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Playing on 22Bet is one of many joys available for Nigerian bettors. The platform provides full access to its world’s major competitions, many markets, and bet types. Besides, the platform contains a special section with gambling entertainment for lovers of such games as slots, cards, and others.

However, despite the perks this bookmaker offers, many players prefer to terminate their relations with this platform. Therefore, to finalize this, punters must delete their accounts. In this article written by our professional editorial team, we will explain to you how to do this and why it is necessary.

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Brief Review of the 22Bet Registration Process

Brief Review of the 22Bet Registration Process

The 22Bet platform provides users from Nigeria with a fast and easy registration process. The bookmaker will offer its users two variants of how they can sign up:

  • by phone
  • full registration.

Both options are very convenient and take several minutes at maximum. Punters must select the method and provide their personal and contact details, create a password, and verify their phone numbers and email addresses. If you wish to receive full instructions, check our article on 22Bet registration, where we explain and show you how to sign up without any problems.

Understanding the Need for 22Bet Account Delete

Understanding the Need for 22Bet Account Delete

Based on our experience and extensive betting history, the removal of a betting account seems necessary due to different reasons. In the most common cases, punters who stop using their 22Bet account come to a realization that they do not plan to continue to play on the platform and should delete it. But they might not know how to do it, and in such cases, the live support may not be very helpful.

Why Should You Delete Your 22Bet Account?

So, why is it a better solution to get rid of your account instead of simply forgetting about its existence? First of all, note that if your profile stays inactive for 3 months, the bookmaker will automatically terminate it.

Our team has collected the top reasons punters prefer to close their 22Bet accounts. Here is the list of what we found:

  1. Possible growing betting addiction. One of the reasons can be health issues. Betting is a sport that requires a cold mind, analysis, and patience. However, it is quite addictive. That is why, to exclude any possibility of betting, a player can remove their active account and never get a break.
  2. Dissatisfaction with some platform services and opportunities. 22bet is an excellent portal with tons of entertainment. But some players might find it not good enough due to a lack of particular games or not enough payment methods and other options.
  3. Switching to a new betting online portal. Simple boredom can be one of the reasons a user decides to quit 22Bet. When players wish to try something new and run away from routine, they will try to seek new excitement on other betting portals.
  4. Financial reasons. If you decide to turn on a savings mode or face other financial difficulties, it is a reasonable move to close your gaming account and abort your betting activity.

We do not know all the reasons punters may have to terminate the usage of their accounts, but we are sure that you definitely should delete it if you do not plan to use it. And there are some reasons for this:

  • to avoid any fraud
  • to exclude an opportunity to expose your payment and private data to the third party
  • to block the possibility of the punter’s return to a platform.

The reasons are different, and all seem convincing to get rid of the account. Let’s look at the procedure of how you can do it. 

A Detailed Guide on How to Delete Your 22Bet Account

A Detailed Guide on How to Delete Your 22Bet Account

If you decide to delete your 22Bet account, do not think that it will be a long and challenging task. So, how to delete the 22Bet account? Normally, the process can take from 24 hours to 90 days. It depends on the option you prefer to use.

  1. Enter Your Account. Visit the 22Bet platform and log into your account. 
  2. Access Profile Settings. Go to your profile and visit the settings. Check if you have withdrawn all the funds from your account.
  3. Start the 22Bet Account Removal Procedure. Visit the support section and start writing an email with the theme: “Request to delete my 22Bet account”. Provide full information and the reasons you decided to stop using the 22Bet services.
  4. Leave a Review (Optional). You can also leave a few comments about the bookie, providing your positive, neutral, or even negative opinion. However, that is not necessary, and our team does not recommend spending time.
  5. Confirm the Removal. Once your message is ready, send an email and wait for the approval. As a rule, your account will be deleted within 24 hours.
  6. Final Approval. Wait for a reply from the support team. Sure, you can send a request to the bookmaker’s live chat. However, the answer will be that to terminate your account, they would need up to three months. And it is a very long period for many users. Therefore, email is the fastest and most convenient way to close your account.
  7. Completion of Account Removal. After the confirmation letter from the 22Bet team is delivered, you can be sure that your profile is finally deleted.


22Bet Conclusion

Summing up our sufficient review, we need to underline some basic ideas. Here is what can help you to achieve the result faster and more simply:

  • Use the 22Bet email address to terminate your account via email
  • Check if you received all your money from the 22Bet account before you start
  • Do not apply to a live chat because it is useless.

Sure, if you are ready to wait, you can simply stop using your 22Bet profile for 90 days, and it will be suspended automatically.

Can you delete your 22Bet account?

If you need to get rid of your 22Bet account, it is possible to delete it. You can send a letter with this request to a support team and wait 24 hours for this to happen.

How do I cancel my 22Bet account?

You can either stop using it for three months, and it will be deactivated automatically, or write a letter to customer care.

How do I recover my 22Bet account?

If you decide to renew your betting on the 22Bet platform, send your request to custom support. Wait for the reply and follow the instructions from the letter.

Is 22Bet available in Nigeria?

This bookmaker is totally available in Nigeria. Although it does not have a license from a local regulator, it still has a reputable document from the Curacao government allowing it to accept Nigerian punters.

Can you delete a bet?

If it is not settled yet, you can easily remove it from your bet slip. But once it is set, the only option you can use is a cashout. It can return you some of the staked money but not all of it.

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