Nigerian bettors are hard to impress with quality betting platforms. There are really many quality offers on the local market. Therefore, high competition encourages all participants to develop actively. The BangBet Nigeria platform is no exception. In this review, we will analyze the features of registration on the platform and give some recommendations to beginners.

How to Register BangBet Account

How to Register BangBet Account

Like other bookmakers, BangBet requires mandatory registration to access bets and casinos. It is a logical requirement because the law prohibits betting for underage users, and in this way, bookmakers ensure compliance with the law. Therefore, if you want to start making money on bets, you will first have to register. 

Creating an account is simple, and you can use the website or mobile application. Both registration methods provide the same opportunities, so choose based on your own convenience.

How to Register on the Website

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How to Register on the Website

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Visit Website

At the very first glance, the BangBet website impresses with its concise and minimalistic design. It looks modern and attractive. You can easily recognize the corporate identity of the bookmaker by the yellow and black color scheme. The registration and login block are at the top of the page on the right. It allows you to create an account in two ways.

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Option One

The first method involves registering by phone number: 1. Click Register. 2. Enter your phone number and the password you created in the open window. 3. Click Create Account. 4. The system will send a one-time password to your phone number. 5. Enter it and confirm registration.

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Option Two

This method is suitable for those who have a Facebook account: 1. Click Login on the main page. 2. In the window that opens, select Login via Facebook. 3. Allow the site to access your account information. 4. Click Login.

Both methods take only a few minutes and do not cause any difficulties.

Welcome Bonus and Free Bets

How to Register in the App

More and more users prefer mobile betting. It’s really convenient: you can place bets and track results anywhere and anytime. Therefore, creating an account in the application is becoming an increasingly frequent choice. Unfortunately, the BangBet app is currently only available to Android users.

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How to Register in the App

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Download the App

Open the BangBet website and choose to download the app.

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Choose the Option

You can scan the QR code, type the link in the address bar of your browser, or click the “Download App” button.

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Register the Account

The registration process in the application is identical to the registration on the website: choose to register, enter the requested data, and confirm.

Now you can use your account for betting and playing casino games.

Account Verification

Bangbet Account Verification

The law imposes special requirements on the betting business, so bookmakers are forced to request user verification. This measure is designed to prevent the registration of underage users and persons prohibited by law from betting. The verification process is fast and uncomplicated. Simply upload a photo or scan of your identity document. After verification, the system will remove all restrictions after validation, and you can withdraw funds.

Registration Tips and Tricks

Bangbet Registration Tips and Tricks

As you can see, anyone can register an account on the BangBet platform. However, not everyone stays in the service. Some users give up after the first setbacks and say goodbye to betting forever. We have prepared several recommendations so you do not fall into their number. So, how to bet on BangBet?

BangBet Betting Markets

First, understand the types and types of bets. It is the most essential part of a bettor’s success. If you do not know how the system works, your chances of winning tend to be zero. On the BangBet platform, you can place a single or multi-bet. You can also combine bets into a system to increase the chances of winning and minimize possible losses.

We recommend starting with single bets and only in the sport you are well versed in. Only your knowledge and experience as a fan will help you make the correct prediction and win money. Once you have fully mastered the simple betting options, you can move on to their combinations.

A multi-bet is more challenging to calculate, but it will bring much more money if successful. The advice is the same: choose events whose outcome you can predict with the maximum probability.

Love for sports can bring not only pleasure but also money. Cappers come up with new game systems for bookmakers. Unfortunately, there are no win-win betting strategies. However, choosing the right strategy can minimize losses and increase the chances of making a stable profit. Be sure to study the most common strategies and choose your best option.

BangBet Bonus Programs

When registering, users receive a welcome bonus. Its conditions may change as the creators of BangBet constantly experiment and try to make the offer even more profitable. Currently, the welcome bonus is a free bet equal to NGN 100. Under the promotion terms, you can bet on a specific match selected by the system.

Regular users also receive great deals. For example, a bet boost of up to 600% is valid for multi-bets with four or more legs and odds from 1.2. Each next bet added to the selection will bring you a 5% increase in boost. In this way, you can collect up to 50 bets.

Bet Settings

To become a successful player, you need to understand the odds. For ease of understanding, let’s consider that the probability is measured in numerical values from 0 (an event will never happen) to 1 (an event is guaranteed to happen). The possibilities of any other potential outcomes for this event are somewhere on a scale between the above two extremes of the quantity we are measuring. However, the situation in the betting business is somewhat different.

In simple terms, the coefficients do not reflect the actual probabilities of specific outcomes of an event. The amount by which the implied probability differs from 100% is the bookmaker’s margin added in that particular market.

This information is crucial for any bettor trying to find a value bet, as the margin indicates the actual cost of placing a bet with that bookmaker. Using implied probability to calculate a bookmaker’s margin is a simple and advantageous technique, as almost no bookmaker publicly discloses their margin.

The ability to calculate the probability and understand the origin of the odds is an integral part of becoming a player because, thanks to this, you can independently calculate the expected frequency of the occurrence of an event (thus starting to form your odds), and then compare the probabilities of future events you receive with the available odds.

To determine your potential win, perform a simple multiplication operation: Your bet amount X decimal odds.

Customer Support on BangBet

Customer Support on BangBet

A good support service is another argument in favor of choosing BangBet. In the live chat, experienced specialists are always ready to help you with any difficulties. In addition, you can call the call center at 018883319 or email No message is left unanswered.

Is BangBet Legal?

The BangBet platform operates in full compliance with Nigerian laws. The management company has National License No. 0001033, which gives her the right to engage in betting activities in the country. It means the service is entirely legal, and you can use it without fear.


bangbet Conclusion

The BangBet service made the most favorable impression on us. Starting with a clean design and fast page loading and ending with an efficient support service. Evidently, the bookmaker cares about its users and tries to provide them with the most comfortable conditions for betting. The disadvantage is the lack of an application for iOS users who have to use the mobile version of the site. Generally, the service quality is high, so feel free to register and try yourself as a bettor.


How do I register for BangBet by SMS?

The official site BangBet in Nigeria gives no information about the availability of SMS registration.

What is the minimum deposit for BangBet?

The minimum deposit depends on the method you choose. The smallest possible top-up amount is NGN100, and the maximum is NGN 9,999,999. You may also have the question, “How do I withdraw from BangBet?” so learn this information in advance.

Can I bet without bank account?

Yes, you can bet without a bank account. BangBet supports the OPay Money payment system, which is an electronic wallet. So if you have funds on your balance, you can make a deposit without opening a bank account.

Can I withdraw my free bet?

You cannot cash out a free bet. However, you can cash out any winnings from that bet. Carefully read the bonus wagering rules, as the withdrawal depends on fulfilling all conditions.

What is the benefit of BangBet?

BangBet is a great betting platform. It provides users with comfortable conditions, offers high odds, and a vast selection of betting markets. Mobile app betting is also convenient. And if you run into difficulties, experienced support staff are always ready to help. Add a great bonus program to this, and you will understand why you should pay attention to this bookmaker.

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