Of course, you joined a bookmaker for betting or gambling purposes. These things are what you want to do. But between registration and wagering, there is another important step that you can’t avoid. And it’s the procedure of depositing. Betting involves money, and even though free bets and a variety of bonuses exist, they still usually require having some money on your balance.

The aim of our text is to cover the existing deposit options on MelBet, an international betting and gambling platform that’s full of features. The website offers its services in many countries across the globe, including Nigeria, and this market is exactly the one we will focus on. In our review, we will cover how to top up the account, look at offered MelBet deposit methods, possible issues, and things to expect. Let’s go!

Introductory Information about MelBet Company

MelBet is one of the top platforms on the Nigerian market due to its high level of service and timely integration of various functions. Additionally, users appreciate the bonus offer. In addition to the registration bonus for the sportsbook, bettors can choose a welcome package for the casino or receive free bets or cashback.

The range of disciplines for betting is also excellent. Among the options presented, you will find a variety of sports: from football to squash. The platform provides all significant markets and bet types, and you can easily switch the odds type in the menu. The interface is convenient, and navigation on the site is intuitive, so if you have ever used a betting service, you will easily figure it out. If you want to read a detailed description of the service, check MelBet sportsbook review. And we will move on to consider the issue of deposits.

Terms and Conditions of Topping up an Account

Terms and Conditions of Topping up an Account

Dealing with money is always important, so betting companies strictly regulate everything related to your finances. They put certain limits and restrictions in place while also using additional things, such as the verification procedure. In the following few small sections, we will describe those things in greater detail.

MelBet Deposit Limits

As we said, putting limits on how much you can move onto the platform is a normal practice among betting platforms. MelBet isn’t an exception; the minimum sum you can deposit is 250 NGN. But that depends on the method; some might have it set to be much larger. For example, for Skrill, it’s around 950 NGN. The platform doesn’t specify a maximum amount, but at least you know the minimum.

MelBet Commissions

MelBet doesn’t charge you any fees for deposits. The same is true for withdrawals. And that’s pretty great, meaning that you don’t have to worry about additional charges.

Deposit Times

The time it takes for the funds to appear in your account depends on the method you use. The platform claims that processing for all methods is instant. This seems to be true, although one shouldn’t be surprised if any method takes longer than expected.


The platform uses a validation procedure. This practice is normal among other bookmakers, so nothing is surprising about it. It usually involves proving your identity by sending documents that confirm it.

Usually, there are two stages. During the first one, you have to confirm only your identity. This is done by sending any document that has both your photo and name, so an ID, international passport, or driver’s license should suffice.

The second part involves proving your residence. Many documents can be used for such purposes, with the most common being a utility bill or bank statement that has your address.

How to Deposit at MelBet

How to Deposit at MelBet

Of course, if you’re reading this article, then you likely want to learn how to move money into your account’s balance. After all, it’s the main focus of our article. The next paragraphs will include detailed tutorials on how you can do so on MelBet Nigeria by using the desktop version and app.

How to Top Up the Balance on the Website

The website is the main way to access the service. Everything is pretty much intuitive; let’s get to the steps.

  1. Visit MelBet.
  2. Log in if you haven’t already.
  3. Click on “Make a Deposit” in the top right corner of the screen.
  4. You will see a list of offered options.
  5. Pick one.
  6. Follow the instructions; they might differ depending on the method.
  7. Confirm your payment.
  8. And all done!
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How to Add Money via the App

If you prefer mobile options, then MelBet offers several ways to access it from the comfort of your phone. The platform features applications for iOS and Android. There’s also the mobile of the website. All three feature similar interfaces and offer all the features for comfortable betting and gambling experience. And this includes transferring the funds. Let’s check out what you have to do.

  1. Run the app.
  2. Sign in if you aren’t.
  3. Tap on your account button.
  4. Go to the “Make a Deposit” option.
  5. Pick a payment method from the list of offered ones.
  6. Tap on it.
  7. Enter the needed information and follow the instructions.
  8. Now, you can wait for the money to reflect in your account.

Ways to Move Funds into MelBet Nigeria

Ways to Move Funds into MelBet Nigeria

We have already explained how you can deposit money on mobile apps or a desktop website. Now it’s time to check the existing MelBet deposit options. Let’s check out how to use every method offered.

Via Bank Terminal

You can move money into your bank account by using Neteller bank terminals. The system is quite widespread across the country, and chances are you already have some experience with it.

Via Bank Card

You can use Visa cards to transfer funds into your MelBet account. It seems that the card of any Nigerian bank will suffice, but double-check this information and contact customer care when in doubt.

Via Bank Account

The platform allows you to top up your account with the direct bank transfer option. You can do so on MelBet. The platform claims that the method must be instant, but often direct bank transfers are the slowest option out there, so things might take a little longer. You have to confirm your phone number and go through verification procedures before using this method.


MTN is a popular mobile service provider in African countries. It works in Nigeria as well. It also works as a payment system in the country. But unfortunately, you cannot use the service to transfer funds into your MelBet account. It is a bit surprising, so we hope to see the feature in the future.


Unfortunately, this service doesn’t seem to be available for Nigerian punters. That’s a bit of sad news since the method is quite useful.


Surprisingly, MelBet doesn’t support QuickTeller, a popular banking system in Nigeria.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that MelBet Nigeria allows you to deposit funds using any USSD code. The only way to move money to your bank account is by clicking on the “Nigeria Instant Bank Payment” method.

e-Wallets and Payment Systems

The platform offers several e-wallets and payment systems you can use for depositing. The list of them includes Sticpay, Jeton Cash, Skrill, and AirTM, among many others. They process the transactions in an instant manner, and all of them are pretty solid choices. So just pick one that you find most convenient for your needs.


MelBet offers versatile cryptocurrency-related options, making it stand out among the competition. The list of supported tokens is quite massive; it includes very popular solutions, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin, as well as less obvious options, such as TRON, XRP, and Verge.

It’s worth noting that the legal status of crypto in Nigeria is pretty much a gray area. There’s no direct ban, but it isn’t recognized either. If you don’t have much experience with crypto, then we recommend reading the guides on how to use or switch to other methods. Otherwise, there’s nothing much difficult about such a process on the platform: pick the coin you like to deposit into, get an address, and send tokens into it.

MelBet: How to Control Funds

MelBet: How to Control Funds

And now, let’s dig deeper into ways how you can control financial information and another thing on your account. As we already described how to move funds and what services you can use, let’s look at the things on the website’s side.

How to Change Your Bank Account on MelBet

It doesn’t seem that you have to change your bank account information on the platform. You enter all of the important info during the depositing process after picking a needed method.

How to Transfer Money from One Account to Another

Sometimes, users might want to move money from one account to another. This can help in sharing finances between friends, and some platforms definitely provide such an option. Unfortunately, MelBet isn’t one of them. We can only hope that the ability to send funds between different users will become available in the future.

Deposit Issues and How to Deal With Them

Melbet: Deposit Issues and How to Deal With Them

Depositing involves many sides: the user, betting service, and payment system. Expecting that everything will be perfect across the whole procedure is normal, but you might still run into a problem. The majority of them are quite common, and you can fix them without any difficulty.

  • The process takes too long. As we mentioned in the “Deposit Time” sections, it all varies depending on the method, even though the platforms claim all of them to be nearly instant. If things are slower than what is mentioned for the method, then there’s likely a reason for that. Just wait it out; this usually solves the problem.
  • The transaction is canceled. Sometimes, it just doesn’t go through. Usually, there’s nothing you can do about it apart from contacting customer care of either the platform or payment system and trying again. Processing errors usually happen on the website or payment solution’s side.
  • Your financial information is incorrect. If something indicates that you didn’t input the correct information, then you have to double-check if everything is correct and type it again, thus solving the problem.
  • The platform doesn’t support your preferred payment method. In this case, there’s nothing to do. It’s just how things work, so we can’t technically call it an error. You can always hope that support for your method will appear in the future and even leave feedback regarding that, but that’s all. Fortunately, MelBet already supports plenty of methods, so the chance of such an issue for a Nigerian punter isn’t high.
  • You don’t have sufficient funds. There are various minimum limits in place. They’re usually quite low, with the smallest being around 250 NGN, but they vary depending on the method. Ensure you have enough money in your payment system’s account. Otherwise, there might be a problem.

MelBet Customer Support

MelBet Customer Support

We covered possible issues, but sometimes it’s difficult to solve them on your own. In other cases, the assistance will be mandatory. There are also times when you just need to have an answer to a simple question.

The table below provides how you can contact customer support service on the platform.


Alternatively, you can also leave your email and wait for the customer care workers to contact you. The answer might take longer than you would expect, 


Melbet: Conclusion

Having the ability to transfer funds into your account at any bookmaker is a crucial aspect of online betting. The platforms utilize them in various ways, mainly based on how large the website is and its international presence. The last point is quite crucial since the options might not be similar on the same platform for different countries.

This text focuses on MelBet Nigeria and its deposit options. We checked how to use them on mobile and desktop and covered each solution in detail. We also described the things you could do with your account and the rules and limitations. Overall, we can conclude that MelBet provides plenty of options that will meet the demands of the majority of Nigerian punters. Everything is easy to access; all of the methods are instant; the issues are rare, and the platform even offers cryptocurrency options. However, their legal status in the country is still unclear. Yes, we described those as well.

So, the deposit aspect is pretty good. And what about others? If you’re interested in the platform, want to find out more about it, or just joined and have questions, you might check out our other articles that describe the different features of the bookmaker. But we recommend starting with the main MelBet Nigeria review.

What is the lowest deposit for Melbet?

The minimum sum you can deposit by using MelBet Nigeria varies depending on the method. But 250 NGN seems to be the lowest one.

What is a deposit limit bet?

The website doesn’t specify a maximum deposit amount. We can only guess that the sum is rather large.

How do I recharge my bet account?

The platform offers different methods, including Neteller, bank transfers, several payment systems, and cryptocurrencies. If you want to move the funds, then the steps include logging into your account, hitting the “Make a Deposit” button, and selecting a payment method.

How do I deposit money into Melbet in Nigeria?

There are several methods that the platform offers. You can use any of them from the mobile app or a desktop website.

What is the Paybill number for Melbet?

There’s no paybill number or code to input since the website handles all difficulties related to the deposit process on its own. You only have to enter some information during the procedure.

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