How does System Bet Work on 1xBet?

It is no longer enough for experienced bettors to place single bets. Such users have enough knowledge to create complex combinations. System bets are more risky, but if the prediction is correct, they will bring the maximum profit. This review will tell you everything about this option on the 1xBet platform and give some tips for successful betting.

Overview of 1xBet Nigeria Betting

Overview of 1xBet Nigeria Betting

1xBet is one of the most popular bookmakers on the Internet. Bookmaker reached this level of fame thanks to a powerful advertising campaign, including advertising on various websites, in films, videos of famous bloggers, and outstanding service. 1xBet also sponsors sports organizations and clubs.

The platform offers the broadest possible selection of sports and numerous markets, especially for significant events. Obviously, less popular games provide less choice, but even here, 1xBet outperforms the competition. The platform has all types of bets: single, accumulator, and system. You can read more about the features of betting on the platform in the article on how to play 1xbet online.

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What Is System Bet in 1xBet?

The system is a combined bet consisting of accumulators. Unlike an ordinary accumulator, this type can win even when losing individual choices in a combination. This stake is calculated first for each accumulator, then all the amounts are added up, and the winnings are calculated. At the same time, the bookmaker can set its restrictions on such wager in the form of a maximum number of outcomes, usually from 12 to 20, and a minimum number of events, at least three.

How System Bets Function on 1xBet

How System Bets Function on 1xBet

The main characteristic of the system is its dimension. It is written with two numbers. For example, “3 out of 4”. It means the coupon consists of 4 selections combined into accumulators with three selections each. There will be four combinations, and at least three selections must win for the whole coupon to win. The bet amount is distributed equally among all possible combinations in the betslip.

Benefits of System Bets on 1xBet

The system is considered a more cautious type of bet. It is preferred by more experienced players who have already lost significant sums on accumulators and have become disillusioned with them. Some pros play this way, too. Consider the following advantages:

  • Losing one event will not be a disaster. Due to the formation of several presses, at least one option will pass anyway. That will help reduce costs or even get a plus.
  • Depending on the type, you can even lose several events at once and still get a profit. For example, when seeing 2 out of 6, one cannot guess 3 or 4 outcomes. There will still be some payout.
  • Lower level of risk. The user has the right to make a mistake, and this reduces the risk of losing everything.
  • You can play it safe if some events are not sure. The system will be the best option to cover the most risky choices.
  • A lot of strategies are tailored specifically for this type. The player can choose a ready-made option or create a game model that will become effective.

By playing according to the system, the player uses a safer betting model, which can protect against losses.

  • Reduced risk
  • Lots of strategies
  • Diversify betting
  • Margin multiplying reduces profits
  • It is difficult to predict the result
  • In the long run, losses will outweigh profits

How to Place a System Bet in 1xBet

How to Place a System Bet in 1xBet

You have access to this type of stakes in sports or live sections. The types of sports and entertainment do not matter: you can profit from rugby, football, field hockey, floorball, basketball, boxing, and ski jumping. You can choose volleyball, table tennis, darts, sailing, and futsal deals. It is possible to wager on water polo, golf, cybersport (“CS:GO,” “Dota 2,” “League of Legends,” “Tanks,” and dozens of others), wrestling, biathlon, sumo, and netball. In each case, the algorithm will be the same.

  1. Open the official website or application 1xBet.
  2. Go to the section “Sports” or live. Turn off the “Bets in 1 click” function (otherwise, you will not be able to add outcomes to the coupon).
  3. Click on the odds, and they appear on the right side of the coupon.
  4. Specify the stake amount and select the “System” in the “Type of bet” field. Make a choice and get a profit.

1xBet System Calculation

To compute the payout for the system, you need to calculate each accumulator (combination) of the coupon separately and sum up the payouts for them.

Tips and Recommendations on Successful System Bets

1xbet Tips and Recommendations on Successful System Bets

Depending on the number of events and the required number of winning outcomes, the rules of the game change since each method has individual nuances. Several fundamental rules must be strictly observed:

  • It makes no sense to include coefficients less than 1.40 in the coupon: constant work with such numbers is unprofitable.
  • The average odds value for systems with one or two safety nets is 1.70 to 2.40.
  • It makes sense to make up systems like 2/5 or 3/8 from events with high odds so that one player who plays the accumulator guarantees you a significant profit.
  • Carefully check the system’s profitability manually or using an online calculator before placing your money.

These tips will help you minimize risks and get the most profit from system stakes.

1xBet Customer Support

The easiest way to contact specialists is to write in live chat. You will receive a response within a few minutes. The exact quick consultation is possible by calling the contact center at +44 127 325-69-87.

If you are not in a hurry and are ready to wait a few hours, write your question through the contact form on the site or one of the emails listed on the official site. Selecting the correct address is essential so your request goes to the appropriate department.



1xbet Conclusion

Systems are an intermediate link between a single bet and an accumulator. On the one hand, you have fairly high odds if the system wins by 100%. On the other hand, there is insurance in case of one or even several unsuccessful bets in the system. 1xBet offers users all kinds of bets, and if you like the most complex options, you can find many suitable variants. Thanks to the tips from this review, you will make system bets more profitable and safer.

What is a system bet vs. multiple?

A system bet is a combination of several multi-bets. At the same time, if you lose several selections, you can still win.

What is a system 3/5 bet?

This type of system means you pick five accumulators, and at least three of them must win.

What is the difference between a system bet and a multi bet?

The difference lies in the number of selections, as well as in the conditions. The system bet wins even if you lose one or more outcomes.

What is a conditional bet in 1xBet?

A conditional bet is a combination of several accumulators or single bets.

How do you win big with a system bet?

To win significant amounts, consider the tips from this review and carefully select events for system bets.

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