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What if I bet on the 1xBet website and have no clue how to get my winnings fast? Or which game has the highest RTP rate? Or where can I seek help with logging and sign-up procedures? All these and many other questions can be directed to only one source – 1xBet customer care. Here in the 1xBet review prepared by our editorial team, we will let you know more details about the bookmaker’s support. 

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

Whenever any of the punters face problems with the gambling platform, support is here to help. Customer care can be reached via several options. 1xBet application, mobile and desktop websites provide a similar set of communication options. However, depending on the type of problem, punters can apply various available options to solve their issues.

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Issues and Queries

What problems can arise while you are playing on 1xBet? You will be surprised, but nothing is perfect, and from time to time, you will have minor or bigger problems of various natures. One of the customer care goals is to provide assistance and find a quick solution so your gaming and user experience will be fine.

Punters can send their queries, complaints, questions and report bugs and other technical problems they face. As long as your issue is connected with 1xBet, it is vital for support. Do not hesitate to ask.

For example, if you need to send a complaint or request some additional information, you need to do the following.

  1. Open 1xBet app or a website.
  2. See the icon that says “Ask A Question” sign at the bottom right of the page. Or click on “Contacts” to see other connection channels.
  3. Write your request and click on the send button to direct it to support.

The process is easy and can be done via any mobile device. You do not require registration to ask your questions.

Waiting Time & Accessibility

When you require urgent help, getting an instant reply from the support team is vital. Is it so on 1xBet? Yes, and that is why the bookie has live support on its platform available via a mobile device or via a laptop.

The waiting time can be extended if you use email or try to contact care via the form on the website. Either way, the fastest option is to call, and the most convenient one is to write to a live chat. Support is available at any suitable time because the operators work non-stop.

How to Reach Support

1xbet How to Reach Support

The 1xBet platform provides its punter with several supporting options. Even new unregistered users can apply to clear up some information. This part of the review is dedicated to each option and explains all the specifics.

Communication Channels

The 1xBet company offers its players to use the following communication methods in case they need help and guidance:

Live Chat

Each of the options is safe and relatively fast. You can choose whichever you like. Here is more information on every method.


One of the proven ways to get help is to send a letter where you can describe your problem in full. It is mostly used by punters who wish to keep all their communications in one place. It is easier that way to track the solving of some complicated issues.

The 1xBet company offers an array of emails where punters can send their questions, queries and requests based on the reason for application. Here are the addresses provided by the bookie:

  • Security department email security-en@1xbet-team.com
  • The public relations and advertising address is marketing@1xbet-team.com 
  • Partnership queries for online services: b2b@1xbet-team.com 
  • Partnership queries for betting shops: retail@1xbet-team.com 
  • Finances email: accounting@1xbet-team.com 
  • Privacy policy officer: police@1xbet-team.com 

Each of the emails serves to enhance the quality and the speed of the communication between users and support operators. Therefore, punters better direct their messages in accordance with this range of choices. 


One of the fastest, however, not so often, options is to call support and resolve it right here and now. But in some cases, the line may be overloaded, and you’d still need to wait. Also, it might cost you some money. 

Live Chat

Live chat is a vital part of the website. Even if you do not have an account, you can write your query and receive an instant reply. It is available at any convenient time. You can start a conversation by saying “hello,” and an operator will reply in seconds.

Website Form

The last but also handy option is to fulfill a contact form on the website and send your question. The support team will process it and send you a reply to your email. It is located in the “Contacts” section.”

Social Presence

1xbet Social Presence

1xBet has pages on the trendiest social platforms, like Facebook and Twitter.  You can read all the latest news and updates there and also write your questions and read feedback from other players and participants. Anyway, it is more dynamic to follow 1xBet on social media to get involved in its current new promotions, new game releases, and other topics.

1xBet Nigeria

Type of Issues & Solutions

1xbet Type of Issues & Solutions

While players enjoy betting on sports and playing casino games, some errors may happen. Or you might be having trouble with your authorization on the website, updating your app, and other issues. Here is our list of all the common inconveniences that might occur:

  1. Wrong information input. When you log in or approve your financial transactions, it might happen that the data you type into the field, for example, your account number or else. We recommend our readers double-check all the information to avoid mistakes and any blocks.
  2. Technical bug. If your page is displayed incorrectly or your games have frozen during the play, it is time to report to support them. It is impossible to resolve this on your own. Thus explain the situation to an operator who can send it further to a technical specialist.
  3. Poor Internet. If you cannot open 1xBet, the first thing to check is the quality of your Internet connection. In case it is unstable, try to find a spot with better Wi-Fi or reception from your provider.
  4. Long Payout. Depending on the term and conditions and the chosen method of payment. You can check this information in the payments section or try to specify the question via support.
  5. The account is not working. Sometimes, it might happen due to the wrong data input. In other cases, there is a 99% probability of a bad connection or a technical issue on the website.
  6. Website updates. It is an uncommon problem for 1xBet; however, in case you cannot open the platform or reach it and see a notice informing visitors about some works currently active on the portal, meaning you have to wait a bit. Usually, such operations do not take long.

Summing Up

1xbet Summing Up

Hope you stayed satisfied and enjoyed the review. We tried to uncover each aspect of the support theme, so you would know where to go in case of emergency. Basically, the set of contact options is quite broad. Depending on the type of your problem, you can select what is best.

It is great when you can receive fast and helpful assistance when you need it. So all the communication channels are accessible 24/7. Players can feel fully protected with such strong support that is reachable at any moment. The processing time varies from instant replies to several minutes. Mainly that depends on the option you prefer to use for your inquiry.

Is there a contact form for queries in 1xBet?

Yes, you can find it by clicking on the “Contacts” section in the footer.

Who can help me to select the game?

Try to visit the “Casino” category and see the games sorted out by provider and by categories. For instance, you can click on “Best from PlayTech.”

Are there any bonuses on 1xBet for casino lovers?

Sure, 1xBet casino has a huge set of bonuses and promotions for punters. Newbies and regulars can choose whatever they want, fulfill the requirements and obtain their rewards.

Can I call 1xBet?

Yes, you can do it when you like. The phone number is 08000077777. You might be on hold for a minute or so before you will be connected with an operator.

Does 1xBet Bookie have pages on social networks?

Yes, you can visit its Facebook and Twitter pages. They are available for Nigerian punters. There you can observe comments from other players and get more knowledge about the promotions and new games.

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