The beauty of modern bookies is the ability to top up your betting balance using various available online payment options. Nowadays, it’s possible to make instant transactions to your balance using a digital wallet, banking cards, and even cryptocurrency. Today, we’ll speak about the ZEbet payment feature, discussing the in-depth deposit guides, what payment terms are presented, what the available deposit methods are, and what the possible problems are. 

About ZEbet in Nigeria 

About ZEbet in Nigeria 

ZEbet is a cutting-edge sportsbook offering a plethora of exceptional sports betting opportunities. Despite its youth, founded in 2020, ZEbet’s owner has been providing betting services in other countries for nearly a decade. In Nigeria, ZEbet boasts an impressive sportsbook featuring over a thousand weekly events covering various sports disciplines, including football, basketball, volleyball, eSports, etc. In addition, the bookmaker is licensed by the local Nigerian betting commission, NLRC, ensuring a safe and secure betting experience for all local punters. Read the full ZEbet review in our separate article and explore its main features, betting options, and tips on maximizing your experience. 

Depositing Terms and Conditions 

Depositing Terms and Conditions ZEbet

When it comes to betting online, the only way to fund your account is through online payments. However, with online payments, you will have specific requirements, including the minimum and maximum deposit amount, transaction speed, fees, and mandatory account verification. Let’s discover what each factor means and how to go through them. 

Deposit Limits at ZEbet 

All online payments have limits. They are needed to control financial transactions and make the transfers as secure as possible. Also, the limits are not only set by ZEbet; you need to check the transaction limits of your preferred payment method. At ZEbet, the minimum amount allowed for deposit is NGN 100. The maximum deposit amount is not specified. 

Deposit Service Charges 

Fortunately, all deposits at ZEbet are free of charge. This means the bookmaker does not charge a commission for transaction processing. In other words, you can receive the same amount as you specify on the deposit page. But to be sure about any additional payments, read your bank’s terms and conditions. Your financial institution may charge fees. Therefore, we recommend that you choose a method that does not incur any fees. 

Deposit Processing Time 

Another important term to become familiar with is the speed of deposit transactions. Processing time depends on several factors, such as lengthy deposit request verification operations, policies of your banking platform, and others. Therefore, the maximum processing time for a single deposit is up to 2 business days. However, in most cases, it is almost instantaneous. 

Quick Verification Before Depositing 

The document-based information is only required if you decide to request a withdrawal. To initiate a deposit, you must verify your email address and phone number and agree to the legal terms and conditions. For example, to verify your information about your age and place of residence. Treat your betting account like your bank account by providing only truthful information. You won’t have any financial problems, and your account will never be suspicious. 

How to Deposit at ZEbet 

How to Deposit at ZEbet 

Once you are familiar with the rules and regulations, it will be easier to fund your account. The following steps will help you initiate the request and transfer money from your payment system to your ZEbet account. This can be your bank account, bank card, or digital wallet. 

How to Deposit on the Website 

The ZEbet website remains one of the best ways to access the platform. The website offers the full functionality of the bookmaker, including a sportsbook with a wide range of sports. Accessing the site from your desktop and mobile phone and making deposits with just a few clicks is possible. Let’s examine the process.

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Visit the Website 

Open your computer or mobile browser and go directly to the official Nigerian ZEbet website. Players can access the site by typing “ZEbet” in the search box or following the link.

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Login to your Account

When your account is ready, click the “Login” button and enter your credentials, such as username and password.

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Click on the “Deposit” Button

Move your cursor to the upper right corner and click the red “Deposit” button. Select the preferred payment method on the pop-up window, specify the amount, and press “Proceed to payment.”

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Select the Bank and Enter the Details

On the next tab, select the payment method and enter your bank card details, bank account number, USSD code, or other personal information, depending on your chosen option. Wait for confirmation of your transaction and receive your funds.

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How to Deposit via Mobile App 

At ZEBet, you can also start betting on the go via the convenient mobile app developed for Android devices. To start betting on the go, you will need to fund your account. Check out the guide below.

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How to Deposit via Mobile App ZEbet

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Download the App and Log In

Access the ZEbet website from your Android smartphone or tablet, and download and install the application. Access the app and enter the username and password that you created earlier. If you don’t remember or don’t have an account, create a new one.

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Open the Deposit Page

Go to the Deposit section, select the payment method, and enter the amount you wish to fund. Click “Proceed with Payment” to open the deposit page. 

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Request a Deposit

Select the payment option, such as a Bank Card, and pick your preferred bank. Enter your phone number and then copy your bank account number from your banking app. Confirm the transaction.

Available Payment Methods at ZEbet in Nigeria 

Available Payment Methods at ZEbet in Nigeria 

The Nigerian banking system is growing rapidly, introducing new and convenient ways to transfer funds online. As a result, betting sites are becoming more enticing, offering multiple payment options for deposits and withdrawals. Below is a list of available methods for depositing at ZEbet and a brief description of how to use each method. 

Via ATM 

If you’re an active ATM cardholder and prefer the traditional method of going to the nearest ATM to load funds, this method is for you. Such payments are made through intermediate payment gateways such as Interswitch or Paystack. First, you must know your account number, card number, and security code. Insert your card at the ATM, enter the information from your card and ZEbet account, and request a deposit. There are no fees, the minimum deposit is NGN 100, and the processing time is a few seconds. 

Using Banking Cards 

The process of transferring money from a bank card is similar to transferring money from an ATM, with only one difference: the payment is made online, and you can do it from the comfort of your home. Open the payment options at ZEbet, select the bank card, and enter your card details, including card number, CVV code, and expiration date. You will receive an OTP via SMS or email. This creates an additional layer of security and prevents the risk of fraudulent activities. 

Banking Transfer 

Another common way to fund your account is to visit the nearest bank branch physically. This method is suitable for players who have Internet problems or where there isn’t an ATM nearby. In this case, having all your personal information at hand, you can go to the bank and request a deposit. But ensure the bank is listed among the supported deposit methods at ZEbet. 


Payments could be faster and more efficient than you think. Quickteller is an excellent payment method many organizations in Nigeria and other countries use. ZEbet joins the trend by supporting Quickteller. Click on the logo to be redirected to the ZEbet payment page. Enter your ID, email, and the amount you wish to deposit. 


A great way to make free transactions to ZEbet is called OPay. You may have heard of this method because it is becoming prevalent in Nigeria. Fortunately, ZEbet supports OPay payments. Just open the deposit page, click on the “OPay” logo, enter your details, and specify the amount. Before doing this, ensure you have enough funds in your OPay wallet. 

USSD Code 

If you are not interested in all online payment methods or do not have Internet access, the only option is to use USSD codes. Such codes are convenient to use, but they support only a few banks. Let’s take a look at the list of banks supported by ZEbet for USSD payments. 

Zenith Bank 

To send money, you need to dial the code. To generate the code, go to the ZEbet payment page, select Paystack, and then USSD. Enter the amount you want to send, and the code will be generated. Now copy the code and paste it into your phone’s dialing pad. ZEbet’s USSD code for Zenith Bank will look like this: *966*26*26286#. 


To generate the code using GTBank, go to the ZEbet payment page and select the GTBank USSD option. Enter the amount and copy the code. Paste it into your phone’s keypad and send the request. You may be asked to enter your bank details. The code looks like this: *737*33*4*93176#. 


Another bank supported by ZEbet for USSD transfers is UBA. UBA Group generally provides an excellent banking experience and allows users to make USSD transfers instantly. 

Recharge Cards 

If you need a bank card or a digital wallet account, or if you want to use something other than USSD codes, there is another method that allows you to buy cards and use them to top up your ZeBet accounts. These are called recharge cards or prepaid cards. Basically, they work like a purchasing card you have to buy, and when you buy it, you have to specify the amount of money you want on that card. Once you get the card, you must enter the code on your account, and your balance will be funded immediately. 

Account Balance Settings

Another topic of discussion is how you can control your balance at ZeBet. Basically, we all want control over our budget and balance. Fortunately, ZeBet allows you to change your banking information to make it easier to proceed with the payment. There are two questions that people have. The first is how to change your bank account with ZeBet, and the second is how to transfer money from one account to another. Let’s find out.

How to Change Your Banking Account 

If you have mistakenly entered your account or bank details, ZeBet allows you to change them. To do this, you must go to the Cashier section, where all your payment details are entered, and delete them.  Once you have deleted them, you must add new bank details and specify a new bank account. Open the payment methods, select your preferred bank, and enter your bank details. 

How to Transfer Funds From One Account to Another 

Unfortunately, ZEbet and many other bookmakers do not allow users to transfer money from one account to another. This restriction is made to avoid the risk of financial fraud and other activities that could ruin your and other players’ betting experience.

Common ZEbet Deposit Problems 

Every payment transaction has specific procedures that you must follow. If you skip or forget to follow the rules, you may experience problems. Also, some problems may occur because of a website error or an administrative fault. Let’s take a look at the troubleshooting steps, all of which will help you make deposits faster and with fewer headaches. 

  • Deposit declined. Your transaction request from your payment system may be declined for several reasons, such as reaching your daily deposit limit, insufficient funds in your bank account, or restrictions on your card or digital wallet. To resolve the problem, check all of these items, and if something is wrong, fix it. 
  • Deposited money did not arrive. Sometimes, the stated information about the deposit speed can be wrong. Unfortunately, the speed of transactions to a betting site depends on many factors, such as server delays, long verification processes, etc. To solve this problem, you should wait for a while, and if your credits haven’t been transferred within 24 hours, make sure to contact ZEbet support (down below) to clarify the status of the transaction and, if necessary, your bank support. 
  • The payment details entered are incorrect. We cannot guarantee that we always remember our payment details, and no one is insured against making mistakes. If the required information is incorrect, it may take longer to approve the request. Therefore, always double-check the information you enter to speed up the deposit process. 

ZEbet Customer Support 

Whenever you have questions, ZEbet offers great customer service with several available methods for your convenience. If the question requires a complex answer, make sure to write an email describing the problem in detail. If you’re looking for guides and tutorials, live chat is your choice. But if your problem requires an urgent question, you can call managers and describe your problem in a few seconds.

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Conclusion ZEbet

Depositing at ZEbet is very intuitive and requires you to pay attention to a few important details, such as choosing the right payment method, considering its characteristics, and following the main payment terms. Once you have done that, you can easily fund your account and start betting on sports and other games.

Which banks does Zebet use?

ZEbet supports multiple banks for its customers to use, check the full list:

      Guaranty Trust Bank
      Diamond Bank
      First Bank
      Zenith Bank
      Sterling Bank
      Kuda Bank
      United Bank for Africa
      Fidelity Bank
      Access Bank

What is the maximum deposit amount at Zebet?

ZEbet does not set any limits on the maximum amount of money you can deposit.

How often can I deposit to my account?

All bettors can make deposits as often as they like.

Does ZEbet pay out instantly?

All withdrawals take up to 24 hours to process. If you have completed the verification process in advance, your withdrawal may take less time.

How do I convert bonuses into money?

The only way to convert bonuses is to place them and win real money. Once you have won, your winnings will be credited to your balance as real money.

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