The Best Telegram Channels for Sports Betting Tips

Nigerian punters are a keen bunch. They are always looking for new ways to improve their sports betting skills and make this process as profitable as possible. This is precisely why Telegram sports betting tips channels, groups, and bots are currently on the rise. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most reputable and safe media as well as judge how these new methods fare compared to traditional tipsters and good-old analysis.

Telegram Betting Channels 2023

Firstly, let us take a look at some of the Telegram channels, which, in our opinion, provide punters with correct predictions most of the time with a decent success rate.

  • Betwizards Maxbet
  • Betfair
  • Bet365: Accurate Betting Reports

These channels have proven to be entirely accurate and reliable, unlike some others with a huge number of disadvantages, such as limited event coverage and late release of predictions. Thankfully, our selection does not possess such problems. In fact, the channels that we have labeled as the best have a number of advantages to them, placing them far ahead of the competition.

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Rating Criteria

Rating Criteria

When picking the channels for our selection, we have devised a number of criteria to help us rank them more fairly and accurately. Below, you will find said criteria as well as an explanatory bit that will help you better understand our line of thought. We tried to stay as objective as possible, and we think we did an excellent job on that front, limiting the number of opinionated takes to just a mere few.

Track Record and Accuracy

The first criterion we would like to mention is the track record of the tipster. By which, we mean a certain percentile of predictions that turned out to be correct. To make it to the top five, a channel should have at least 80% prediction accuracy; otherwise, it would not be reliable and provide almost no value to punters.

Cost of Subscription

One of the most important things is the cost of a subscription to a channel if there is one. Some tipsters offer their services for free (aside from the constant stream of advertisements) but usually those are not very reliable. Still, the lesser the cost, the bigger the value but more on that in a bit.

Support and Customer Relations

Good sports betting channels should not only provide support to their customers but also take responsibility for their predictions. This is why we have also considered this criterion when ranking the tipsters.

Progress Reports and Overall Clarity

We have already mentioned the accountability that the channel should hold to its customers, this can be also viewed through a lens of the general clarity of the tipster. Progress reports, acknowledgment of mistakes, and the willingness to talk and be clear with the customers are invaluable things in an industry filled with fraudulent people.

Provided Value

The most important criterion is, of course, the overall value that you get. It is easily calculated by comparing the cost of a subscription to the accuracy of predictions and the turnover you can get from them. To make it into the top five, a tipster should provide a value of at least 150%.

The Best Telegram Channels for Betting Tips

Now, let us get to the juicy part, an actual list of the best betting tips on Telegram channels with the added commentary specifying their exact placement.


Opening our list of the best sports betting Telegram channels is Betfair, a relatively recently founded platform with almost 300 thousand subscribers. With precisely 80% accuracy and a reasonable entry fee of 1000 Naira with a later subscription cost of 500 Naira, this tipster provides excellent value and is definitely worth checking out.


The channel provides its subscribers with accurate sports predictions. With followers of over 330 thousand, an excellent support team, and an accuracy of 82%, there are only a few channels that can beat it. It is available for punters from any part of the world, including Nigeria.


Available only in countries where sports betting has been legalized, this tipster is dedicated to bringing punters only the most correct predictions. The accuracy rate is 86% which is awesome but the quality of services, available free month trial, and an almost complete lack of annoying advertisements make it one of the best sports betting Telegram channels currently.


This particular channel provides punters with information and results of fixed matches. So far, they have never been wrong, and their accuracy is a solid 100%. But due to the fact that those matches are kind of rare, the value you get is, although guaranteed, still lower than with our number one contender.


Finally, we reached the number one spot. The best of the best. It’s Betwizards Maxbet, a new player on the market with a whopping 96% accuracy rate, a free month’s trial, and incredible customer care service. By joining them, you will see your results go up exponentially, and the value you get is simply astonishing.

Specialized Telegram Sports Betting Tipsters

Along with the generally best sports betting Telegram channels, there are those which specialize in one particular sport and are deserving of your attention if you are someone who enjoys this sport. Let us take a look at them.

Telegram Basketball Betting Channels

Betting on basketball is an activity that is both enjoyable and profitable, and there exist a bunch of channels dedicated solely to that. Here are the three best ones, in our opinion.

  • Betway Accurate Sports Reports 100% Sure
  • Sure Bets
  • USA Sports Bets

Telegram Channels for Football

As there are basketball-specific tipsters, there are also those who provide predictions on football. It is no wonder, of course, since football is the most popular sport in the world after all, and the tipsters are just bound to be present. Let’s take a look at the top three best football prediction channels.

  • SureBettingSite
  • Toss Match Prediction
  • Jain Reports
Are the Telegram Sports Prediction Channels Legal?

They absolutely are! Their existence and reputation are being heavily questioned by the sports betting companies because these groups (the legit ones) are damaging the profits of betting platforms. Sport betting sites, especially the larger ones, do everything in their power to stop the knowledge about Telegram tipsters from becoming widespread, but thankfully, they have been so far unsuccessful.

Groups, Bots and Channels: What Is the Difference?

Sometimes, when browsing Telegram, you may encounter not the channels but groups or bots even. What is the difference between those three? Well, let us explain.


Telegram groups are basically big chat rooms with players talking about their predictions and experience. They are not reliable in terms of results. However, they are absolutely free, which makes them a good starting point for punters who are not willing to pay for their tips.


Telegram channels are the communities in which only admins can post. They are a lot more reliable, clear, and accurate than groups. You can always see who owns the channel and their track record, and this way be sure whether it is worthwhile.


Telegram bots are algorithms made specifically to deliver predictions to subscribers. They are the most fraudulent of the bunch and should rarely be trusted since you do not know the person or the team behind them.

How to Pick the Best Telegram Channel for You

Selecting a channel is a serious task. You should look at their reviews and history as well as their features on the lists such as ours. If they are to be trusted, you will be easily able to find the information and details on them. You should also take into account the specifics of the channel, like sports they are covering, the cost of subscription, and the types of covered events (i.e., fixes or regular games).

Why Should You Join One of the Channels

Why Should You Join One of the Channels

Although it is ultimately up to you to decide whether to join these channels or not, we advise you to at least try them out. It might make your sports betting more profitable, and if you join the channel with a free trial, you won’t even spend anything. In our opinion, it is genuinely a great idea to check those ideas and predictions with your own. This way, you will definitely lose nothing and potentially achieve much better results.

In Conclusion

Now you should be up to date on the Telegram channels with sports predictions and maybe even want to check out some of them. In this case, we wish you great luck and even greater winnings since you will see them rise quite soon.


Are Telegram Betting Tips Channels Free?

Not all of them, but some are. But those are usually fake and sometimes even fraudulent.

Which is the best Telegram channel for football?

It’s SureBettingSite, in our opinion.

It’s Betwizards Maxbet for sure!

Are Telegram fixed matches real?

They are sometimes but most of the time they are a scam.

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