Frapapa Withdrawal Rules & Limits

Online betting sites are strongly correlated to payments, where all the magic happens, especially when you withdraw your winnings. On the following page, we discuss the peculiarities of withdrawals at Frapapa, covering its supported payment methods, main requirements, how fast they proceed with a single transaction request, what the fees are, and limits. 

About Frapapa in Nigeria 

About Frapapa in Nigeria 

Fortunately, Nigerian punters have great places to try their luck at sports betting. Frapapa is one of them, founded in 2021 and owned by Soloti Gaming Limited. The brand is registered in Nigeria and licensed by the local betting commission. Therefore, when you bet with Frapapa, you are betting with a legal and trustworthy bookmaker. 

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It’s time to enjoy the beauties of Frapapa, including first-class live betting options, breathtaking sporting events, and participating in sports tournaments with sweet rewards. In addition, Frapapa is famous for its extensive casino section, and if you suddenly decide to withdraw your winnings from Frapapa, you must be aware of all available options and know which ones are suitable for you. If it looks interesting, go read the whole article on Frapapa Review on our specially dedicated article. 

What Are the Withdrawal Rules at Frapapa 

What Are the Withdrawal Rules at Frapapa 

If you know the rules of withdrawal, you won’t get screwed. Withdrawals are easy for players who read the terms and conditions, examine the features of each payment method, and choose the best option. The T&C sections include details about maximum and minimum limits, how to request a withdrawal, and who is responsible for what in the payment stages. 

Withdrawal Limits 

Whenever you decide to withdraw your winnings, it’s crucial to understand its minimum limits to avoid withdrawal request rejections. In fact, introducing limits on withdrawals is important, as there are high minimum limits and low maximum, and it might be inconvenient to fund your account and withdraw winnings regularly. So, check what it takes to get your money out of the Frapapa betting site. 

Maximum Limits 

Frapapa’s maximum withdrawal limit is ₦500,000 per day. Maximum limits are put in place to ensure your safety and to prevent problems with withdrawals. Also, the bookmaker may not have enough funds to pay out, so it takes time to collect the money and send it to your chosen payment method. 

Minimum Limits 

Frapapa has a minimum withdrawal limit of ₦500. This parameter is more important because many players play with small budgets, and to avoid many risks, the bookmaker should introduce low minimum limits. ₦500 is a fair amount to ask for a withdrawal. So, if it suits your low-budget betting strategy, you could try Frapapa. 

Where to Find Withdrawal Request 

Once you have requested a withdrawal, you can find information about it in the “History” section of your withdrawal page. Open the Withdrawal tab and click on the History button. The current request and all other processed transactions will be displayed. In addition, there is a calendar where you can enter dates and see all the actions you have performed during the day. 

How to Withdraw From Frapapa

How to Withdraw From Frapapa

The idea of cashing out comes to mind every time you win a bet. And it’s a great strategy to get rid of your account balance as soon as you finish your session. Sometimes, players who leave money on the table are the most likely to make a mistake and place a bet when it’s not the right time. Yes, it’s important to know when your stop is and to request a withdrawal at the right moment. Check out the steps below for different devices. 

How to Withdraw on the Website 

Website users can follow the guide below and request a withdrawal in a matter of minutes. But, follow the instructions carefully, and keep into account the important factors, such as minimum and maximum limits, waiting times, and fees.

img card

Head to the Website and Login

Open the Frapapa website from your desktop and enter your login details. Once you are on the site and see your account number in the upper right corner, follow the next steps.

img card

Go to Your Withdrawal Section

Move your cursor to your account number and click on the “Withdraw” button. You will appear on the page where you will see your balance and available amount for withdrawals.

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Add the Payment Method

On the same page, click on the “Payment Account” tab and click “Add Account”. Add the preferred banking method.

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Request a Withdrawal

Go to the Withdraw tab, enter the withdrawal amount, and select the payment account. Press the big green button and open the History tab to see the status. Once the request is approved, the status will change.

How to Withdraw on the Mobile Device 

Mobile users are literally taking over the market, leaving a life with comfort. Thanks to modern bookmakers that optimize their platform for mobile devices, we can enjoy the full variety of sports betting and the possibility of making payments on the go. See below how to withdraw money using your mobile phone apps for iOS and Android.

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How to Withdraw on the Mobile Device Frapapa

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Launch the App and Login

You’ve already downloaded the app from the APK file or App Store page. Launch it and click on the “Login” button. Then, enter the details and access your account.

img card

Head to the Withdrawal Section

Press on the icon of your account, scroll down the page and find the withdrawal button. Click on it and open the payment tab.

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Select the Payment Account and Enter the Details

Specify the amount you wish to withdraw (minimum of NGN 500), select the payment account, and click on the corresponding button to send a request. Again, similar to the website, you can monitor the status of your transaction via the “History” tab.

Frapapa Withdrawal Methods in Nigeria

Frapapa Withdrawal Methods in Nigeria

The Nigerian betting market is evolving with easy access to online payments. Today, you won’t have any problems depositing/withdrawing online because payments are becoming less complicated. You have several easy payment methods to get your winnings from Frapapa, check them out! 

First Option: Banking Cards

Debit/credit cards are the first online payment option at Nigerian betting sites. That’s because punters have bank accounts and cards to pay on the Internet. This method is quite convenient, but there are some requirements to be aware of. In addition, bank cards are notorious for long withdrawal times and high fees. 

What Cards and Banks are Supported 

Bank cards have become so popular because there are international payment processing networks such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc. This allows Nigerian banks to easily issue cards to any person. So, check out cards from which banks are supported by Frapapa: 

  • GTBank
  • Paystack 
  • Zenith Bank 

Second Option: Mobile Money 

Sending and receiving money on mobile money is a continent. However, Frapapa does not work with mobile options, and there are other methods, such as bank cards, bank transfers, or USSD codes. 

Third Option: Digital Wallets 

Interswitch and Paystack are Nigerian payment options for online and offline transactions. Electronic wallets are the future and a great alternative to bank cards, with lower fees, faster processing, and higher limits. And since these payment methods are based in Lagos, Nigeria, you don’t have to worry about your money. 

Fourth Options: Bank Transfers 

No one can send money without a bank account. But if you have one, you can request a direct transfer to your bank account. Make sure that the name you use to register is the same as the name on your bank account. Keep in mind that bank transfers can take up to 5 days to process. So sometimes it’s better to use another method. 

Withdrawal Fees

Withdrawal Fees Frapapa

Most times, their withdrawal is free of service charges. However, there are moments when the bookie takes fees for withdrawals. Usually, it happens because you claim a bonus and try to withdraw winnings made by writing free credits. Also, your banking method can charge you to receive funds. In that case, make sure to open your banking or digital account and read about payment terms and conditions. 

How to Withdraw Bonus Credits 

How to Withdraw Bonus Credits Frapapa

The main reason to join modern bookies is that they offer promotions for new and regular bettors. You can take advantage of welcome offers, get extra free credits on your deposit amount, and get a reload bonus during your long betting journey. When it comes to spending the bonus and winning money with these free credits, you need to be extremely careful about the wagering requirements that convert the bonus credits into money that you can withdraw. Below are the most important factors in meeting the wagering requirements:

  1. Get free credits. Once you have created an account, go to the next step and fund your account. The Welcome Bonus gives you 100% up to 50,000 NGN, so the amount of your deposit will directly affect the size of your bonus. 
  2. Wager the bonus. Firstly, you have 7 days to meet the wagering requirements. Second, all players must wager the bonus amount 5 times on any sports event, but the game must have odds of 1.5 or higher, and the minimum number of bets is 5. 
  3. Withdraw the bonus. Now that your bonus credits have been wagered and converted into cash, you can withdraw them as if they were your own money. Go to your withdrawal page and select your preferred payment method. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and submit your request.

Verification Procedure 

Verification Procedure Frapapa

The level of security on modern sites can guarantee pleasant experiences even at the most difficult moments. One of the tools to ensure stable betting is a KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure, where you have to identify yourself. That’s crucial for several reasons: you prove your age, prove that this is your first account, and protect yourself from errors. On the other hand, the bookie is approved that you can legally play and only after that allows you to request a withdrawal. Because once you withdraw your winnings, the act of gambling and betting has been recorded. But, how to proceed with verification: 

  • Send one of your documents to Customer Service. They accept passport, ID, driver’s license, as well as bank statements with your current address or utility bill. 
  • The main idea is to prove that you’re a real person of legal age who has never had an account with Frapapa. 
  • The verification process is quite time-consuming, so it’s recommended that you do it before requesting a withdrawal. As a result, the withdrawal process will take less time.

How Long It Takes to Withdraw 

How Long It Takes to Withdraw Frapapa

The process of getting your winnings takes much longer than depositing. Usually, it takes up to 5 days to withdraw your winnings, but the time also depends on the payment method you choose and whether or not you proceed with verification. Verification also takes several days, so to avoid such long waits, make sure to send your documents in advance. Wait times depend on the bank or digital wallet. Wallets process transactions faster and can pay within one business day. While banks take more time. 

Withdrawals on Weekends 

Unfortunately, some methods cannot process transactions over the weekend. And if you make a request, it will not be processed until Monday, the first business day. With digital wallets, however, there are no problems with weekend withdrawals. However, it may take a little longer, so be aware of this. 

Possible Problems When Withdrawing Money From Frapapa: What to Do?

Possible Problems When Withdrawing Money From Frapapa What to Do

Although online payments are getting easier and more advanced wallets and banking applications are appearing, there are possible problems that may or may not be caused by you. In other words, some of them depend on technical issues and some on your ignorance. 

Use Credible Information 

Be honest with the bookmaker and provide truthful information. One of the most common cases is when players enter incorrect payment details or enter someone else’s payment details. That’s the biggest problem because Nigerian betting is a highly regulated area with strict laws. Also, make sure that the bank account is in your name as it appears on the documents you send. 

Avoid Any Suspicious Actions

For example, you have made a deposit and requested a withdrawal without placing any bets. The administration will find this suspicious and will most likely deny your request. Unfortunately, there are cases of money laundering, and to stop such actions and avoid bad attention, always place some bets and be engaged in sports. Therefore, you can easily request withdrawals and get your money to your bank account or digital wallet. 


Conclusion Frapapa

Frapapa is a top Nigerian bookmaker with an incredibly developed payment section. Online deposits and withdrawals get its credit for offering multiple banks and digital wallets, short wait times, significantly low fees, and maximum and minimum limits that never make you uncomfortable. By following the Frapapa withdrawal guide above, you won’t encounter any problems and can successfully collect your winnings from your money and bonus credits.

What is the minimum withdrawal from Frapapa?

For the moment, it is NGN 500.

How can I withdraw cash online?

Frapapa supports multiple online banks and digital wallets to withdraw cash.

How do I withdraw money digitally?

Send a withdrawal request to Interswitch or Paystack to get money into your digital wallet.

What is the process of unlock?

To withdraw your bonus credits, you must wager the free credits in accordance with the wagering requirements.

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