How to Use BetKing Bonuses in Nigeria

Bonuses are surely one of the things bettors, pros, and experts alike, adore the most! They seek out these offers on every site across the internet, but sometimes it takes just a little detail to make a sports bettor attracted to a platform in particular. Promotional offers are appreciated, obviously, for permitting bettors to spice up their experience and benefit from more cash than usual. But not all betting sites provide good offers with profitable promotions; some bookies lack those offers, which is kind of deceptive. However, today’s subject for analysis is the BetKing site, and as you may have understood, we are going to explore its bonus and promo collection. The company has been on the local market for almost 6 years now, which is surely worth reviewing its bonus library from A to Z. Let’s go!

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Types of BetKing Bonuses

Types of BetKing Bonuses

BetKing, just like many other companies, knows the right strategies to attract new clients. Sports bettors adore betting with bonuses and profiting from various promotional offers. That’s why the site managed to integrate a decent number of bonuses on its site that may be accessed by every registered member. 

  • 5 Times CashBack
  • Accumulator Offer
  • In-Play Cashout
  • Fantasy Mix

How to Claim BetKing Bonuses

How to Claim BetKing Bonuses

After quickly discovering the main bonuses of the platform, you are probably questioning yourself about how to obtain them. Don’t worry; receiving your bonuses will not take you more than a few minutes, but you still need to go through a specific procedure.

There are a few steps that you will be required to follow before proceeding to the part of the promo; they are not too complicated but are, without a doubt, necessary in order to proceed. Without further ado, we suggest taking a look at the procedure in detail.


The first thing you will be required to do in order to claim your bonuses is register on the site. If you already have an account, we hope that you have profited from your welcome offer since it is not possible to obtain it twice.

Obtaining any rewards or participating in betting activity will be impossible without a personal account on the platform, which is why it is a necessary step.

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Open the Website

Navigate to the BetKing website and look for the big blue “JOIN NOW” button.

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Enter your Personal Details

Tap on it and enter your phone number. Continue by clicking “NEXT” and follow the instructions.

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Verify your Account

Enter the code that was sent to your phone and verify it.


Every bonus is offered to members only after they make a deposit. If you do not wish to invest funds in your account, then you will not be able to profit from the offers either. Since most BetKing promotions are developed to be used on the website, it would be irrational to offer them to those who don’t invest. 

Making a deposit will not take much of your time, especially since the company has managed to provide a large selection of payment options. 

To invest funds:

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img card

Go to the BetKing website

Open the BetKing website. Log in to your account and navigate to the deposit page.

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Select your Payment Method

You will be able to choose the option that suits you best. Make sure to pick the familiar method.

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Enter your Payment Details

Tap on your preferred option and enter the amount you wish to deposit. Verify the transaction and wait for the funds to arrive.


After having registered on the platform and made your first deposit, you are finally ready to claim your first BetKing bonus. This procedure should not be very long, depending on the type of bonus you picked, obviously. 

Since the platform doesn’t provide any welcome offer, you may select any bonus of your choice in the “Promotions” section of the website. 

BetKing Bonus Terms and Conditions

BetKing Bonus Terms and Conditions

Every sports betting company has its own terms and conditions that were developed in order to regulate bettors’ activity on the platform and prevent fraudulent activity. BetKing is not an exception since the sportsbook also has certain rules that need to be respected in order to correctly profit from the site, and this also concerns bonuses.

The use of every bonus on the website is regulated by particular laws that bettors should take into account before participating in any offer. These regulations may be found in the “Promotions” part of the site when tapping on a specific bonus.

However, there are also general rules that apply to all promotions; among them, we may find classic betting regulations regarding time, minimum, maximum, and other specific requirements. Let’s take a look at the bonus terms and conditions in detail.

Always check the bonus time frames; this could save you your chance to get a nice offer.

Minimum and Maximum

Since BetKing fights dangerous behavior on its site, including fraudulent activity, it has established some restrictions regarding deposits. Most bettors don’t find these restrictions too disturbing since they appear to be convenient and don’t limit their activity much. However, it is necessary to remember that these regulations exist and that you will not be able to invest a sum lower than NGN 100 or higher than NGN 10,000,000. 

The minimum and maximum sum you can deposit varies from one payment method to another, which is why we suggest checking this information directly on the site when depositing. We should also warn you that some payment options require you to pay a specific fee for investing funds; usually, it’s around NGN 50. 


As you may have noticed, BetKing is a Nigerian company that was originally established there. At the moment, the organization mainly provides services in African countries, including Nigeria, Kenya, and Ethiopia, and doesn’t plan on expanding. 

This means that the sportsbook may not be accessed from other countries outside of Africa. Thereafter, all bettors from other nations may not register, deposit, or profit from bonuses on the platform. 

Hopefully, this situation will change for the better as soon as possible, and BetKing will make its platform accessible to other multinational players. 

Wagering Requirements

Some bonuses require specific conditions to be met in order to be activated; without respecting these conditions, the promotional offer, unfortunately, becomes useless. These sets of rules that permit the activation of a promo are usually not really harsh, but without them, it will be impossible to profit from the offer. 

Many bettors get disturbed by those rules since they don’t take the time to check them in advance before claiming a bonus, which is why we strongly recommend you have a look at promotions’ requirements before using them. 

Description of BetKing Bonuses

At the moment, the company provides only five different offers, but they are all very cool and appealing. Each of them permits you to obtain various types of benefits and rewards that may be used in order to place bets on the platform. Let’s take a closer look at them.

5 Times CashBack

This is surely the most appreciated offer on BetKing. 5 Times CashBack permits you to receive 50% Cashback on your first, 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 11th bets.

Terms and Conditions

All new customers are eligible for cashback. Check the table below to understand how it works.

Bet NumberEligibilityMax CashbackSettlement
1YUp to 5000 ₦airaLost
3YUp to 5000 ₦aira Lost
5YUp to 5000 ₦airaLost
7YUp to 5000 ₦airaLost
11YUp to 5000 ₦airaLost

How to Claim

To get the promo, simply place bets and wait till cashback appears on your account’s balance.

Accumulator Bonus

Nigerian bettors adore betting with accumulators. BetKing took that into account and introduced this amazing offer. Basically, accumulators are bets in which players may accumulate several events in a single bet slip and have the chance to bet on them in one go. This betting style permits increasing the odds of a wager by multiplying them. 

The Accumulator Bonus offers members the possibility of increasing the odds of their bet even higher, up to 225%. The bonus depends on the number of events added to a bet. The higher the number of events, the higher the bonus.

Terms and Conditions

To be eligible for this promotion, your accumulator bet should contain at least 5 events with odds 1,2, or higher.

How to Claim

Simply correctly predict 5 or more events in one betslip, and the bonus will be automatically credited to your account.

In-Play Cashout

This offer is more of an in-game promotion. It allows bettors to take out their funds before the end of the match they bet on. Cash Out is about the possibility of choosing not to risk and taking out a sum that may not jeopardize the budget of the bettor. By withdrawing money in advance, players have the chance to keep it safe. However, the amount taken out will never equal the amount placed and will always be smaller.

Numerous bookies have already integrated this feature, which means that it’s not really recent. However, BetKing, for one reason or another, decided to introduce it as a promotion. 

Terms and Conditions

Take note that not every bet is eligible for cashout. If it is, the corresponding icon will appear in your betslip.

How to Claim

Click on a corresponding icon in your betslip, and you will be all set.

Fantasy Mix

This promotional offer is just a game based on a combination of different matches. BetKing calls them “Fantasy Matches,” and they are basically real-life events combined based on real-life ones. Betting on this sort of match permits bettors to add more value to their bet slip and profit from higher odds than usual. 

Terms and Conditions

Same as with regular bets.

How to Claim

Simply proceed to the “Virtual” section of the website and place bets.

Tips and Tricks

BetKing: Tips and Tricks

Every bettor wishes to profit as much as possible from a promotional offer, which is absolutely normal. However, not all players have the necessary knowledge to appropriately use bonuses and benefit from them; unfortunately, that’s a very common issue among new bettors and members with very little experience in the sports betting industry.

Knowing the right tricks will surely save you some time and some money, prevent you from making foolish mistakes, and offer you a beneficial experience on the website. That’s exactly the reason why we decided to develop a short guide for our readers—to lend them a hand and share with them the most profitable advice. 

  • Check the “Promotions” section as often as possible. Missing out on a cool offer would be very deceiving, don’t you think? Most of the promotional offers on the site seem to be limited, which means that the period during which they are active could end at any moment. Seize the opportunities right away and don’t wait for the promotions to end; you could really lose your chance to benefit from a nice offer.
  • Keep track of the offers’ updates and news; you know that there is not only one offer on the site, right? The sportsbook often updates its promotions list, and you may discover lots of interesting and new bonuses that weren’t accessible before, so don’t forget to take a look regularly.
  • Be sure to always read the conditions and rules of each bonus before claiming it. Every offer has its particular nuances and regulations that must be respected in order to correctly profit from the offer. Many bettors find themselves lost when signing up for an offer that they can’t actually profit from or invest more funds than they actually planned. Knowledge is the key.
  • Profit from the advice of other experts. Many professionals share their strategies and tactics online, which means that you may freely access useful information that could help you profit from your betting more efficiently. Betting experts also often share their advice on forums, personal blogs, or social networks; that’s the perfect place to get in contact with them and benefit from their tips.
  • Try to use bonuses as often as you can since they are an incredible opportunity for increasing your chances of winning and spicing up your experience. With bonuses, you will be able to enhance your level of wagering and have the chance to take part in a cool betting adventure, so don’t forget about it.


BetKing: Conclusion

To sum up, we can definitely say that BetKing is a very cool platform in terms of promotional offers. Even if the website doesn’t provide a very wide array of bonuses, each of them permits bettors to profit from a very neat betting experience and increase their chances of winning. Besides, we noticed that the platform’s conditions for bonus activation are really user-friendly and don’t limit players much, including deposit minimums and maximums that seem pretty reasonable. We were surprised that the bookie didn’t include a welcome bonus in its collection, but we were pleased to see that this very popular offer was replaced by another one that doesn’t look too different in terms of advantages. We recommend this website to our readers and hope that the platform expands to other nations as well. In this article, we reviewed most of the information about BetKing bonuses, but if you still have some questions, please check out the FAQ below.

How do you get free bets on Betking?

Unfortunately, that’s not possible at the moment.

Does BetKing pay if one game cuts your ticket?

BetKing doesn’t have this feature.

What is the highest amount BetKing can pay?

It is 40,000,000 NGN.

Who owns Betking in Nigeria?

That’s Adekunle Adeniji.

Which bank is BetKing using?

BetKing has made multiple banks accessible for its users, depending on their payment method.

How do I play?

If you are new to the betting industry, we recommend you check out our article about how to bet on BetKing.

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