How to Use SportyBet Bonuses in Nigeria

Bonuses are, without a doubt, the type of betting feature that bettors all over the world look for when registering on a new platform. And that’s absolutely normal since promotional offers provided by wagering sites permit users to profit from a very cool betting experience and enhance their chances of winning. That’s the reason why betting sites all over the globe try to integrate those kinds of promotions into their collections as much as they can; everybody likes to benefit from a cool offer, right? SportyBet surely didn’t miss its chance to attract new clients as well; the Nigerian company created in 2013 has all the chances to provide its members with a very neat experience. Let’s take a look at the company’s bonus selection.

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Types of SportyBet Bonuses

Types of SportyBet Bonuses

Commonly, the SportyBet platform provides a decent amount of bonuses to its clients. However, at the moment, none of them are accessible since the promotions list on the website is empty. We were quite upset to see this, but it will not stop us from reviewing the company’s promotions since, usually, the bookie displays almost the same offers during different periods of time. Hopefully, this issue will be fixed soon. 

We would like to share as many bonuses as possible with our readers so they can profit from the sportsbook. That’s why we suggest taking a look at the promotions usually available on the platform. 

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is surely the offer that most bettors go crazy about since it is usually the most profitable one. Newcomers are often greeted by very appealing gifts that vary from bookie to bookie; commonly, those rewards consist either of free bets or simply cash that the company transfers to the bettor’s balance. This kind of bonus gives the possibility to start off on the website with a nice amount of cash that may be used in order to place bets or participate in other betting activities. 

Unfortunately, SportyBet doesn’t provide any welcome offers at the moment, which is kind of deceiving. Hopefully, the website will fix this issue soon so that new members may profit from beneficial gifts. 

Multiple Bet Bonus

Another very popular type of offer on the site is the multiple bet bonus. Basically, this promotion permits bettors to increase the odds of the bets they place in order to profit from higher chances of winning. 

The odds multiplier offer works just the same way as similar offers on other Nigerian websites. The more events you add to your bet slip, the higher the odds. This bonus is indeed cool since it permits you to benefit from the opportunity of boosting your betting experience and winning more than you could originally. The bonus percentage is commonly calculated in advance and is displayed on the website in the terms and conditions section so that all members may access it and plan their wagers ahead.

Multiple Bet Terms and Conditions

The bonus percentage for this type of offer is quite different from the classic ones, which is why betting sites, including SportyBet, took the time to inform their users with accurate and precise numbers. Checking this information in advance could permit you to profit more from the offer and avoid making foolish mistakes. Let’s take a look at the chart commonly displayed on the SportyBet page for this kind of promotion.

2 legs3%
3 legs5%
4 legs8%
5 legs12%
6 legs16%

How to Claim

Simply place accumulator bets and watch as your winnings increase.

The Referral Offer

SportyBet occasionally makes this very appealing feature available to its members. It is called the referral bonus, and it is, without a doubt, a very cool and unusual offer. Some sportsbooks on the local market provide it as well, but it’s rather uncommon. 

This bonus is quite easy to understand and use, which is why it is highly appreciated among both experts and new bettors.

Basically, to profit from the promo, all you have to do is obtain a referral link and send it to another bettor who is not registered on the SportyBet platform. If the person you sent the link to signs up for the sportsbook and meets all the requirements described in the bonus conditions, both of you will be rewarded with money that can be used to participate in betting activities on the website. 

SportyBet Bonus Terms and Conditions

SportyBet Bonus Terms and Conditions

Most of the promotions and bonuses provided by betting platforms are regulated by specific rules and conditions. These regulations were developed in order to control the bettors’ betting activity on the site and are solely for security purposes. There were cases in the past where members with bad intentions tried to hack or corrupt betting websites, which led the companies to establish a set of rules to prevent fraudulent activity and threats to their platforms. 

However, not all regulations established for bonuses are intended to control bettors’ activity; some of them are just technical regulations set by the bookie in order to manage the flow of money transactions and bets placed. We suggest taking a look at those terms and conditions and reviewing their main characteristics.

Time Frames

Bonus time frames are, without a doubt, one of the most important things you should be taking into account when signing up for an offer. It would be really unpleasant to wish to profit from an offer that doesn’t exist anymore, right? That’s why it is really important to always check the time frames of the available offers before participating in them. This could prevent you from losing your chance at benefiting from a very cool and profitable bonus.

This recommendation is not without reason; since some promotions accessible on betting sites appear to be limited or exclusive, it is really necessary always to verify their precise time frames, including the starting and ending dates. Besides, some offers may be ongoing and accessible only for a short period of time.

Always check promos conditions in advance and keep track of the bonuses on the site.

Minimum and Maximum

It is very common for sports betting companies to establish rules for depositing on their website, and SportyBet is no exception. 

Most of the sportsbooks accessible on the local market have set a number of rules for money transactions on their platforms, which is absolutely understandable. These rules were also developed in order to prevent fraudulent activity and dangerous behavior. Their main goal is to limit the amount of money flowing on the website and avoid corruption. 

SportyBet users don’t usually find these regulations too strict and don’t even notice them since the company managed to make them as adequate and convenient as possible. At the moment, the minimum that you may invest on the site is NGN 100, whereas the maximum is NGN 9,999,999.00. Besides, all money transfers via the website are free of charge, which is even more user-friendly. 

Available Countries

There are various betting websites on the Nigerian market. Some of them are huge multinational companies, whereas others are small local businesses operating only on the Nigerian territory. These territorial limits also lead to specific restrictions in terms of the platform’s resource usage, including bonuses and promotions.

SportyBet was originally established in Nigeria in 2013, which makes it a local company. However, that didn’t stop it from expanding and offering its services to other nations. At the moment, the bookie may be accessed in three African countries besides Nigeria, which are Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda. 

This means that all users located in these countries may have full access to the platform, including its promo programs. All other countries, on the other hand, are unfortunately restricted from participating in SportyBet offers and any betting activity on the site. 

Wagering Requirements

It’s important to note that profiting from bonuses is not always as easy and fun as it seems. Some bonuses have specific conditions that need to be met in order to be activated. These conditions are usually not very harsh and are mainly conventional; however, if you wish to take part in a promotional offer, it will be necessary to respect those requirements. Otherwise, it will not be possible to activate the offer and benefit from it. Every offer’s wagering requirements may be found on the bonus page.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide any specific examples since the sportsbook doesn’t offer any bonuses at the moment; however, the website makes accessible general wagering requirements that usually apply to all offers. Let’s take a look at them. 

  • Promotional offers are accessible only after registering on the platform, making a first deposit, and validating your banking details. 
  • SportyBet’s least bonus begins at up to 3% of the user’s potential winning.
  • All gifts and rewards may expire; their expiration date may be verified in the member’s personal profile.

Tips and Tricks for SportyBet Bonuses

Tips and Tricks for SportyBet Bonuses

Did you ever wish to know the right thing at the right moment so that you could avoid making mistakes? Then you’re in the right place; our team of experts has got your back. Many bettors get lost when beginning to wager using bonuses and promotions, and some players, especially newcomers, don’t quite understand how it works and require guidance. That’s the reason our team of experts has developed a short guide to help our readers familiarize themselves with the procedure and receive the necessary advice. 

  • Always keep track of promotional offers on the website. Even though, at the moment, the bookie doesn’t have any bonuses accessible, it is important always to check the “Promotions” tab and monitor new offers so you don’t skip one. Imagine losing the chance to profit from an incredibly cool bonus that will enhance your chances of winning. That would be totally foolish and sad. Experts always take the time to regularly verify the availability of bonuses on the site so they don’t miss the perfect opportunity to make a big win, and we suggest you do the same.   
  • Speak with the pros! Professional bettors always know the right tricks and recommendations that permit them to make huge wins. Experts in betting may be found on the web or, more precisely, on betting forums. That’s the place where pros share useful advice and discuss sports wagering strategies. That’s the perfect place to start a discussion, profit from valuable recommendations, and exchange some tactics and tips. Besides, most pros also share their advice freely on their personal pages on social networks or on personal blogs. Get in touch with them and try to profit as much as you can!
  • Always calculate and try to predict the bets you will make using your bonuses, especially if it’s the kind of bonus that increases the odds. Sometimes change is not enough, and it is preferable to prepare in advance for the bet you will make. This strategy will permit you to determine the result and prevent you from taking unnecessary risks. Bonuses are just tools, after all; they permit you to ensure your winnings and have a guarantee that allows you to make bigger and more risky moves. However, bettors who benefit the most are usually those who calculate their moves in advance.
  • Never sign up for an offer without reading its terms and conditions first! Take the time to familiarize yourself with the bonus you are going to use; perhaps you don’t even have the possibility to use it, or on the contrary, you may find out that this offer will not be profitable for you at all. Most bettors don’t notice these terms or don’t take the time to read them and end up participating in an offer that is not beneficial or requires them to invest more funds than originally planned. Always inform yourself before picking a bonus.
  • Try to use them as much as possible; bonuses are an incredible opportunity for spicing up your experience and increasing your chances. As stated previously, regularly monitor and, as soon as you have the chance, try to profit from a promotion. If you don’t use bonuses regularly, you don’t even know what you’re missing. Trust us. Betting offers are usually very profitable.
  • Our last tip is very common, but it will still lend you a hand. We would recommend that you not spend too much money irrationally and jeopardize your budget. That is why we advise you to profit as much as you can from bonuses. Since they don’t require topping up your account as much as you would normally, they permit you to save your budget and prevent any unwise actions in terms of money transfers. Free money is surely something worth profiting from, so take your chance and enjoy. 


SportyBet: Conclusion

We would surely be very dishonest with our readers if we said that we appreciated this experience. When navigating to the SportyBet website, we were sure to discover some interesting promotional offers and bonuses, but in reality, the company didn’t manage to integrate at least one offer. We are familiar with the SportyBet platform and know that this website commonly displays numerous bonuses, which is kind of comforting but still doesn’t change much of our opinion. Speaking of the bonuses previously available on the betting site, we found them quite decent but still very basic, except for the referral link bonus. Most of these offers were already integrated by other platforms years ago, which is why we were not particularly impressed. Hopefully, the company will integrate new offers soon because a bookie with no promotional offers deprives its members of fully profiting from its website. In this SportyBet review, we analyzed most of the bonus offers on the website, but if you still have questions, please take a look at the FAQ below.

Who is the highest winner in Sportybet?

Mr. Bayoa once won NGN 50 million on the site.

Can I withdraw my Sportybet bonus?

Only after using it on the platform.

Has anyone won a jackpot on SportyBet?

Yes! A restaurant owner named Joseph Olakunle once won NGN 4 million.

Can I win a million on Sportybet?

Absolutely! It all depends on you.

Can I have more than one SportyBet account?

No, that’s forbidden.

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