How to Place Bet on 22Bet?

When looking for a legitimate place to bet on sports, the 22Bet platform should definitely be among your options. It is a proven bookmaker of international origin that provides multiple sports, games, and bonuses. Punters can access it from Nigeria and bet on Naira. The bookmaker’s website functions seven days a week, 24 hours daily.

My article is devoted mainly to newbies. However, professionals who have never tried playing on 22Bet can also find many interesting explanations and descriptions here that can boost their wish to try this bookmaker.

Welcome Bonus 50,000 NGN

Short 22Bet Company Review in Nigeria

Short 22Bet Company Review in Nigeria

The company works under an international license. However, it also has a local Nigerian one, so punters can easily trust it and wager on various events without any fear that their data or funds can be stolen.

The 22Bet bookmaker has every tool for pleasant betting. All that is left for you is to choose your predictions. However, if you wish to know more about the brand and its specifics, try reading my newest 22Bet review, where I observe each feature and aspect of this bookie.

How to Start Placing Bets on 22Bet 

How to Start Placing Bets on 22Bet 

If you plan to bet here, the first thing you must do is sign up. This procedure is available on mobile devices and standard bookie’s website. Never miss an opportunity to register beneficially, though, and I mean a welcome offer, of course. 

On the Website

One of the easiest ways to join 22Bet and create an account is a PC or a laptop where you can open a full-sized betting website and conveniently follow my instructions to sign up. 

#1 Step: Submit Your Data

Once you are on the 22Bet website, click on the “Registration” button. You will see a new window with a form you need to fill in with your information. First of all, you need to select whether you would like to register by phone, pass the full registration, or sign up via social media platforms.

#2 Step: Indicate Your Contacts

Once you made up your mind, provide the data required by the bookmaker and indicate it in the corresponding boxes.

#3 Step: Verify Your Account

Confirm your action by verifying your phone number. To do that, you should wait for a special code the bookmaker sends to your phone. Fill it into the field and approve your action. You will be registered in a matter of seconds.

In the App

Registration on your portable device is no different from the one I previously described. You should choose one of the available options and gradually accomplish all the steps. 

#1 Step: Use Your Smartphone

Take your device and access the 22Bet website via an app or a mobile browser. Look for a “Sign Up” button and tap on it.

#2 Step: Provide Your Information

Select one of the options a bookmaker offers for verification and start indicating your data.

#3 Step: Accomplish the Registration

Once you are done, insert the code a bookmaker will send to your phone or email and confirm your account, 

How to Add Your Predictions to the Bet Slip

After you accomplish the registration process, the next step is to fund your balance. Do not forget to observe all the fees the bookmaker has for deposits. When you see your money on balance, it is time to make your first bet. The whole process is quite engaging if you know what to do. Therefore, I decided to explain to you how to make a better stake.

How to Delete Predictions

Until your bets are confirmed, you still can cancel one or two, or even all of them. Navigate to your bet slip and to one of the predictions you wish to delete. You will see a “Cross” sign. Click on it to remove this selection. Everything is easy and very intuitive.

How to Calculate Your Winnings and Coefficients

When making your selections, it is difficult for newbies to calculate their odds and the amount of a bet they placed. Do not worry; the bookmaker already thought about it. Once all of your predictions are added to the bet slip, you indicate the amount you wish to wager, and the bookmaker will calculate your winnings automatically.

How to Place Combined Bets

22Bet How to Place Combined Bets

Punters can make single and combo bets on the platform. If you have no problems placing single bets, you definitely have some problems with the combo bets.

img card

How to Place Combined Bets 22Bet

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Visit the Sports Section

Go to the official 22Bet website and visit the sports section, which contains many games and events. Choose which one you like to bet on.

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Observe the Odds

Odds or coefficients are a vital part of the process. By placing a combo bet, you can significantly raise your chances of a win.

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Place Your Bet

Make your selections on the most possible outcome and click on them to add to your bet slip. Once you do it, indicate the amount. Confirm your stake and wait for results.

What You Need to Know Before Placing a Bet

22Bet What You Need to Know Before Placing a Bet

Before you start betting on the 22Bet resource, you should have an active verified account and enough money on your balance. Otherwise, all you can do is observe the contents of the bookmaker without any chance of making a prediction.

Do not forget to confirm your phone number or email address so you won’t have trouble trying to withdraw your winnings in the future. Pay attention to the minimum amount of bet you can make. To my knowledge, that is all you need to do to start betting conveniently on 22Bet.

How to Choose Sports for Betting on 22Bet

The 22Bet sportsbook is very rich with events. Nigerians like football, tennis, cricket and other popular sports. I know for sure even the most picky punters can find what he or she likes. Simply visit the sports section and dive into the world of betting. The type of stakes you can place is another significant part of the wagering process.

Multiple Bet

This is a very tricky bet. You can build it from 2 to more predictions on various gaming outcomes. Usually, professionals prefer to place them because they help to raise the total odds and bring them a bigger win. I need to warn the beginners that this type of stake requires a thorough analysis or a better strategy. Otherwise, it is easy to lose all your money.

You can use the algorithm I provided you with earlier in the article. But instead of one market and prediction for one outcome, you can make several more. All of them should be accurate because if even one of them fails, the whole bet is considered lost.

Single Bet

This type of stake is the basic one. Beginners can easily place it. Sure, you also should do your examination of the match to make correct predictions. But it is easier to make, and you can place as many as you like based on the bookmaker’s rules and requirements.

How to Upload a Booking Code on 22Bet

One of the greatest options 22Bet can offer you is a “Book a bet” feature. It allows you to build a bet and save it for future matches. Saving it means that you will get a code to use later. When opening a bet slip, you can notice an empty field saying “Booking code.” Copy and paste the 22Bet betslip booking code you previously obtained, and you will see the whole bet displayed on your bet slip. If you decide to confirm it, click on the confirmation button to make your final decision.

How to Check Bet Slip on 22Bet

When a match is over, where can you check the results and see if your stake won? Log into your profile to find out. Spoiler! If your bet was successful, you will see an increased balance; if not, it will be the same. If you still have trouble finding a place to see the results, go to your account and check the “Bet History.”

What Is the Minimum Stake Amount?

Every bookmaker states the limits for your bet amounts. 22Bet also has these rules. I discovered that the minimum stake on the platform is 100 NGN, which is, to be honest, quite a lot if compared to other local bookmakers.

Useful Recommendations: How to Make Successful Bets to Win

22Bet Useful Recommendations: How to Make Successful Bets to Win

I usually share my own experience, which is sufficient, but this time, I decided to interview some professionals and retrieve what they know about successful betting. Here is the list of tips I gladly share with you:

  1. Live betting is all it takes. It is fun and easy to make predictions while the game is in progress. However, this option might not be for you if you are one of those punters who do not like spending their time watching the whole match.
  2. Prediction websites are worth a try. Sometimes, you can back up your own analysis with the prognosis made on a prediction website. Such an option is very helpful when you do not have enough time to make your own examination of the situation.
  3. Handicap should be your favorite market. It is one of many markets that allow punters to juggle the scores, equal the weaker team, and have more freedom in making predictions. 

Additional Instructions on Sports Betting

22Bet Additional Instructions on Sports Betting

Different types of sports involve different options. It mostly concerns the availability of the various betting markets. However, you should not forget about the wagering requirements in case you wish to claim a bonus and try to withdraw the reward. It is never possible without some wagering stated in the offer. 

How to Make Football Stakes

If we talk about football betting, I can say that it is the most sought-after sport Nigerians like to bet on. The opportunities, I mean, the number of markets and the range of odds it offers are really extensive. The procedure stays the same. However, the number of combinations of how you can build a stake can vary.

Enter your account and visit the football section. Choose a game and see what it has to offer. Here, you can see all the major matches and competitions. Build a single or an accumulator bet, participate in promotions, and wait for your winnings. 


22Bet Conclusion

This detailed review of the 22Bet platform revealed some of the useful material newbies may appreciate. The bookmaker sportsbook contains all the top wanted events and is available seven days a week without any breaks. You can wager on 22Bet with profit if you know how to make a winning stake. All the tools are at your disposal – so it is a quality bookmaker with excellent services and opportunities for Nigerian bettors.

How do I place the right bet?

Many factors influence the way a successful bet can be built and placed. However, it is not an easy task to provide simple solutions. Grab some tips from the article to make an accurate prediction.

What is the minimum payout for 22bet in Nigeria?

The lowest payout sum on 22Bet is 550 Nairas, according to the latest information.

How do I load a ticket on 22Bet?

Since it is possible to create a bet but confirm it later, every user who wishes to try this option will be given a booking code. It is a digit-letter combination that you need to copy when you decide to use it. Then, look at your bet slip, see the empty field at its upper part, and paste your code into it. Click on the “Load,” and you will see your previously constructed stake.

How do I place a win and place a bet?

When you win anything, these funds will be automatically credited to your account. It is up to you whether to stake them again or withdraw. Choose your games, add your selections, and indicate the bet sum. Confirm your decision, and the money will be deducted from your balance.

How do I add bets to Betslip?

While picking an outcome, you need to click on the odds of the result you select. It will appear on your betting slip.

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