One of the most upsetting things for any bettor is when games are postponed, canceled, or even abandoned. You invested your hard-earned money in the hopes that your hours of research and fantastic odds would pay off. Then, unforeseen events put an end to that wager. Although it’s a pain in the backside, in most cases, you will not lose anything financially.

It’s crucial to understand right away that various betting companies have different policies for the same occurrences. There exist regulations that cover every course of events that may happen in practically every sport, even though there are many possible causes for a game to be paused, postponed, or canceled, such as weather, injury, illness, death, crowd unrest, security issues, etc.

In this article, we share some insights on postponed matches and how to handle them with dignity.

Betting on BetKing

Betting on BetKing

BetKing is quite a recent addition to the Nigerian online betting market, the child of SV Gaming Limited. Established in 2018, the bookmaker has successfully attracted millions of customers despite the intense competition in the Nigerian gambling sector. Additionally, BetKing has established a reputation by focusing on football with various betting options and competitive odds under this category. To complement its sporting offerings, the bookie has plenty of lavish bonuses for both new and seasoned players. BetKing also makes sure that new punters have no issues joining the platform by making the registration process as quick and easy as possible. In any case, we have a detailed guide on how to bet on BetKing that you can check.

Postponed Matches on BetKing

Postponed Matches on BetKing

Any match can be postponed when an unforeseen event makes it difficult to play. What does a bookmaker do with bets placed on postponed games? How does it respond to bets placed by its customers? If you’ve been around the Nigerian betting community for a while, you’ve likely experienced some postponed games. But don’t worry, we’ve covered all you need to know about these annoying match delays and how they affect your bets placed on BetKing Nigeria. In this post, we’ll discuss postponed matches and how BetKing handles them. We’ll also talk about the rules that apply to postponed games and what happens to your stakes. 

Reasons to Postpone or Cancel the Game

Obviously, games can be postponed or canceled due to a number of factors. Below, we list the most common of them.


Since most games are being played outside, weather patterns matter. Unfavorable weather is one of the primary causes for games being postponed, much like games that are canceled after they have already begun. Because their facilities are inferior to those used by the top clubs, lower league games typically suffer the most when games are canceled due to severe weather. 

Before the match, the pitch must be inspected by the match officials, who must determine if it is playable or not.

Security Issues

A security issue is one of the most concerning justifications for postponing a game. Unfortunately, this has been happening more and more lately. No one would want to jeopardize their personal security to watch a game, even though football fans are naturally always unhappy when they can’t see a game in progress. 

Other Commitments

One of the most common causes for a match to be postponed is when one of the clubs scheduled to participate has another commitment with a higher priority level.

Force Majeure

Three years ago, COVID-19 triggered the cancellation or postponement of the largest sporting events until further notice. The unforeseen epidemic devastated the sports business. However, several events were postponed for somewhat different causes. The 1975 Chess World Championship did not begin because the competitors disagreed with the setup of the competition. Many big tournaments throughout history were canceled because of wars, especially during World Wars.

How Are Postponed Matches Processed

On BetKing, unless declared otherwise, if a match is postponed or abandoned, all wagers related to it will remain open until midnight of the day following the match day.

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Types of Postponed Matches on BetKing

Types of Postponed Matches on BetKing

When a game is postponed, neither the game nor any live markets ever start at the scheduled time. The start time is crucial because it distinguishes a postponed contest from a canceled one.

A contest that has been postponed will eventually need to be replayed. For instance, if a Premier League match is postponed before kickoff, it will eventually need to be rescheduled. Otherwise, these two clubs will play fewer games than the rest of the teams, making the competition unfair.

Abandoned Matches

A game that started but never finished is known as an abandoned match. In this case, the match started, but for some reason, the referee had to stop the game and end the match. From a betting perspective, if a game is abandoned, all unpaid bets will be deemed void, and you will receive your initial stake back. All resolved markets and bets will stay settled, and your wager will either have won or lost.

For instance, the market has not yet been settled; therefore, if you bet on the right score of 1-0, but the game is abandoned during the 75th minute due to a flooded field, your bet will be considered void, and you will receive your money back.

Delayed Matches

Games that begin later than expected due to unexpected circumstances are known as delayed matches. Why do these delays occur? Well, it may be poor weather, a team that doesn’t show up, or other unforeseen situations. While everyone waits to see if things resume normally, the game comes to a complete halt. BetKing has a strategy since the bookie understands how stressful waiting can be.

Your Match Was Postponed: Next Steps

BetKing Your Match Was Postponed: Next Steps

If your game was postponed, all bets on this game will be considered void.

Refund Your Stake

The bookmaker will automatically refund your stake and send it back to your account. If your funds do not arrive within the day, contact BetKing customer care managers to find out what happened to your stake.

Other Options

Once your stake has been refunded, you can wait till the bookie announces the new schedule for the game. Then, double-check all the details of the upcoming match and see for yourself if you are interested in placing a bet on this very game. We share some tips on which points to consider if your match is postponed.

What Happens to Your Bet on a Postponed Game

BetKing What Happens to Your Bet on a Postponed Game

Below, we share a set of rules that apply to void and postponed games on BetKing. 

Postponed and Void Matches on BetKing: Rules

Postponed and Void Matches on BetKing: Rules
  • Bets are considered void, and stakes are reimbursed to players if a match is not played. 
  • Unless otherwise stated for certain sports/bet types, where an event is officially postponed or abandoned, all bets related to that event will be deemed valid if the event takes place and is completed before midnight of the day following the date originally established for the match. If it is not completed within the mentioned period, bets related to the event will be void. 
  • A leg of a multiple bet that includes a void selection will be void, but the other legs of the bet will proceed normally.
  • If a match is postponed or abandoned, any wagers on that event will stay active until midnight on the day after the match’s original planned date, unless otherwise specified. 
  • All wagers on the event will be ineffective if it doesn’t occur or isn’t finished by that point, with the exception of wagers on markets that have already been determined, which will stand.
  • Bets will still stand if an event is held at a different location than the one that was originally announced as long as the location does not change from the home stadium of the targeted team to that of their opponent (or, in the case of international matches, as long as the location stays in the same nation). However, BetKing has the right to void any wager in cases where the bookie believes that a change in the location has had a major impact on the odds for that game.

How to Check for Updates on Rescheduled Matches

BetKing How to Check for Updates on Rescheduled Matches

If a game is rescheduled, do not worry. You can get updates about the next schedule via several means. We list them below. Additionally, it is crucial for gamblers to check often the status of the bets they have made on the BetKing platform. Just sign in and go to the My Bets section. To find out if any bets have been canceled, check your betting history. If so, you should check if the money from the void bet has been added to your account balance. A void bet means the bettor will not win or lose any money, so keep that in mind.

Via Social Media

Since BetKing is aware of how much we adore social media, the bookie does its best to keep its channels current with the most recent information on match schedules. To remain up to date, simply follow their official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Turn on the alerts so as not to miss any crucial updates. 

Via Customer Care

BetKing offers really efficient customer care. Their dedicated staff of professionals, who are available 24/7, will respond to your inquiries in no time. Their speed of reaction is outstanding. The bookie can be contacted in a number of ways. Use live chat, WhatsApp, or email to express your worries and troubles. If you have any urgent questions about the upcoming matches, contact BetKing customer support managers via the live chat.

Betting Tips for Rescheduled Matches

BetKing Betting Tips for Rescheduled Matches
  • Consider the consequences. Teams can be impacted in several ways by postponed games. They can be losing steam or getting some much-needed rest. When setting your stakes, consider these factors and any potential effects the timetable shift may have on a team’s performance.
  • Keep an eye on the odds. The odds for postponed matches are loose. To determine whether your position has any worth or whether you should think about cashing out or placing a fresh wager, keep an eye on the odds both before and after the postponement.
  • Mind the players. In certain cases, a delay indicates that important players are back in the game or may still be sitting on the bench. When a match is postponed, take note of who will be participating and who won’t since this might alter the outcome of the match.
  • Have a backup plan. Flexibility is essential in the realm of sports betting. Therefore, plan out a few other stakes in case your scheduled game is postponed. In this manner, you won’t be taken by surprise and can maintain the thrill.
  • Stay aware. Keep yourself updated by keeping an eye on the news. You may follow BetKing on social media, sign up for their newsletter, or even set up Google alerts for the teams you bet on. You may choose your stakes more wisely if you are aware of when a game is postponed.


BetKing Conclusion

As we mentioned earlier, if your bet is considered void, your money is typically refunded, which means you neither gain nor lose. There are several circumstances that might result in a bet being annulled, but just a few typical ones need to be mentioned. Weather patterns play a significant role while scheduling outdoor matches such as cricket, tennis, and golf. Other sports, especially football and athletics, can be called off if a pitch or track is waterlogged or frozen. Abandoning sports events for causes other than bad weather is also common but not nearly as frequent. In this article, we shared the algorithm you need to follow if your bet on BetKing is postponed.

How does a match get abandoned?

Here is a brief explanation of the distinctions between a match that has been abandoned and one that has been postponed before we address the primary query. While abandoned games are halted mid-play, postponed matches never begin. For instance, when it rains during a Wimbledon match, the game may be called off.

Do you get your money back if a match is abandoned?

Yes, you will get your money back in full.

What happens if a football match is abandoned after 80 minutes?

It depends on the reason why the match was abandoned. It’s better to contact the bookmaker’s customer support team to find out more.

Can an abandoned match be replayed?

Yes, but it depends on the reason why the match was abandoned in the first place. We suggest that you contact customer care to find out more about this particular match.

What are the rules for abandoned matches on BetKing?

A scheduled match that is abandoned before the end of the match will render all bets invalid. However, the wager will stand if the result of it was already known when it was abandoned.

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