The Frapapa website can make any player’s experience more profound because it offers a modern and fast application. Players can do everything they did on the full-sized website without needing to apply.

You can make easy money transfers and bets whenever you want it. If you need more information about the Frapapa app, its versions, special features, and how to install it, read this article prepared with the support of our editorial office.

Short Review Frapapa in Nigeria

Short Review Frapapa in Nigeria

Before you know how to use the bookmaker’s app, we will enlighten you with more details about the brand itself. First of all, the bookmaker is fully licensed by the local Nigerian regulator, which allows players to worry about nothing when wagering on the platform.

All the registered punters can be sure that their sensitive information is fully secured, and the level of experience they can get here is very high. For those of our readers who wish to learn more about the bookie, we recommend reading the full Frapapa Nigeria review by clicking on the link.

Frapapa App Review

The Frapapa bookmaker has two types of apps. They work on the two most popular mobile OS types, which are iOS and Android. Both applications have similar layouts and keep all the options available on the standard website version.

Players can easily deposit to their accounts via their preferred method, choose any gaming event they wish to bet on, and comfortably withdraw their winnings. So, they can do all that via their apps.

Next, we will describe each mobile app available for Nigerian players. We will answer such burning questions as where to download the program, how to install it, and the system requirements. Continue reading to learn more.

Official App Screenshots

Compatible iOS and Android Devices

It may come as a surprise, but not every mobile device can comply with the applications provided by the bookie. Each app has specific parameters that make it suitable for a limited number of devices. You can observe the parameters in the table below:

OS versioniOS 13.0 or laterAndroid version 5.0 or higher
Size16.7 MB8.62 MB

How to Download and Install a Mobile App

How to Download and Install a Mobile App Frapapa

One of the primary issues is where to download the application. We can tell you that it is an easy procedure that takes about a minute, depending on the Internet speed. To cope with your doubts, we will tell you in detail how you can get your betting app installed and working.

Note that the only place you can get true software is the official Frapapa website. When you try to download it from other resources, you are risking exposing your sensitive information, which can result in money loss.

How to Download and Install App on Android

If you are a happy Android device owner, this instruction is for you. Look through our sufficient guide and know what you need to install it safely and without any obstacles.

Android System Requirements

We already mentioned once that Android devices need to comply with the app requirements so a user can successfully install it. The system version must be at least 5.0 or higher, and the device must carry the necessary available storage space.

How and Where to Download APK File

Once again, you can only download the app from the official Frapapa site. You will get it as an APK file that you must unzip and install on your device. The Frapapa APK file is very light, so you do not need much space to install it.

Installation Procedure

Once you decide to acquire a Frapapa application, you need to know that before you start, you need to visit your device’s settings and allow it to download apps from other resources. Once you are done, follow the main steps.

img card

How to Download and Install App on Android Frapapa

img card

Go to Frapapa

Open the Frapapa platform and go to the App section. Once you are there, navigate to an Android icon.

img card

Start Installation

Tap on the icon to start the downloading procedure. The APK file will be ready to unpack in seconds. Wait for it to be ready and tap on it to launch the installation. Unpack the contents and wait for the process to finish.

img card

Accomplish the Process

When everything is ready, you will see a Frapapa icon. Tap on it to open your app and use your data to log into your account. Now, you can place bets.

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How to Download and Install App on iOS

Apple owners will be glad to hear that Frapapa now has a functional and convenient application for the iOS system.

iOS System Requirements

The application can be installed only on smartphones and tablets that are compatible with its requirements, such as free space and operational system version.

#1 Step: Visit Frapapa

Go to the bookmaker’s website. Visit its app section and look for an Apple icon. Once you find it, tap on it, and you will be redirected to the App Store. 

#2 Step: Start Downloading

In the store, you need to click on the downloading button to launch the complex process, including downloading and installation. So, basically, a player does not need to do more than a couple of clicks.

#3 Step: Start Wagering

Once the process is accomplished, you will see the app icon. Open it by tapping and enjoy all the entertainment presented on the platform.

Installation Process

The installation process here is even more simple than for Android devices. Users do not need to get any special files because they can easily retrieve their apps from the official App Store.

How to Download and Install Desktop App

How to Download and Install Desktop App Frapapa

The last option here is to access the Frapapa app via its desktop version. However, based on the research, we can assure you that there is no such thing as a Frapapa desktop app. However, punters can always open the portal via any browser without downloading anything.

System Requirements

No application means no system requirements because its full and mobile versions are available for any device regardless of the parameters and updates. It makes the whole process a bit easier without any long downloading. 

Is There an Old Version, and What Are Its Specifics

Is There an Old Version, and What Are Its Specifics Frapapa

Our editorial team tried to find some facts about the old Frapapa application. We came to the conclusion that this bookmaker has no older versions of its apps. However, the bookmaker regularly updates its current software products.

How to Update the Frapapa App to the Latest Version?

The bookmaker informs its users about a newly released app version so users can update it without any problems. The process does not take much of your time, but you can enjoy all the perks of the newly released option.

Mobile Website Version

Mobile Website Version Frapapa

We already mentioned that the bookmaker has an excellent mobile website that players can use for convenient betting. It contains every feature and option that a regular bookie’s website has. The layout looks the same, so you won’t need to learn where to find all the buttons you need.

Interface Comparison: Mobile App vs Mobile Website Version

The interface of both versions looks pretty much the same. However, in the app, some of the functions may be hidden in the menu in order to save space. Basically, all the other features are located where you expect them to find. 

Main Features and Possibilities of the Mobile App

Main Features and Possibilities of the Mobile App Frapapa

The Frapapa app has several features that stand out from the same-looking software made by other online gaming portals. You will read about the application specifics in this part of our review.

#1 Feature: Availability

Players can bet when they like. There is no need to carry special hard gear. All you need is your portable device. It allows you to plan your schedule more efficiently, finding time for betting and gambling activities.

#2 Feature: Live Betting

Live betting is one of the best options available in the app. One of the reasons is the growing popularity among players. It allows punters to make live bets and increase the accuracy of their predictions.

#3 Feature: Speedy Notifications

The notifications you receive when something happens are a valuable feature that can tell when your favorite match starts or that the balance of your gaming account has increased. That is why many punters like to use the app instead of spending time in front of their PC.

User Support in the App

In case you have problems finding the right options or wish to submit a complaint, there is a support unit that is always available. Most gambling portals have a live chat that can solve urgent quarries and issues. Simply send your question and receive a fast reply from an operator.

App Pros and Cons

To be more convincing, we will provide you with a table where you can see all the benefits and drawbacks of using the Frapapa app.

  • Fast and easy access
  • Contains all the features
  • Possible to bet on all the games
  • All the bonuses are available in the app
  • Online casino games
  • No live streams
  • Unavailable on Google Market

What Can Be Enhanced in the App

What Can Be Enhanced in the App Frapapa

It is a great question of what can be improved in the Frapapa app. One of the vital options is live streaming. It is the feature each sports fan is waiting for. Another probable enhancement can be based on reviews from the punters. 

Other Frapapa Apps

As to the knowledge of our editorial team, there is no other Frapapa app that can be found. The bookmaker has only a couple of applications presented on its official website.


Conclusions Frapapa

After we examined the Frapapa website, we came to several conclusions we will share with you here. The Frapapa app is a convenient program that contains all the entertainment you can access in several taps. You can select all the games without any limitations and place bets you like.

Who is the owner of Frapapa?

Frapapa Nigeria Limited is the company owner of the brand.

What is my user ID on Frapapa?

Enter your account and click on the human icon. You will see the user ID near your name in the corresponding field.

How do I download gambling apps on Android?

You should open the Frapapa website and visit the app section. There, you can choose the Android icon and tap on it to start downloading the APK file.

How do I use Frapapa Freebet?

You can use your free bet by clicking on it in the bet slip section. You will have an opportunity to place your free bet on any game.

Does the Frapapa app work on my iPhone?

The application produced by Frapapa functions on iPhone and other portable devices running on iOS.

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