NairaBet is one of the betting companies that legally functions in Nigeria and is included in the Association of Nigerian Bookmakers. The bookmaker has a license from the National Lottery Regulatory Commission, which makes it one of the most reliable and proven places for wagering and playing casino games. NairaBet offers over 20 sports types and lots of events to bet on, convenient apps for portable devices, and many lucrative bonus deals. The website is suitable for beginners and players with experience. Those who plan to learn basic rules and grab the hottest tips on how to start wagering have found the right NairaBet review. Here we will explain all the specifics of online betting and show you all the options.

How to Start Making Bets on NairaBet

How to Start Making Bets on NairaBet

NairaBet is a platform for gambling and wagering with a great reputation. Nigerian users trust it and mark it as one of the most reliable and proven bookies. It takes the leading position in the rating due to such benefits as convenient payment methods, a fine set of virtuals, and numerous sporting events. Each bettor must open an account and confirm their identity to join the platform.

Keep in mind that in case you are underage or cannot submit any ID documents, the bookmaker will not let you bet on its website. Comply with the requirements and accept the privacy policy to continue. The following part of the review will show you how to register on the platform and fund your account.

Short Guide: How to Log in and Register

Each bookmaker creates its own betting rules. However, most part of them is similar to other platforms. Players should register and pass the verification. It allows the bookmaker not to worry about its license and be sure that you are a real person. To open an account, you need to take the next steps:

  1. Open an official website on your PC or mobile browser or in the app;
  2. Look at the upper blue panel. Find the green “Join” button and click on it;
  3. Indicate your phone number, select the state, and compose a password;
  4. Indicate your password again and confirm that you are 18 years old;
  5. Confirm your action by clicking on the “Send Registration Code”;
  6. Wait until you receive the code on your phone and insert it in the corresponding field.

It is vital to mention that the bookie offers you two choices of how you can create an account: the quick form and full registration. Above, we described the first option. The full sign-up version also includes the email address. When you are done, use your login, which is your phone number and a password you created earlier, to enter your account. Before you can proceed to actual wagering, the next step is making a deposit.

How to Deposit

When your account is active, it is necessary to replenish the balance. The Nairabet offers several funding options:

  • PayStack
  • Express pay
  • Bank transfers via Visa and MasterCard
  • Interswitch
  • Squad

To credit your account, you need to log into your profile page and go to deposit. All deposits process non-stop, so your balance will be replenished in several minutes.

Quick Review: How to Bet

So, how to bet in the NairaBet? Everything is intuitive and convenient. Newbies can get a hint of what to do from the first side. The only confusing thing here is the number of offered events. Those who are not following sporting trends and news can feel at a loss. On the other hand, professional bettors always monitor all the latest events because it serves as a prediction tool. Besides reading the match statistics and being a fan of their favorite team, they acquired the skill of great betting with time, thanks to their eagerness to learn more, patience, and working with their mistakes.

How to Add Stakes to the Bet Slip

The main navigation panel containing your bet slip is on the website’s right side. Besides the actual list of bets, there is one more tab that keeps all your tickets in one place, like history. So you can always keep track of your activities.

How to Delete Your Predictions

Due to the vast number of competitions and tournaments, it is difficult to place the right predictions in case you only start wagering in sports. But if you think that some of your selections are extra or you need to delete them and make new ones, it is easy to do. Look at your bet slip, and you will notice the cross sign that allows anyone to delete their old bets and make new ones.

How to Calculate the Odds and WInnings

Basically, today you do not need to calculate anything because all the online betting platforms, including NairaBet, can do it for you. When you add the selections to your ticket, the integrated calculator provides you with the total odds rate and the sum of potential winnings.

How to Make a Stake

The mechanics of placing bets consists of several actions. First, you need to fulfill them one by one. Then, all your selections will be placed on the bet slip with an opportunity to adjust them at any time before you make the final confirmation. In case you decide to make other selections, simply clean your ticket and start again.

#1 Step

Select the sport you wish to wager on. Choose a particular competition. If you do not know which one, you can apply to expert articles to understand which prediction has a potential chance to win.

#2 Step

Select the odds. For newbies, it is usually a choice of three: the home team to score, the away team to win, or the draw. Add all selections to your ticket.

#3 Step

Check the total odds at the bottom of your slip. If everything is correct, confirm your choice by clicking on the “Place bet” option.

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Complex Bets and How to Make Them

NairBet Complex Bets and How to Make Them

More experienced players are not inspired by the simple three-way choice we described above. Complicated or multi-bets seem more engaging for them. A correct prediction in the form of a toto or combined bet can bring more profit to players. That is the main reason they like to build them. Another perk of complex bets hides in the process itself. Bettors need to know many tricks and aspects of the sport which they chose for wagering. Here is a small guide on how to bet NairaBet.

#1 Step

Open your NairaBet website and pick a sport type. Then select the sporting event or several of them. Next, make a pick of different odds for each event. You can place more than one selection with various odds within one event.

#2 Step

Add all your choices to the ticket and see the total winnings you may get. Such bets are called a stake with many legs. The meaning is simple if one prediction fails, you still have others to support the stake.

#3 Step

Confirm your choice and wait for the results. In case some of your predictions succeed, you will win the amount calculated based on successful selections.

The Things to Do Before You Place a Bet

Placing a bet requires some knowledge, which is why before you proceed to an actual bet. It is better to get acquainted with statistics of previous matches or read sports news and acquire additional information. Thus your wagering becomes more planned and has more chances to succeed. Professionals already know about that, and trying their luck without previous research is not in their character. Also, as we explained, each player needs to be logged in to make stakes and receive winnings.

How to Choose the Sport to Bet on NairaBet

Some punters stick to their favorite players, teams, and events, while others prefer exploring different sports. When you open a Nairabet website, you may notice the list of sports on the left navigation panel. On top of it, a bookie placed a popular selection of sports, like football, basketball, tennis, and others.

What is the Minimum Stake?

Each bookmaker has its betting requirements. The minimum stake amount is included in the rules, meaning you cannot place a bet less than the indicated amount. Fo Nigerian punters NairaBet offers 50 NGN as the smallest possible bet sum.

Useful Advice: How to Improve Your Betting

NairaBet Useful Advice: How to Improve Your Betting

Many new and pro bettors always strive to learn more tricks so that they can enhance their betting skills. Currently, the global web is full of different strategies that many try to follow. We will tell several most interesting and promising ones in the following part of the review.

#1 Higher Odds with Few Events

It is a widely known fact that single bets cannot bring you high odds. That is why many bettors strive to master their wagering skills and learn how to place combined stakes. Thus you will increase the odds and your chances of winning. In the combined bet, you can win if at least two of your selections are successful.

#2 Live Betting Strategy

If you have never tried live betting, it is time to make it. This option is available on many betting platforms, including NairaBet. You can make a stake any time while the match is still on. So bet on your favorite events, various football leagues, and championships freely and at any time to increase your chances.

#3 Read Expert Reviews

To acquire more knowledge when you start your betting, it is better to use the experience of pro bettors. They know many tricks and can help you become more familiar with gaming statistics, understand the odds, and explain many other terms and strategies.

Additional Instructions on Sports Betting

NairaBET Additional Instructions on Sports Betting

Before you start wagering on the NairaBet platform, remember that you need to comply with all the requirements and rules of the company. The bookie may block or suspend your account if you violate any of them. Besides, before you confirm your bet, do thorough research and calculate the probabilities of your predictions. Do not hastily place any of your stakes. This process requires a cool head and tactical approach.

How to Play Virtual Football League on NairaBet

A virtual game set focuses on racing, tennis, football (soccer), English, and other league matches. It is significant to mention that in the “Virtuals” section, it is impossible to cancel any of your bets once you place them. 

How to Bet on Football

So, how to play NairaBet virtuals? When discussing virtual soccer, it is vital to say that each match lasts for several seconds. During that time, players can make their predictions. The number of markets here is quite impressive. You can select:

  • Both teams score
  • Double chance
  • Under/Over
  • Virtual Asia handicap etc.

You can enjoy wagering on soccer without long waiting for results. Bet on the matches via many betting markets.

How to Bet on Races

The virtuals include such engaging sports racing types as:

  • Cars
  • Horse
  • Dogs

Here you need to predict the winner. If you place a successful stake, you can grab your reward. It does not include any other markets. However, many punters enjoy them.


Betting on the NairaBet platform is convenient and easy. Players can place single bets or make complex ones, such as accumulators, toto, and combined stakes. Therefore, it is not a problem to start wagering once you understand the mechanics of the process. 



What is a double chance in NairaBET?

The double chance allows players to bet on two possible outcomes out of three options. It will enable players to increase their chances of winning but lowers their odds.

How do I book a game on NairaBET?

Visit the section called “Shop Booking Code.” You will be redirected to the page where it is possible to book your bet.

How much is the minimum deposit in NairaBET?

The minimum possible stake for NairaBet is 100 NGN.

Does NairaBet have an app?

Yes, the bookmaker offers a convenient app for Android.

Who is the owner of NairaBET?

Oloye Akin Alabi Listen is a founder of the NairaBet betting company.

Is NairaBet legit in Nigeria?

Yes, the bookmaker operates in Nigeria on a legal basis. It has a license from the National Lottery Regulatory Commission.

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