Betking is one of Nigeria’s most popular betting sites, thanks to its diverse sports betting options and competitive odds.  To place bets and increase your chances of winning, you must fill in a ticket with your selected games. Before you start thinking, “That’s another hurdle before I can make my stake.” We are here to tell you it’s an easy process and will break it down into manageable steps even a baby could follow. However, before checking Betking coupon, let us briefly discuss the platform. 

Betking Overview

Betking Overview

Established in 2018 by SV Gaming Limited, the platform continues to reign as one of Nigeria’s top online betting sites. With brand ambassadors like the legendary Jay Jay Okocha, the action-packed platform has quickly climbed up the leaderboards in Nigeria. This rise in popularity is not by accident.

The company offers many sports betting options, easy deposit methods, bonuses, high betting odds, and cash-out offers. 

My Nigerian people, you can rest assured that everything is up and up with this establishment. They have licenses to operate in Nigeria from the Lagos State Lotteries Board, Anambra State Gaming Company, and a sports licensure issued by the Osun State Government. 

Want to start playing now? Read our breakdown on how to book a game on Betking.

What Is a Betking Coupon Code?

Also known as a betslip code, it is an 18-digit unique number-alphabet combination assigned to every ticket generated. It is a reference code that identifies your bet and contains all the relevant information. But what’s the big deal, you ask? A coupon code is the only way to claim your winnings. Without it, you are out of luck.

Additionally, you can use it to book selections and place bets on them at a later time.

How Does It Work?

It’s simple. A betting booking ID is generated after placing your bet on a football game. This ID is what you take to either a shop if the stake was made in a physical store or online to cash out your winnings. It is used to verify your bet and pay out your money. 

Why Do You Need One?

So, why is it necessary? Besides serving as your ticket to claiming your winnings, this feature is beneficial as it allows users to easily stay on top of their bets from any device or account through SMS and USSD codes. You can view your betting history and monitor your wins and losses. 

How To Check the Betslip on Betking 

How To Check the Betslip on Betking 

The Platform knows Nigerian players want fast and easy ways to check their booking codes. The online betting site has provided several options for bettors to get the info they need quickly. Let us look at the Bet ID checker options below:

Checking Your Betking Booking Code Via PC

One of the most popular ways Nigerians place their bets online is via laptops or PCs. With that in mind, follow these quick steps to check your ticket on this betting platform:

  1. Visit
  2. Look for a prominent section on the right side of the webpage labeled “COUPON TOOL.” It should stand out and be easily identifiable.
  3. Select the option that says “Verify Coupon.” This is typically a clickable link or button.
  4. You’ll be prompted to enter your Ticket ID, which is a unique reference number associated with your bet. This ID is usually found on your betting slip or receipt.

Via Mobile Phone

Many Nigerian bettors like betting from mobile devices. They can easily verify their tickets on it. There are multiple ways you might go about it:

Using SMS

If you have no internet connection, don’t worry; you can still check your bets. To view your result, you only need to send your ticket ID to 29070 by SMS.

In minutes, you should receive a text with all the information about your bet.


This is another quick way to get your betting info without an internet connection. To do this, follow the steps below: 

  1. Dial *375# on your device. 
  2. You will receive USSD options; select “COUPON STATUS.”
  3. Enter your Booking ID, and the info will be sent to you in a message. 

Betking Old Mobile Coupon Check

Before all these new methods of checking the status of your bet, many Nigerian bettors relied on the mobile version of Betking and the mobile lite version. The modern days are more accessible and do not require an internet connection; the old ways still work just as well as before. 

Suppose you check your booking ID with the older version. In that case, you should: 

  1. Choose either the mobile or mobile lite version and log in 
  2. At the bottom of your you will see Book a bet; click on it 
  3. You will be asked to insert your booking key and display the info.
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Common Booking Code Mistakes and Solutions 

Betking Common Booking Code Mistakes and Solutions 

Regarding booking code Verification, accuracy is vital. It can be frustrating to input the wrong code and lose your bet. How do you make sure you get it right? Follow these tips:

Double-Check the Code.

First and foremost, ensure the ticket ID is 18 digits long. It might seem obvious, but it’s easy to mistype a number or leave one out altogether. 

Double-checking the key might seem a no-brainer, but it’s worth repeating. Before hitting the submit button, take a second to review the ID you’ve entered. This small step can save you a lot of headaches in the long run.

Get In Touch With Customer Care.

If you’re having trouble retrieving your Betslip code, don’t panic. The website provides instructions for finding your key, and there’s always customer service available to help. Don’t know how to reach out?  Here’s how:



Betking Conclusion

Navigating the world of sports betting has never been more accessible in Nigeria, thanks to the user-friendly booking ID system that streamlines checking and managing your bets. As one of Niegria’s premier gambling platforms, it has solidified its reputation by offering various sports options, competitive odds, and reliable customer support.

How do you get a coupon?

When you place a bet, a coupon code is generated for your betslip automatically.

How to read coupon codes?

On your ticket ID, you will see an 18-digit alphanumeric combination.

How do you use a coupon code?

To use a booking code, you present it at a Betking shop for physical bets or input it online when prompted during the betting process.

How do I check my Betking game?

You can verify your match by visiting the website and using the “COUPON TOOL” to confirm your Ticket ID.

How do you enter a coupon code?

Once you have your bet ID, enter it letter by letter or save it on your clipboard. You can paste it in the provided section.

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