very appreciated by local bettors. In this review, we will take a look at what the company has to offer in terms of bonuses and take a quick tour of its terms and conditions. 

Types of MelBet Bonuses

Types of MelBet Bonuses

As you may already know, if you are an experienced bettor, there is not only one type of bonus accessible on online betting sites. Every bookie has different forms of promotional offers in its collection, ranging from really purposeless to super profitable ones. Melbet has:

  • 100% Welcome Offer
  • Multibet Bonus

MelBet Bonus Terms and Conditions

MelBet Bonus Terms and Conditions

Just like every promotional offer or event, the bonuses on the MelBet website have conditions that should be met in order to correctly profit from the offers. These terms and conditions are not very strict or difficult to understand; on the contrary, they are basic rules that nearly every betting platform establishes. We are mainly speaking of rules regarding time frames, countries, and minimum and maximum amounts, which are rules that are not especially strict. Let’s take a look at these conditions and briefly analyze them.

To claim any of the offers, you will first need to verify your account!

Minimum and Maximum Deposit

In order to avoid fraudulent activity and other types of dangerous behavior on the platform, MelBet established specific conditions that regulate the amount of money transferred to and from the website. These regulations may sometimes seem tough, but they were developed only for the good of the website and its customers. Imagine every member trying to withdraw a million. Sounds crazy. That is why we have to control the amount we invest and take out. 

At the moment, the minimum you may deposit into your account is 250 NGN, whereas the maximum is 100,000 NGN.

Countries That May Profit From Bonuses

MelBet is an online sports betting company that is not originally from Nigeria, as some may have thought. This organization was actually developed and launched in the United Kingdom in 2012. That is why we may call this betting website a multinational platform that, besides operating in the UK and Nigeria, also offers its services in a multitude of countries around the globe. Making a list of all of them would be totally absurd since the operating array covered by MelBet is really large. 

You may be sure that the bookie functions in numerous African countries like Kenya or Uganda and that all of the countries in which the sportsbook operates have access to promotional resources.

Wagering Requirements

Now that we have reached the end of the main conditions list, we may finally take a look at the wagering requirements. Speaking of bonuses, wagering requirements usually designate specific conditions that one’s wager should meet in order to profit from a particular bonus. This often causes problems, especially when bettors don’t read the bonus rules before placing their bets. As an example, we may take the “MultiBet Bonus” since it activates only when two conditions are respected:

  • The bet is a multi-one. 
  • There should be at least three events on the betslip.

These requirements are not too tough but still should be taken into account by the bettor before participating in any kind of activity using a bonus. 

How to Claim MelBet Bonuses

How to Claim MelBet Bonuses

There are multiple details regarding the procedure for obtaining any offer at MelBet that should be taken into account, which is why we decided to organize this information and develop a short guide. We suggest you take a look at it in case you don’t fully understand the process.

Welcome Package 50,000 NGN
Get Bonus


First, in order to claim your bonus and receive it, it will be necessary for you to create an account on the platform. Without having a personal profile on the site, you won’t be able to access your balance, place bets, or participate in any kind of contest, including the possibility of obtaining bonuses. A personal profile is the most important thing any bettor may possess since all their private data is stored in it. The registration process is very straightforward and is commonly done in no time, so you don’t have to worry about this step. It is quite simple.


The second part of the procedure is to invest funds in your balance. After successfully passing the registration process, the first thing you want to do before placing a bet is to replenish your account. This money may be used to place wagers on sports or participate in other events, but most importantly, it will allow you to claim your first bonus, the welcome one. Without adding any money to your personal balance, you will not be able to participate in any kind of betting activity on the platform since that’s the balance you take your cash from in order to bet. 

The minimum amount to invest in order to profit from the welcome bonus is 4500 NGN. 

Claiming the Bonus

Claiming your bonus is easier than ever; trust us. After registering on the platform and having invested your first funds, obtaining your bonus is the easiest and most rapid thing you can do. In order to claim it, you will only have to wait a little bit for it to transfer to your balance, then navigate to the “Offers” section and tap on “Sports.” That’s the tab where you can activate it. 

Description of MelBet Bonuses

Our plan today is to familiarize our readers with the different types of bonuses on the platform. Also, we would like to introduce you to the most important conditions and rules for accessing promotional offers. We suggest we dive into the subject and discover the promos available on MelBet Nigeria at the moment.

Welcome Bonus

After registration, MelBet bettors may have the chance to obtain a welcome bonus. This offer facilitates the integration on the website and permits newcomers to receive a beneficial amount of cash. However, obtaining this reward is possible only after performing a first deposit on the platform; without investing any funds, bettors cannot profit from this bonus. 

The welcome bonus is, without a doubt, a must-have for online sportsbooks; this type of bonus is one of the most profitable ones and permits the website to attract new clients. Bookies usually tend to make this bonus as profitable as possible so that new bettors may benefit the most from the website. It also welcomes newcomers to the platform in a positive way!

Terms and Conditions

The conditions of this offer are pretty simple.

First, you can only claim it once. Secondly, it can only be used within 30 days of claiming. And lastly, the added funds must be used on 5 multi-bets, with at least 3 events with odds 1,5 or higher in them. Only then will you be able to withdraw or otherwise use the funds.

How to Claim

  1. Navigate to the MelBet website.
  2. Register on the platform.
  3. Make a first deposit of at least 4500 NGN.
  4. Wait for your 100% bonus to transfer to your balance.
  5. Done

Multibet Bonus

Besides the welcome bonus, the company also managed to introduce other interesting promotions, and one of them is the Multibet Bonus. You are probably asking yourself, “What is it all about?” But don’t worry; we’ve got you. 

Actually, everything is pretty simple. If you place multibets on any kind of sport on the platform, including Live matches and eSports, you will be allowed to increase the odds of your bet if it wins.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The promotions follow a specific pattern of percentage increase, listed in the table below. 
  2. In case of postponement, cancellation, or any other mishap of a single event, it will be presented with the odds of 1.
Number of eventsOddsPercentage
3 events1,055%
4 events1,077%
5 events1,110%
6 events1,1515%
7 events1,220%
8 events1,2525%
9 events1,330%
10 events1,3535%

How to Claim

In order to participate in this offer, you will only be required to:

  1. Go to the MelBet website.
  2. Log into your account. 
  3. Place multibets of at least 2,230 NGN on three events, with the odds of 1,5 or higher. 
  4. Choose “Multibet Bonus” in your betslip.
  5. Done!

This bonus is highly recommended by local betting experts since it permits you to boost a bet and benefit from a high chance of a positive outcome. 

Tips and Tricks for MelBet Bonuses

Tips and Tricks for MelBet Bonuses

Wish to profit the maximum from the bonuses on the MelBet website? Then you’re in the right place. Our team of experts regularly takes part in betting activities in order to provide only fresh and accurate data to our readers. We also regularly check for new promotions on the Nigerian market and test them so that you don’t have to. This experience led us to develop a quick guide to tips and tricks concerning promotional offers. Let’s take a look at it and discover our recommendations.

  • Always read the bonus terms and conditions before agreeing to participate. Sometimes newcomers don’t take the time to properly examine the promotion they are signing up for and end up not understanding how it works or investing funds they didn’t plan to. It is important to know what offer you are agreeing to; don’t be lazy and spend a few minutes reading the rules.
  • Check the bonus section as often as you can. Every time you remember it, open the “Bonus” tab and have a look at the offers available at the moment. Maybe there’s the most beneficial offer in the world going on; who knows?
  • There is not only the welcome bonus! Most bettors are so focused on the welcome offer that they forget about other interesting bonus programs. Obviously, the welcome promotion is one of the most profitable, which is why it is so appreciated, but that’s not a reason to lose the chance of profiting from other cool bonuses.
  • Playing with bonuses is always more profitable than playing without them. That’s the reason we strongly recommend you profit to the maximum from the accessible offers.


Melbet Conclusion

By exploring the Nigerian MelBet website, we came to the conclusion that the platform has multiple different offers for its customers, and they are all, without a doubt, profitable. The bonuses displayed on the site provide sports bettors with a unique experience that is also very beneficial for them. Besides being excellent in general, they are also easily accessible to every member of the platform by simply navigating to the corresponding tab. The conditions to obtain the bonuses seemed quite convenient to us without causing unnecessary inconveniences. However, there was only one thing that deceived us: the number of offers at the moment. In the near future, we would enjoy seeing more bonuses since there are only three at the moment. In this Melbet review, we covered most of the data regarding the bonuses on the MelBet website, but if you wish to learn more, please check the FAQ below.


Is Melbet legit in Nigeria?

Yes, the sportsbook is legal and licensed.

What is the fastest withdrawal in Melbet?

Every payment option is approximately the same.

What is the lowest deposit for Melbet?

It is NGN 400.

How do I get a promo code for Melbet?

You may find promo codes online.

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