How Does System Bet Work in Bet9ja

Online betting today is diverse and attractive regarding several types of bets. One of them is the system bet. At first glance, a system bet may sound like an accumulator bet. However, it has an entirely different mechanism. Let’s discover system bets in detail and show examples of their usage on the leading Nigerian bookmaker Bet9ja. The article includes a description of the system bet, its pros and cons, tutorials on how to use this type of bet, and tips on maximizing your winnings with system bets. 

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Bet9ja in Nigeria: A Short Review 

Bet9ja in Nigeria: A Short Review

The first appearance of Bet9ja in the Nigerian betting industry was in 2013, and since then, it has gained extreme popularity, attracting hundreds of players. Moreover, Bet9ja has implemented numerous exclusive features for over a decade to make your betting experience diverse. Now, you can implement any of your strategies, including “system bets.” In addition, Bet9ja is generous with bonuses and promotions. They offer perks for beginners in the form of welcome bonuses and for regular bettors in the form of accumulator boosts, cut 1, loyalty programs, and many others. If you see Bet9ja as your future betting opportunity, read the following article on how to bet on Bet9ja online

What Is a System Bet at Bet9ja?

A system bet is a group of your wagers comprising several different selections. Add three or more selections to your betting slip to create a system bet and select “System Bet.” This works similarly to adding accumulators. However, here, you can lose on some of your bets and still win. The main difference is that you can choose your system and have the possibility to make a mistake and still win. With an accumulator, every lost game will result in the loss of your entire wager. As we said earlier, there are different types of system bets, such as ⅔, 2/4, ⅖, and special system bets, that we’ll talk about later on this page. 

How System Bets Work

Now, it’s time to talk about the types of bets and how they differ from each other. First of all, system betting allows us to receive quite profitable winnings. Of course, your winnings will depend on the odds of the games you choose. But by choosing a system stake, you can add several selections and increase your odds. And unlike accumulators, you can lose some events. In simple words, system bets combine your selected bets into groups. Yes, the events in a group depend on each other. And if one event in the group loses, you lose the entire group. But the other groups can bring you wins that will cover the losses from the first group. Let us see how the groups are combined in such wagers.. 

  • The first example is a system wager 2 out of 3. You take these different events and add them to the system wager. Then, three possible groups are created by mixing these three events. You have three games (A, B, C). The first group is A+B, the second is A+C, and the third is B+C. Ideally, all three games, A, B, and C win. But if the game “C” loses, you win A+B and still make a profit. And vice versa. Betting odds of all winning events are calculated together. The odds of lost events are subtracted. And if you achieve the break-even points, you’re profitable. 
  • The second example is a system wager 3 out of 4. Here, instead of adding three events, you can add four and create more combinations. All four selections are combined into a ¾ system stake. Here, all events (A, B, C, D) are mixed together. But each group now consists of three events. It looks like A+B+C, A+B+D, A+C+D and B+C+D.
  • There are other variations of system bets, but they all work in a similar way. To try them all, you can go to the sportsbook and add at least three selections to your betting slip. Then, change the wager setting from accumulator to system bet, select the type of bet, and specify the stake for each type. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of System Bets

System betting is perfect for players who want to focus on consistent wins and profits. It is also for players who are bored with single wagers but do not trust accumulators. A system bet is something in the middle, where you can place wagers on several sections but have less risk. So, let’s list the main benefits of system wagers and also mention the disadvantages of this type of betting.

  • Create your own betting style
  • Increase odds and payouts
  • Set higher maximum win limits
  • Lose the bets and still win money
  • Extend our minimum stake limits
  • Might be complex for beginners
  • Some bonuses are not available

As you can see, if you can learn the characteristics of such wagers, you will be very beneficial. Along with increased odds, you can have your own betting style, creating a strategy to bring you money. 

How to Place a System Bet at Bet9ja 

The mechanics of placing system bets are almost the same as for accumulators. However, some of the mechanics are different, so we’ve prepared a quick guide on how to place your wagers and what parameters you need to consider. 

Login to Your Account

Open the bookie’s website and go to the login section. Enter your credentials (login and password), and access your account. 

Open the Sportsbook

Go to the sportsbook, look through the available sports options, and find the games you want to wager on. 

Choose Your Betting Strategy and Add Selections

Click on at least three separate events and add them to your betslip. Always pay attention to the odds of each event and market. 

Turn on the Bet System Option

Once you add enough matches to your betslip, you need to change the wager type from multiple to system. Then, specify the amount for all groups or several. Press the “book bet” button. 

If the whole process of choosing the system wager settings looks complicated, and you’re not ready to start with this type of betting, there is a special betting calculator. Instead of using your mathematical skills, you can leave all the calculations to this program, which will help you with your combinations. It will show you if these selections fit into the system bet and your potential payouts. 

How to Calculate System Bets 

How to Calculate System Bets Bet9ja

The process of calculating your potential win, odds, and probabilities is a complex task. Luckily, modern sportsbooks calculate everything for you. You simply enter all the options you would like to have, and the built-in calculator will take the odds of each game and your chosen type of system wager and give you the results. It will show you the potential payouts and the overall odds. 

Recommendations to Win System Bets

Recommendations to Win System Bets Bet9ja

As you already know, system betting requires some knowledge of probabilities, odds, and payoffs. However, some strategies will help you get paid more often and have higher odds. They are called the X Factor strategy, Each Way strategy, and the High-Risk strategy. Let’s learn more about them.

  • Use X Factor Strategy. The idea is based mainly on betting on ties. It can be applied to all sports where the total score is not high, such as football. You will find matches where the teams have a high probability of drawing. Tied games almost always have odds greater than 2, so the balance between payouts and odds is perfect.
  • Use a High-risk strategy. This may sound like a worthless risk, but you can add some underdogs to your system wager and increase the overall odds. Your betting should not only consist of top teams (favorites) because if you only have favorites, the odds that affect the payout will not be high. 
  • Evaluate your odds correctly. Never take an inaccurate look at the odds of your system wagers. In fact, your main goal is to create the wager with the highest probability and the highest payout. So, make sure you choose some games with high odds and some games with average odds. The combination of them will create adequate payouts. 

Bet9ja Customer Support 

The flawless betting experience is what we all want when creating an account at a betting site. You always get this experience when betting at Bet9ja because it has an impressive contact page with all the necessary customer support methods. All methods are available 24/7, and the average response time is 2-5 minutes. Let’s have a look at the main ways to solve the problem.

Live Chat


Conclusion Bet9ja

In the article above, we’ve shown you examples of how to use system bets. There are essential tips and descriptions of this type of wager. If you want to delve deeper into professional betting, you can use this article as a tutorial. In general, a system bet is a good way to bet on several selections at once and increase your chances of winning. However, unlike accumulators, where all events are linked, you can create your own combinations and reduce the risk of losing your entire wager if one selection loses.


How is a system bet calculated?

A system wager is a transformer that allows you to determine the risk yourself. You can use the ⅔ or ¾, or another system and create a combination that matches your desired odds.

What is the system bet 5 of 7?

In a 5/7 system wager, at least 5 picks have to be correct for you to win the wager.

How does simulate bet work?

Simulated bets are just like real bets, but they take place in the virtual field based on real teams, where the result is generated randomly according to certain criteria.

Who won the highest money in Bet9ja?

Bet9ja’s biggest winner was announced in 2017, with a huge prize from an accumulated jackpot of over NGN 46 million.

What is an example of a system bet?

System wagers have several variations, such as Double Bet, Treble Bet, Trixie Bet, and dozens of other options. However, all of them create a mix of selections and determine their odds.

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