Bookmakers come in various shapes and sizes. Some are bigger than others, while certain platforms have a limited audience that prefers them over anything else. MelBet is an example of a large betting service: it has all the needed apps, an international presence, and offers many sports and casino options.

But the thing that matters most is the betting process itself. And in this article, we will cover everything related to how the process works at MelBet Nigeria. We will provide detailed guides and prediction tips, and we will answer simple and difficult questions alike. Enjoy reading our review!

Brief Overview of MelBet in Nigeria

MelBet is a well-known bookmaker in Nigeria, focused on international standards and expanded functionality. This advanced platform allows you to bet on sports and e-sports, play card games and slots, bet on bingo and Toto, and so on.

Platforma offers a well-thought-out bonus system, including a user-favorite promo code store. In this section, users exchange accumulated points for free bets and spins. You can top up your balance differently because the service works with all popular payment systems in Nigeria. The bookmaker’s assortment pleases with variety. You will even find exotic disciplines in the list of available options. In terms of the number of markets and types of bets, MelBet is in line with other leading platforms. You will find a detailed description of all functions in the MelBet bookmaker review.

How to Start Betting on MelBet

How to Start Betting on MelBet

Before you start wagering on the platform, there are a couple of steps you have to go through: you should join the platform and add some money to your account. Both procedures are pretty simple, with the registration only taking a couple of minutes of your time and the deposit being handled in an easily accessible manner. There are many options for transferring the funds.

Register on the Platform

If you want to know how to use MelBet, remember that registration is always the first step. Thankfully, there’s nothing complicated about it on MelBet Nigeria.

  1. Visit the website or navigate the app if you already have one.
  2. Hit “Registration.”
  3. Select a method.
  4. Input the needed information. It might vary depending on the method, with the “By email” one requiring you to enter a phone number, email address, location, and selected currency.
  5. Come up with a password and confirm it.
  6. Confirm your phone number or email.
  7. Tick the box agreeing to the T&C and stating that you’re of legal betting age.
  8. Press “Register.”
  9. All done.

Deposit Money

Between joining the platform and placing bets, there’s another additional step. It’s depositing some funds. Why? The answer is obvious: you should have some money if you want to play, even though various bonuses and promotions can make things a bit easier.

If you want to add money, just locate the “Make a Deposit” button on the top right part of the page. There are many ways to top up your account; the methods include:

  • Jeton Cash
  • Nigeria Instant Bank Payment
  • WebMoney
  • Perfect Money
  • Sticpay
  • Astropay
  • EcoPayz
  • Neteller
  • Various cryptocurrencies

How to Check the Betslip on Melbet

How to Check the Betslip on Melbet

If you want to make a MelBet betslip check, then just open it. You can find the slip on the right part of the website as a small block if you’re accessing MelBet from a desktop.

How to Load the Booking Code on MelBet

How to Load the Booking Code on MelBet

The MelBet booking code allows you to use a combination of digits and letters to open the betslip you saved before. It might be a single-bet one or include different combinations. To do so, complete these steps.

  1. Go to MelBet.
  2. Open the slip; you can find it on the right side of the screen on the desktop version.
  3. Click or tap on the “Save/Load Events” button.
  4. Input the code and hit “Load.”

How to Place Simple Bets on MelBet

How to Place Simple Bets on MelBet

Since the betting aspect is the central part of every bookmaker, the idea is to balance functionality and intuitiveness. The easier it is, the more attracted the punters will be to that platform. Thankfully, in Melbet, Kenya, everything is effortless.

How to Add Bets Into the Slip?

Simply go through the steps that we will describe later in the “How to Place a Bet?” section. After clicking or tapping on the odds of your favorite event, you will see it appear on the platform’s betslip. You can add more events, essentially creating a multiple bet.

How to Delete Predictions?

If you added a wrong prediction to the betslip by mistake or just changed your mind, then nothing stops you from deleting it, as long as you didn’t place it already. To do so, simply locate the “Delete” button in the betslip next to your selection and click or tap it. The button looks like a gray “X.”

How to Calculate Your Winnings

The website will show your possible winnings if you visit the betslip. The way it calculates the payout is simple. In the case of single bets, you can basically multiply your stake by the odds, and that will be the amount. Things get more complicated with multiple bets but are still relatively straightforward.

How to Place a Bet?

And now, let’s get to the betting process itself. We already described other procedures, such as registering and depositing. We also mentioned the ways to check the betslip and calculate your possible winnings.

Visit the Website

This is an obvious step for punters who want to place wagers on the platform. You can either visit the website from a desktop or mobile device or run an application. All methods will suffice since they offer similar functionality.

Select the Sport

MelBet offers plenty of disciplines to wager on, ranging from popular choices like football and basketball to less obvious sports like darts and chess. Simply select one from the list on the left (if you’re using a desktop version) and click on it.

Find the Event and Betting Market

There are plenty of games you can choose from. Although, of course, the variety depends on the sport and its popularity. The same is true for betting options: there are many markets to try your luck with, and you won’t be limited just to over/unders, moneylines, and handicaps. The offers include Correct Score, Both Teams to Score, Total Even, and others.

Load It Into the Betslip

Click or tap on the odds of the betting market and see it appear on the betslip on the right. You can enter the stake and check your possible winnings. Alternatively, you can add more selections into the betslip, making your wager multiple.

Place a Bet

If you enter your stake and are done with picking the selections, you can simply hit the “Place a Bet” button and enjoy the show!

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How to Make a Combination Bet

Melbet How to Make a Combination Bet

MelBet provides options for placing multiple bets, as well as combination wagers. The latter differs from regular multiples by the fact that they don’t require all of the selections to win. MelBet calls such wagers “System Bets,” and there are various types of them, depending on how many selections you have. In the following paragraphs, we will include the steps you have to take in order to place a system wager.

Go to MelBet and Log in

Navigate to the website or run the app. Log in if you aren’t.

Select a Sport to Wager on

Check the list of available games. It’s sufficiently long to meet the needs of even the most demanding players: you can bet on football, basketball, chess, bicycle racing, golf, and many other disciplines.

Select an Event and Market

There are many betting options for different sports. There are plenty of events as well. Pick the ones you like and click or tap on the odds.

Add the Selections to Your Betslip

After you pick your options and click or tap on the odds, you will see the selection appear on the betslip. Now it’s time to add more if you really want to go the system bet route. After you add at least three, you can click on the wager type on the betslip and select your preferred kind of bet. The options include singles, accumulators, and various versions of system ones.

Enter the Stake and Place a Bet

Type in the amount you’re planning to wager, check the possible payments and hit “Place a Bet” if you’re happy with the situation. You can now enjoy the games and wait for the results.

What Do You Have to Know Before Betting

Melbet What Do You Have to Know Before Betting

There are things you’d better get familiar with if you want to start wagering on the platform. Let’s check some of them out.

How to Select a Sport for Wagering on MelBet

There’s nothing difficult about finding the sport to bet on the platform. There are many options, and the majority of them have plenty of events available. So just follow your preferences. If you don’t know about any events you’re already interested in, just go with the sports you’re best familiar with.

Multiple Bet

If you don’t want to place a single bet on the platform, then there’s a riskier but more interesting option: a multiple wager. Sometimes also called accumulators, they allow you to place bets on several different selections. The more you have, the larger the winning will be. But the bet is void if even one of the selections ends up being lost.

What’s the Minimum Bet?

Melbet What’s the Minimum Bet?

Usually, the platforms have betting limits in place. MelBet isn’t an exception, so in the paragraphs below, we will take a look at both upper and lower limits for your stake.

Minimum Amount

The minimum sum is currently around 170 NGN, which is quite low, making betting on the platform very accessible even for punters without large amounts of money.

Maximum Amount

The website doesn’t specify a maximum stake but mentions that it exists and differs depending on the event. We can only assume that the sum is quite large.

Main Rules, Codes, and Meanings

Melbet Main Rules, Codes, and Meanings

Of course, before you start wagering on the platform, you’d better get familiar with the website’s rules and T&C. The rules are pretty much standard and won’t surprise you if you have any experience with other betting platforms. Nevertheless, let’s outline some of the most important ones:

  • Provide only correct information about yourself.
  • Be of legal betting age.
  • Be ready to confirm any information.
  • Don’t bet on events that you can influence directly.

As you can see, you are unlikely to run into any issues by following these simple rules, but we still decided to mention them. Another thing we would recommend to get familiar with is the betting markets. Their names aren’t abbreviated, but some might be confusing, so let’s take a look at the most common ones:

  • 1×2. Also called moneylines. You just have to guess which team will win the game or if there will be a draw.
  • Over 2.5. A total number of goals by both teams must exceed 2.5 for the bet to win.
  • Under 3.5. The total number of goals by both teams shouldn’t go beyond 3.5.
  • Total Even. The total score of the game has to be an even number.
  • Next Goal. Bet on which team will score the next one. The option mainly works for live wagering.

Useful Prediction Tips. How to Make Bets and Win

Melbet Useful Prediction Tips. How to Make Bets and Win

Betting might be luck-based, but without certain skills and knowledge, you won’t go far. Sometimes, you might think that you’re stagnating and not getting better at wagering. Or maybe you generally lose more often than you’d like. Thankfully, some recommendations can help. Check them out.

  • Learn more about how betting works. Understand the main markets for most popular sports, types of bets, and how odds are calculated. Get familiar with extra features like 
  • Research the sport you’re betting on. Games have different rules and histories; learn more about them. Keep up with the recent events since the situation can change drastically from one season to another.
  • Avoid multiple bets unless you’re experienced, or they’re low-risk ones. Single bets will always be safer than multiple ones, but you can compensate for the risks of multiples by placing them on low-odd events with high chances of winning. Nevertheless, we recommend sticking to single ones before you know what you’re doing.
  • Avoid high-odds markets. The higher they are, the less likely the market is to win. Sticking to low and mid odds for your betting strategy can prove to be beneficial in the long run.
  • Use analytic tools. The year is 2023, and there’s a lot of analytical and statistical data that you can easily find online or with the help of some tools. That can help you get a clearer picture of your chances of winning.

Additional Betting Tips

Melbet Additional Betting Tips

While the recommendations from the previous section covered the betting process and sports aspects themselves, some things are more related to how disciplined you are. Let’s check them out as well.

  • Follow the experts. Listening to professionals is beneficial in many activities, and betting isn’t an exception. Many experts share their knowledge online, and you can also follow the countless online discussions of various levels of quality. They might not be as useful as the professionals but still can help make a clearer picture.
  • Learn to use your finances. Betting involves money and often more than you initially expected. Learn bankroll management and how to control your spending.
  • Avoid gambling addiction. The issue is real and affects many players and gamblers alike. Read about its symptoms and keep your eye on some unhealthy behaviors developing. If something goes wrong, cease betting activity and seek professional help.
  • Track your betting history. Analyzing your mistakes and successes is the quickest and surest way to improve. Regularly take a closer look at your wagering activity and find points to improve. As a bonus, this will also help you with bankroll management.

And, of course, our article won’t be complete without covering some sports-specific tips. That’s exactly what we’re planning to do in the next few paragraphs, providing tips on how to get better at football and basketball.

How to Bet on Football

Football is widely played across the whole world, and logically it’s also the most popular game for betting. Every bookmaker offers it because why wouldn’t they? It attracts audiences, is a simple sport, and there are many possible wagering markets that you can use.

So how exactly do you get better at football wagering? Here are some tips:

  • Get more familiar with the teams playing. Football involves two teams exchanging goals, so it’s better to know each of them better. The lineups change regularly; the players get injured, so keeping up with the recent events will greatly help.
  • Watch the recent games. The teams’ styles can change before you know it. Football is highly watchable, immersive, and enjoyable, so you’ll be missing out on the obvious way to get familiar with the game.
  • Research similar games of the past. Due to football’s popularity, there’s plenty of information about various matches, ranging from small local games to actively viewed ones. You can easily find videos of reasonably serious matches of the last few decades, and even if you struggle to find them, there will be detailed descriptions.
  • Listen to the experts and public opinion. People talk about football everywhere, and there are plenty of professional bettors that focus on that sport. Moreover, there are always active discussions. All of that can help you shape your opinion about the results of the upcoming game.


Basketball might not reach the levels of popularity achieved by football, but this game is a common choice among millions of viewers and bettors. Basketball has a wide audience and relatively simple rules. Contrary to football, it isn’t season-dependent, so you won’t have issues finding active events anytime. Let’s outline some of the tips that can help you get better at basketball wagering.

  • Learn the rules. They aren’t difficult, but basketball isn’t as widespread as football if we don’t count the residents of the US. This means that the rules might not be well-known to you without getting more familiar with the sport since you probably didn’t play the game as a kid.
  • Follow the form of the players. Basketball might be a team-based sport, but an individual player can have a huge role in the game. Arguably, much bigger than in football. So we recommend knowing what to expect from players and checking whether they’re on top of their form.


MelBet Conclusion

MelBet is a website that aims to do everything a punter might want. But betting will always be the main aspect. So, explaining how it works on the platform was the target of this article of ours.

We covered nearly everything that you can find important and interesting about placing bets on this bookmaker, from the main ways to bet and existing markets to the rules that govern the process. We also listed some useful prediction tips, both general and specific. We also explained how to do some simple things, such as removing your bet, selecting a sport, or placing multiple wagers.

We can conclude that MelBet Nigeria offers plenty of features that the majority of punters will enjoy. There’s nearly everything that a bettor might want: plenty of sports, markets, and events, as well as various types of wagers and rules that are easy to follow. The bookmaker sticks to an intuitive interface, so the processes of registration, depositing, and betting are as straightforward as they could possibly get.

While we consider the betting part the most crucial aspect of any bookmaker’s functionality, there are other important things to consider that would be impossible to ignore. If you’re interested in more things that MelBet can offer, check out our other articles covering the functionality of the platform. For example, you can start with the main MelBet review.

What is a booking code?

A MelBet booking code is a combination of digits and numbers that you can save or load into the betslip to get the selections you have already made before. If you manage to book a code, then you can easily load it later.

Where can you find a booking code at Melbet?

You can only make it yourself. Just book a bet and save the code.

Can Melbet be used in Nigeria?

Yes, the website has an official presence in the country.

What is the minimum stake at Melbet?

The smallest sum that you can stake on MelBet Nigeria is 170 NGN.

How do I get free bets on Melbet?

You can do so by using additional bonuses and promos; check them out if there’s such an option available.

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