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The 1xBet bookmaker is not only a great place to bet and gamble, but it is also a company that offers its Nigerian punters an exclusive affiliate program. Players can promote the company’s services via all legal methods. And 1xBet will supply them with ready tools. If you have ever thought about extra coins, then 1xBet might be a great opportunity without investments and complex tasks. To find out how profitable it can be, read our review and start not only enjoying the games but gaining more cash.

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1xBet in Nigeria – Brief Overview

1xBet is one of the top bookmakers in Nigeria. This is an international platform that began its activities in 2007 and gained many fans around the world very quickly. The platform constantly evolves and is often ahead of competitors by integrating new options. Today, 1xBet offers betting on sports, eSports, casinos, and various games. You will find a detailed description of the service’s functionality in 1xBet review. In this article, we will briefly describe the main characteristics of the bookmaker.

Users can access online broadcasts of sporting events, full and partial cashout options, a bet builder, and a comprehensive bonus program. In addition, the bookmaker works with different payment systems, including cryptocurrencies. Every bettor can choose the best option and enjoy betting without unnecessary problems. In other words, 1xBet is an exemplary platform that other bookmakers look up to.

Short Intro to the 1xBet Affiliate Program

Short Intro to the 1xBet Affiliate Program

What is an affiliate program? It is a chance to extend your opportunities and earn more. Play by the rules, and your revenue can grow while you do only what you want. If you wish to get a closer look at the affiliate program, you can visit the 1xBet website and open the section dedicated to this option. Or you can do all the same via your app. To join the program click on the button below. We provide you with a special link with all described affiliate profits.

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1xBet Affiliate Program Review & Benefits

The 1xBet affiliate program offers Nigerian players to register and boost awareness of the 1xBet services in the country. It can be done by the layouts and scripts proposed by the bookie. Players make posts on social networks to attract new punters and earn some commission. What are the benefits this program can offer you?

  • World-famous gambling and betting brand
  • Weekly automatic payments
  • Over 200 payment methods are available
  • A customizable approach to each customer
  • Over 50,000 partners globally
  • Custom bonuses and 
  • A convenient account with thorough reports and real-time statistics
  • High retention and conversion rates
  • Covers 62 countries
  • Handy tools and creative promos for work

How to Use the 1xBet Affiliate Program via an App?

One of the great features about the 1xBet affiliate program is that it is fully available via any portable device. Once you download and install the bookmaker’s app either for Android or iOS you can get access to 1xBet Partners. You would need to visit the official Partners platform to get this application.

What can it offer:

  • fast registration
  • high commission rates
  • timely payouts
  • offer multiple bonuses
  • up-to-date exclusive promo materials.

How Does the 1xBet Affiliate Program Work?

How Does the 1xBet Affiliate Program Work?

Basically, the program has a standard algorithm offered by many online companies. Here is how the 1xBet affiliate program works. Besides, you can easily become a participant by clicking on the button below.

  1. Create an account and sign in.
  2. Post comments, share your experience and leave other materials about the company on your website or social networks.
  3. Provide a link and refer potential customers to the bookie. All of them will be permanently attached to you.
  4. Get your commission and receive your payouts.

Let’s explore each step in detail.

Registration & Verification Process

1xBet: Registration & Verification Process

To become a 1xBet agent, you should register for the program. It is a simple task that takes about a minute. Follow our lead.

img card

Step 1

Open the “Affiliate Program” section on the 1xBet website.

img card

Step 2

Click on the “Become an Affiliate” button.

img card

Step 3

Fulfill the form with your username and password, contact and personal information and payment details and some extra data.

img card

Step 4

Accept the T&C and Privacy Policy of the platform and click on the register button.

Your application will be reviewed within 48 hours. The next step is to verify and confirm the indicated data. Now you can grab your first generated link and start advertising 1xBet. Reach the website through the link below to register fast and use its mentioned benefits.

Visit 1xBet Partners

Monitoring & Tracking of Affiliates

Once any of your friends or random users click on your referral link, they will be automatically assigned to you, and you can track all of them on the 1xBet partner program. Special software allows one to register all the users that came from your link. So you can be sure that each of your referred players will be noted.

Commission Structure & Payment Options

The 1xBet affiliate program offers about 200 payment options. Players can choose one of the methods to withdraw their funds. Each assigned customer can bring you up to 40% of the net income of the company. 

However, the bookmaker has some rules that establish the commission rate a punter can earn this month. It is vital to note that the lowest fee is 15%, and the biggest rate is 25%. If a bookmaker detects a huge activity from your side, the commission rate can rocket up to the promised 40%.

Potential Revenue & Commission Rates

1xBet: Potential Revenue & Commission Rates

The partner 1xBet program offers several types of how punters from Nigeria can earn. The bookmaker promises a revenue of up to 40% for players you manage to attract on the platform via your personal link. However, if you look into the terms, you might notice that the fee you may be receiving is a bit lower:

  1. First three months, 25% if an affiliate manages to refer over 3 users.
  2. Then depending on the number of attracted users, it can vary from 15% to 25%.

Note! The bookmaker leaves the right to adjust any terms of the agreement with its affiliates in case they did not refer many new players or the opposite. They succeeded in attracting more than 10 people. In some cases, a bookmaker can reward you with an increased commission rate.

Revenue Sharing Model and Commission Levels

Revenue Share is the main model for calculating commissions for referrals. The affiliates’ earnings depend on the net profit of the promoted brand from the players registered through his link. Bonuses, commissions and total turnover are not reflected in the deductions to the affiliate.

Partner Program & Referral Commissions

Another option available for the 1xBet agents is to attract new players via CPA. The bookie states that it can be done by request. The main goal is to earn a commission by indulging potential punters to fulfill certain actions on the website. The commission percentage should also be discussed with the 1xBet support team.

Do not miss a chance to join the program. Use the unique button below to be redirected to the right page and obtain your affiliate perks.

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Special Campaigns & Efficiency Bonuses

Sometimes a bookmaker has some special promotions, and it is eager to pass the news to its affiliates so they can advertise it further. These special campaigns will be sent to your email, or you can check them in the company’s blog or reach out to them via the “News” section. Another perk of being a 1xBet agent is that the more you advertise its services, the bigger reward you can earn because the bookie sees your activity.

Monitoring & Analytics for Partners

1xBet: Monitoring & Analytics for Partners

The program provides several options in the form of detailed reports of how they can track their progress, efficiency of marketing campaigns, number of new users who clicked on the link and other viable data.

Access to Report Panel & Efficacy Data

In the 1xBet Affiliates program account, users are provided with opportunities to analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. For this purpose, there are different types of reports: brief, full, by players, and promotional materials.

One of the simplest options to process and observe statistical data for the selected period is to generate a brief summary report. It is displayed in the form of a long table with many indicators.

Affiliate, Clicks & Conversions Tracking

When you become an agent, you can use the following marketing tools to track your progress. When you log into your account, everything will be available. You can get access to the reports where you can see your conversion rate, the number of clicks, and other statistics.

Advanced Analytics & Optimization Strategies

1xBet thinks about its partners and provides all the top engaging layouts and other advertising materials. Let’s take a deeper look at the way users comprehend the information and read marketing experts. We might find out that adding CPA buttons, comparison tables, and visual materials can increase the engagement rate among the users who read your blogs and posts.

Help & Support for Affiliate Partners

1xBet: Help & Support for Affiliate Partners

Each of the affiliates can receive timely live assistance as if you were only better on the 1xBet platform. Support is available via an Android app and a desktop website version. Whenever you are having trouble or require guidance on some topics connected with advertising, working with some marketing tools, such as banners, layouts, and other related issues, go straight to support. Type your query into a live chat and wait for a reply. Besides, the platform allows only one account per participant.

Observe more facts about the program through the exclusive button below. The unique prepared promos are waiting for you via this link.

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Rules & Conditions of the Affiliate Program

1xBet: Rules & Conditions of the Affiliate Program

1xBet states clear and simple conditions for its players. Everything can be read in their Terms & Conditions. However, we will place the most vital of them in the review and explain them in detail. General terms contain requirements for affiliates, their privacy, and some other sensitive aspects.

Requirements to Participants & Rule Policy Abiding Recommendations

The 1xBet clearly mentioned in the T&C that each participant of the loyalty program should be at least 18 years old. In case the company suspects any fraud from the affiliate’s side, it might refuse to cooperate. The platform is also not liable for any of the login and password details a participant indicates in their accounts. Users alone should be responsible for their sensitive data. However, in return, the company ensures that your data is safe. And more about that in the following part of our 1xBet affiliate review.

Fraud Prevention & Quality Control Policy

1xBet affiliate program uses all the latest technologies to keep affiliates’ data safe and secure from fraud and scams. Besides, the company protects its commercial and other secret information that was provided to the company’s affiliates within the agreement. It restricts customers from spreading this data any further by the 1xBet confidential information agreement.

How Much Time Does It Require to Become Approved in the Affiliate Program?

It takes several minutes to complete the registration form. Then the 1xBet manager will check and approve it. The processing time takes up to two days, according to the information the company states on the website.

Are There Any Promotion Methods Restrictions?

When you post advertising materials on your websites or social network, they should comply with the rules of the Advertising Materials placement in your country. Usually, 1xBet sends ready materials to affiliates. However, in case users decide to prepare their own materials, they should pass the moderation before publication.

Payment Limits & Withdrawal Options

As it was mentioned earlier, the company offers about 200 payment methods that allow them to choose one more suitable to their needs. The commission rate depends on a particular option and can be checked by applying it to the operator you selected.

Find more materials about its payment options by clicking the button below.

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Summing Up

1xBet: Summing Up

In total, our review has revealed all the strong and weak sides of the program. Despite the fact that it promises a revenue of up to 40%, it does not guarantee it to you. Affiliates have to work and prove their efficiency to obtain better commissions. One of the perks of the company is its free promotional materials. The Company grants you a ready set of layouts, visuals, and other materials to publish. And players can observe statistical data whenever they need it.

Is it safe to use 1xBet?

Yes, it is safe. The platform has a Curacao license and provides certified games.

How do I start an affiliate for beginners?

You need to open the 1xBet website, go to the “Affiliate Program” section, and register for the program.

How much do affiliate partners make?

That mainly depends on the number of referred players. If you manage to attract over 3 gamers, your commission rate is 25%.

How do affiliate partners work?

They post advertising materials on their web platforms and social networks.

Yes, the more customers click on your link, the more your commission is.

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