ZEbet is a wonderful choice for placing stakes in various sports. But how can you bet when you are a newbie? Now, we’ll provide our readers with full instructions on how they can start wagering on the platform, which markets are available, and what bet types you can make here.

If you are new to betting, it is your chance to take a closer look at ZEbet offers and receive clear and full instructions on how you can start placing bets on its platform. Our team of professional editors did extensive research about this bookmaker and wish to share all that we have discovered with our readers.

Short Review of ZEbet in Nigeria

Short Review of ZEbet in Nigeria

It is vital to mention that ZEbet is a reputable and trusted platform with a number of valuable options many players will find helpful to diversify their betting experience. First of all, the bookmaker is fully legit and is licensed by the Lagos State Lotteries Board. It means that punters from Nigeria can freely register on the website and place bets on various sporting and virtual events.

Besides, this bookmaker offers a functional platform where registered users can receive all types of quality services, such as fast deposits, timely withdrawals, live support, and bonuses, to make your betting more exciting. We offer you to read our ZEBet Nigeria review to learn all about it in detail.

How to Start Making Bets in ZEbet 

How to Start Making Bets in ZEbet

How do you place a bet on ZEbet? Every player from Nigeria can freely join this bookmaker’s platform and make various sports bets without any limitations in comparison to other countries. Once you are signed up, you can start exploring the betting section of the website and use different strategies to place a stake. New punters and professionals will be pleased to uncover the variety of options they can find here. Grab our guide on how to make your bet on the platform.

Via a Website

One of the popular options is to access the ZEbet standard desktop website and conveniently look at the set of markets and sports on the bigger screen. Here is what you should do.

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How to Start Making Bets in ZEbet

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Visit the ZEbet Platform Via a Website

Open the bookmaker’s website. Create an account or use the password and log in to enter your old profile. Once you are successfully signed in, go to the “Sports” section.

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Make Selections

Observe the options this section offers you. Choose the type of sport and then select a game you like. You can pick a pre-match or a live-mode betting. Observe the markets the bookie has and the odds it proposes. Click on the option you find suitable for a match outcome and click on it to add your selection to a bet slip.

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Complete Your Choice

Recheck your selections, and if you agree with everything, indicate the amount you wish to place based on the minimum requirements of the platform. Confirm your selections by placing a bet. Now, all you have to do is wait for the results.

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Via App

The bet-placing process looks the same via an app. However, it is even more convenient because all you have to do is tap on the options you need. Continue reading and look through our instructions to make everything correct.

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Visit the ZEbet Platform Via App

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Visit the ZEbet Platform

Take your tablet or phone and register. In case you already have an account, use your data to log into your profile. If everything is indicated right, you will be authorized.

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Make Selections

Proceed to the “Sports” section. Check the whole list of available sports and tap on the one you like. See the upcoming matches and choose the one you are interested in. Observe the markets and click on them to make your predictions. Place as many bets of any complexity as you like.

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Complete Your Choice

Recheck the information and your selections. If everything is correct, indicate the amount you wish to bet and see if your total odds and possible winnings are okay. Confirm your bet and wait for the results.

How to Add Predictions to Betslip?

When you are ready with your prediction, the next thing you should do to confirm it is to add it to your betslip. It is a special ticket you can observe on the right side of the screen. It contains all the bets you make. Once the choices are final, the betslip serves as a confirmation, and you can even find it in your betting history.

So, to add your selections to a slip, you must click on the odds. The selection will automatically appear on your ticket. You can repeat the operation several times if you need to add more bets. It is a very easy and intuitive process.

How to Delete Predictions?

Another problem may occur when you change your mind and wish to swap one selection with another. It is also possible to do. Before the bet is final and confirmed, you can change it as you please. However, recheck your predictions before you approve the bet because there will not be a step back once it is final.

When you navigate to a bet added to the ticket, you may notice a cross sign appear in the upper right corner. Click on it to remove your prediction from the bet slip. It’s as easy as ABC. Now, you are almost a skillful user of the ZEbet platform. However, there is one more thing we need to clarify for you.

How to Calculate the Winning Coefficients?

The next step is to see if your winning coefficients are worth your bet. How can you calculate the winning rate, though? The answer is that you don’t have to calculate anything. The bookmaker does it for you.

Once you build a bet of your dreams and provide your stake amount, take a look at the bottom of the ticket. There, you will find information about the maximum possible winnings and other vital calculations, such as total odds and others.

How to Place Combined Bets

How to Place Combined Bets ZeBet

What is a combo bet in ZEbet? You all know it as a parlay or multibet. It is one of the complex types that professional bettors majorly prefer because it is more exciting and diverse in comparison to singles because it consists of several predictions on various match outcomes and events combined into one bet.

Pay attention when trying to build the stake like this because the trick here is that if any of the selections turn out to be incorrect, the whole bet will fail. Here are the instructions you can use to make your own combo bet.

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How to Place Combined Bets Zebet

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Open ZEbet

First, you should open your ZEbet account. Provide your login and password. If everything is successful, you will be signed in in a second. Then click on the “Sports” or “Live Sports” sections, depending on the type of regime you wish to use. The process is the same for both.

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Concentrate on Selections

Observe the list of sports and select the one you are interested in. Pick a game and make different predictions on various events by clicking on the odds. Once you add them to your betslip, confirm them as a combo bet.

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Finalize Your Choices

Check that everything is correct and type in the amount. Next, approve your stake and make it final. Wait for the results. You can observe them in your betting history.

What You Need to Know Before Placing a Bet

What You Need to Know Before Placing a Bet ZeBet

Now, you are a bit more familiar with the process of a bet placing, so we can tell you more about the vital aspects of the process you need to be concerned about before placing a stake. Since you have many choices, bettors with a lack of experience might be confused. Thus, we will explain all the options available on ZEbet.

How to Choose Sports Types for Betting in ZEbet

One of the crucial parts of making a bet is choosing its type. The website has at least two possible options of how you can make a stake. Next, we will describe each of them so you can understand the difference and make the right choice.

Single Bet

It is a basic stake any counter can make. It includes only one match outcome. You can choose a game and bet on the winner. It means that you think the home team will win this time and bet on it with the odds offered by the bookie. Newbies often place such stakes because it is easy and does not require any complex analysis or calculations.

Multiple Bet

A multi or parlay bet is a more tricky but interesting type. It involves several predictions on multiple events and outcomes that are brought together and placed as one stake. The complicated component is that in case of a loss of any of the predictions, others are considered as failed, so the whole stake is lost.

That is one of the reasons it is popular mostly among professionals. They do their homework and are prepared to make an accurate prediction based on sufficient analysis and other factors. 

How to Upload a Booking Code in ZEbet

Another perk of online betting is that any registered user can create a complex multi-bet and save it for the future. How can you do it? All you need is to build an actual bet. Once all the predictions are added to your bet slip, click on the “Book Betslip” option that you will see in red next to the “Place a Bet” button instead of confirming your bet.

You will receive a combination of signs that you would need to indicate in the corresponding field when you are ready to make a bet and confirm it. After you see the stake you created earlier, you can even make changes to it and only then provide an amount and confirm it. Such a convenient option allows punters to spend less time building a proper bet when they urgently need it.

How to Check Betslip in ZEbet

Once your stake is settled, you need to see the results of the match and your predictions. You can easily do that by opening your bet history. To do that, you should enter your gamer’s profile and visit the “My Bets” section. You will see a new window where you can check the results.

What Is the Minimum Bet?

ZEbet has very mild betting conditions. For instance, the minimum bet amount starts from 100 Naira. Even players with a modest budget can afford it.

Useful Recommendations: How to Place Successful Bets

As we are a team of professional bettors, our recommendations and the tips we managed to retrieve from other experts on how to make accurate bets may come in handy to you. In this section of our review, we will share some of the:

  1. Place live bets. A live mode is one of the best options ZEbet can offer you because it can increase the accuracy of your predictions. You need to be attentive to the situation that is going on the field to make a better prognosis in comparison to pre-match betting when guessing and making long calculations of possible situations takes a lot of time to do.
  2. Listen to the pros. Reading expert articles and reviews can help you dive into the world of professional sports.
  3. Explore a handicap market. Some tricky markets can be more profitable if you learn how they work. We recommend you consider a handicap option.
  4. Establish your budget before you begin. Never start betting if you don’t know your limits.
  5. Observe statistics. Learn how to examine the reports from previous games. That is the key to a better prognosis.

Additional Instructions on Sports Betting

To be more useful with our discoveries, we decided to give you a hand and tell a bit more about betting on particular popular sports where you can find lots of markets and various odds. Next, we will tell you about football and basketball wagering specifics.

How to Place Football Bets

Football or soccer is the top-played and loved sport worldwide. Therefore, it has a huge number of international and local events you can choose for betting. The process here differs only in the number of options, which makes it almost impossible for a newbie to succeed.

That is why we recommend you concentrate on popular teams and games. Limit your choices and try to learn more about a particular team and its opponent in the game. Try to build a combo bet and increase your odds. It will bring you more experience and boost your skills.

How to Place Basketball Bets

If you are a fan of basketball, as many Nigerian punters, select your game among others listed on the platform and make your choices. The top popular marketing options here are:

  • 1×2
  • Double chance
  • Total goals and others.

When you need to make the right choice, we also advise you to explore only one or two teams and, based on your analysis, make your stake.


Conclusion ZeBet

Summing up our examination of the ZEbet platform, we can tell that this bookmaker has a solid sportsbook and two available betting regimes, which is quite good. The number of options and matches is suitable for those Nigerian users who have only started exploring sports betting and for more profound players. The website provides a wonderful opportunity to win big and test various strategies.

Can you lose a 1X2 bet?

You will lose if you bet on a home team to win, and the other two options will happen. By the other two, we mean a draw (X) or an away team to succeed (2).

How do I enter a booking code on ZEbet?

You can look at the bet slip and indicate your booking code in the corresponding field. You won’t miss it.

How do I place my bet?

Open the bookmaker’s platform and log into your account. Visit the “Sports” section and select a game. Click on the odds to add your selections to a bet slip and provide an amount you would like to bet. Confirm your selection and wait for results.

How do I convert my ZEbet bonus to cash?

You need to read the offer description. Usually, the only option is to wager your bonus funds and then receive your winnings.

Can I withdraw 500 from ZEbet?

Unfortunately, the minimum possible withdrawal sum is 1,000 NGN at ZEbet. So, you need to win more to receive your money.

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