Bet9ja is a Nigeria-based company, which has earned a reputation as a reliable bookmaker, offering users the opportunity to bet on sports and play casino, providing numerous exciting promotions and bonuses, and a user-friendly betting platform. Understanding the process of funding an account is essential for a delightful Bet9ja experience. It acts as the gateway to access the entire platform, allowing you to start playing and betting. Today, we’ll describe in detail the deposit process using Ecobank.

Quick Look at Bet9ja Deposit Methods

The collection of payment methods at Bet9ja is among the largest and most diverse in Nigeria and Africa. The company has done everything to suit specific deposit preferences of customers, ensuring that there’s a convenient method for every bettor. Below you can find the list of general methods accessible to users:

  • USSD Deposits
  • Opay
  • Astropay
  • Payment Systems
  • Bank Apps and Deposits
  • ATM Deposits
  • QR Code

If you want to learn more about how to deposit money into your Bet9ja account and explore various methods, follow the link to find answers in our article. Right now, we’ll focus on the payment method through Ecobank and provide a guide for it.

Funding With Eco Bank

Funding With Eco Bank Bet9ja

The primary method to fund your Bet9ja account via Ecobank is through NIBSS e-BillsPay, a specialized electronic billing payment system in Nigeria. NIBSS e-BillsPay offers two deposit options for your Bet9ja account: via Ecobank’s online platform and at Ecobank branches. We’ll provide a step-by-step guide for both of them.

Please note! Depositing through NIBSS eBillsPay incurs a fee of NGN 100.

How to Deposit via Online Banking Platform

To make a deposit through Ecobank’s Website, follow these steps.

Step 1

Visit Ecobank’s official website and log in to the online system.

Step 2

Navigate to the Payment & Collection section, find the NIBSS eBillsPay option, and follow the instructions step by step. Ultimately, you’ll be directed to the NIBSS site.

Step 3

On the NIBSS website, type “Bet9ja” in the search field and choose “BET9JA” from the options provided.

Step 4

Enter your User ID (located in the upper-right corner of the site upon logging in) and proceed by selecting “Continue.”

Step 5

Check the details, input the sum, and then press “Continue.”

Step 6

Check out the payment data and select “Pay” to proceed.

Step 7

After that the page will be redirected back to the bank’s website to authenticate the operation. Input the token and press “Submit” to finalize the process.

Bonus Up to 170%

How to Deposit at Bank Branch

Another way to fund your deposit via Ecobank involves visiting the bank in person. Let’s now outline the step-by-step procedure if you’ve chosen this method.

Step 1

Come to the Ecobank branch.

Step 2

Complete a deposit form with the specified information: 

  • Account Name (Bet9ja)
  • Account No (your ID which is located in the top-right corner when logged in)
  • Amount (the amount of money you desire to deposit)

Step 3

Ask the consultant to make payment by NIBSS eBillsPay.

Step 4

Once the transaction is verified by the consultant, your Bet9ja account will receive an immediate deposit.

Make sure to hold onto the bank’s issued receipt in case there are any questions later on.


Conclusion Bet9ja

Funding your Bet9ja account via Ecobank provides convenient options, either through their online platform or by visiting a branch. Both methods aim to make your betting experience smoother. The main thing is not to forget your ID and remember about the charge. Get started and enjoy hassle-free betting!

Is it possible to deposit my Bet9ja account with Ecobank?

Yes, it definitely is.

How to deposit money on Bet9ja by Ecobank?

You can make a deposit using the online website of Ecobank or by visiting Ecobank’s branch.

What service charge do I have to pay using Ecobank to fund Bet9ja?

The amount of charge is NGN 100.

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